About Me

Hello and welcome to my little space on the internet which I call fashionxfairytale! This is the page where you can know a little more about me and my blog!

My name is Jacquelyn Michelle but on my blog I use the name Jackie which everyone I know calls me and I think now that I’m older I use it more often than when I was a kid. The Michelle is actually not my last name but my middle name and for privacy reasons I seldom give my real full name. But I thought Jackie Michelle was a cool name to use for my blog. I grew up in California and was born and raised there so you would consider me a Cali girl at heart and a more specifically a SoCal native. I’m half American, half Filipino and a fourth Portuguese with some European in there too. My dad is American and my mother is Filipino.

I started college in the Philippines when I was 16 after moving here because of my parents. I have a BA in Communication and Media Studies. I also have a degree in Fashion Styling, Photography and I’m a certified Makeup Artist. If you didn’t know I do ballet and tap dance. I started when I was 3 and recently got back into it. Being a ballerina is so fun and free and sometimes I take inspiration from it and my fashion resembles it.

My favorite color is hot pink and recently blush pink, I love watching TV shows in bed with my covers over me and I am in love with beauty things. I’m really simple but my fashion sense is very girly and classic but also I love comfy and cute. I wear bows in my hair and I’m naturally curly and a brunette. I have a Bichon Frise named Angel and love snuggling with her. I really don’t know what else to say but if you want to know more about me or if your curious about anything you can contact me on twitter @fashxfairytale and I would be happy to be a friend.


Welcome to fashionxfairytale – a fashion and personal style blog based in Manila.

is a plus size style and beauty blog focusing on a feminine and girly
style, makeup reviews, and lifestyle and travel bits.
On my blog I share my personal view of style and beauty.
Fashion is so special to me and here in this space of mine helps me
express my love for styling feminine looks that are both pretty and pink
as well as girly and whimsical. You are kindly welcome to see more of
my outfits for all my looks I wore and styled for the blog.
So let me take you on a journey of my whimsical land & creativity.

This website started
in 2011 as a creative outlet and online diary for me while I was working
towards my degree. Since then it’s documented my love of fashion,
beauty and life. I hope you find this site relatable and I hope to make
more friends.
I’m so glad you’re here!

How It Started

Fashionxfairytale started in June 2011 just before I was going into my second year of college. If you ask me why I started this blog my serious answer will be I don’t know. I have been blogging since maybe the age of 15 on different platforms like Livejournal and once I grew out of it I transferred to Blogger.

The name fashionxfairytale came up out of the blue when I was creating my blog name. It was like magic that it came to me because I am so indecisive and will take forever to make up my mind but when ‘fashionfairytale’ popped into my head I thought it was perfect. I added the ‘x’ for a space and that is how the name fashionxfairytale came to be. My original plan was to have a theme to match the name and the post of that might be up but I’m not really sure. I wanted to do a fairytale/royalty theme since I love fairytales and Disney and I’m obsessed with anything to do with princesses and queens so at the time I thought it was fitting. Though, I was still unsure of the content I was going to post I did want to document my college experience and that was the original content I was planning on doing. So basically I was starting a personal lifestyle blog to be an online diary and it turned a 360 and suddenly I was posting about beauty and fashion. My first post though was a haul about school supplies I just bought before classes resumed a week later. I realize a little while later when I did get more into reading beauty and fashion blogs that it was a haul post I did and several months later I went back to change the title.

After getting involved into the beauty blogging world I decided to change my content of the blog. I start writing about some fashion designs I liked and then I posted about a beauty product I liked and there I realized that I had just figured out where this was going. Since the name was fashionxfairytale I wanted to do outfit posts and then it would be perfect and match my name. I was self-conscious at the time and being an overweight fashion blogger wasn’t my thing and I didn’t know many so I just didn’t want to. I think I posted a few after a few girls on twitter told me to not be ashamed but I was still having thoughts about it. I finally found a happy medium but throughout the few years I started this blog my content has changed as have I so maybe it will always progress and for the better I hope. For more than six years, this website has been my place to share
anything and everything and was the perfect place to escape to during my
college days. Now that it is over I have made a career out of it. Who
knew a space that I wrote my petty thoughts on would grow this big?

You’ll find new posts shared a few times a week. I regularly post
about my outfits I wore throughout the week, a wish list a few times a
month of what I currently want to buy, as well as beauty reviews of the
latest and greatest makeup products with my full thoughts and swatches
of each. Those are just a few things I blog about but there is a lot more if you explore.

Elsewhere you can find me on the Internet, follow my rambling thoughts on Twitter, getting the perfect theme on Instagram, pinning gorgeous inspiration on Pinterest and filming for my Youtube channel.

My blog, fashionxfairytale, has been featured many times and I worked
with many brands during my blogging career so far. I am always open to
discover new brands & get inspired by new ideas. If you’re
interested in working or collaborating with me feel free to send me an
email at fashionxfairytale@gmail.com.

If you are reading this than thank you because you have made this journey the best thing to happen to me. I thank you for taking your time to read this page, my content and just supporting my blog altogether. I’ve loved sharing with my readers and I’m excited for what’s to come!

Thanks for stopping by at my little whimsical world.

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  1. Nikolett Gyaraki
    May 14, 2015 / 8:35 am

    Hi, I've just found your blog! I love the design and you are cute! Have a nice day! :)xx Nikiwww.niksbox.com

  2. Ashley Mulder
    January 7, 2016 / 11:14 pm

    I love everything about your blog, and I love the story behind the name and how it all came to be! Don't stop! Keep up the amazing work!!–Ashleyfrom establishingself.com

  3. Elizabeth Irene
    October 27, 2016 / 12:05 am

    I stumbled upon your blog on twitter. This is a cool spot to be. I love your design and fashion sense. You have inspired me to keep up with my blog! Thanks! -Lizwww.elizabethfloristblog.com