The Process Of Buying Antique Diamond Rings

The Process Of Buying Antique Diamond Rings

The  Process  Of  Buying  Antique  Diamond  Rings

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m sharing the process of buying antique diamond rings. So I’ve been all about my jewellery lately and I even have a blog post coming out Friday of showing you all my favorite pieces. Since my parents are coming to town and their anniversary is coming up, my dad was looking to get my mom a new ring and he was looking into getting her an antique one. So I thought I would share the process of buying antique diamond rings for you!

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Have you been fascinated by antique jewellery for a while now? Want to make a move towards going that step further and putting your money down on an item you can be sure of? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will discuss some of the things you can look out for and avoid so you can secure an authentic and valuable ring. First things first, you want to ensure your source is reliable. Kalmar Antiques can provide vintage diamond engagement rings and have been in the business for decades. Moreover, dealers like this have built up a solid reputation with customers all over the world so you will be assured of good service when you come to buy.

How To Buy Antique Diamond Rings

Know The Style
When it comes to antique rings, there are several different types out there that change the value of the ring. The era the ring was made will likely determine a large part of the value. For example, it could have been made from the Victorian, Art Deco or Edwardian time frames.

Separate Vintage From Antique
When you are searching, you want to be sure you are looking for antique and not vintage. This is because vintage rings can often be refurbished and moreover have lost some of its original value. Also, terms such as ‘Art deco Style’ can also be a red flag as it signals reproduction and moreover lessens the value.

Stay Clear Of Fragile Stones
Weaker stones can brake easy. For example, emeralds might have a shorter shelf life as they are soft and opal can chip away easily. However, rubies are heated so they can withstand much more potential damage and increase their value and longevity. The more natural the precious stone in an antique ring is, the more it will be worth.

Examine The Condition
Unless you think you’ve stumbled across something truly special, always look at the condition it’s in. If it’s from a much earlier period, ask about the restoration it’s been through.

Know Your Budget
Knowing how much you are willing to spend will help you buy the best of the best for what you can afford. It’s important that you do go the extra mile to get the most for your money with antique as this will increase the chance of it being genuine and valuable.

Do Your Research On The 4 C’s
With antique rings, it doesn’t mean you can start slacking with research. If anything, you need to go deeper into your understanding of the 4 C’s as this will help you massively in the buying process. Know how to navigate each component and which questions should be asked for each single C.

Keep these points in mind when you are buying antique rings and you will increase your chances of buying successfully.

The Process Of Buying Antique Diamond Rings

Jackie Michelle

That was the process of buying antique diamond rings! I hope you found this informative and you benefited from this in case you were looking into the process of buying antique diamond rings as I was super curious about it as well. I’m so excited t help my dad look and it’s such a fun process. I will share my everyday jewellery on Friday so come back then to see more.

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  1. Marta
    April 4, 2019 / 5:07 am

    It seems like an amazing idea. Newer rings look beautiful but an antique one has so much history and personality.

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