Spring Transitional Outfit I Wore Shopping

Spring Transitional Outfit I Wore Shopping

Spring  Transitional  Outfit  I  Wore  Shopping

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m sharing a spring transitional outfit I wore shopping. Over the weekend, my roommate and I went shopping together. I got all dressed up and we headed out. I’ve been loving this variation of outfit and this one here when I head out shopping. It’s still pretty chilly for me but I can kind of get away with a skirt and over the knee boots if I’m indoors most of the day. I had such a fun day and loved what I wore so I had to share. So here is my spring transitional outfit I wore shopping and a quick look at my outfit details.

Spring Transitional Outfit I Wore Shopping

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Spring Transitional Outfit I Wore Shopping Spring Transitional Outfit I Wore Shopping

My roommate and I went to two malls together. First, we headed to the Beverly Center which is our favorite mall. Also I had to return a few things and so did she so we had to go there first. Then we headed to Westfield Culver City for the first time. It was a little far but both of us got tired of the malls close to us since we go to them all the time. We wanted to go somewhere different so one afternoon we decided to head there. It was a fun afternoon of shopping for both of us. I was good and just bought a few hair bows for spring. I will share those soon. I did have one thing in mind to buy and that was to find my perfect denim jacket but I struck out and didn’t find one so I’m still on the hunt. Then we ate Japaneses food for dinner and then headed back home. Overall it was such a great visit and I can see myself heading back.

Spring Transitional Outfit I Wore Shopping
Spring Transitional Outfit I Wore Shopping

My spring transitional outfit I wore shopping consisted of my favorite jacket. It is the perfect year round bomber jacket. I think you’ve seen it so many times that you are probably tired of seeing it but I do love it. If you noticed or maybe only I have noticed but I have been wearing pink sweaters so often as I have so many now. I need to stop buying pink sweaters because my closet is full of them. This skirt has become my favorite black basic skirt because it just looks good with everything. As I said, this is what I’ve been wearing when I head out recently.

Spring Transitional Outfit I Wore Shopping

The accessories for my outfit are the same in most of my recent outfits. My bag is just what I use every single day no matter what I’m doing. I love it so much and what’s exciting is my dad bought me a very similar bag in Manila and is sending it to me. He showed it to me while we were talking over Facetime and I convinced him to get it as I loved mine so much. So I’m looking forward to having my fave bag in a different color variation. I’m still wearing my OTK boots and I still can’t get over how cute skirts and the boots look together and make my legs look so long. It’s my fave combination and I will not get tired of it. I’m going to be sad when summer comes around and I have to put them away until fall. My hairstyle has been the same as well and I just add my Free People bow since it just matches all my outfits. Basically, I’ve been wearing the same thing over and over on a daily basis so I thought I’d share.

Spring Transitional Outfit I Wore Shopping

That was my spring transitional outfit I wore shopping. It’s pretty much what I’ve been wearing recently and my favorite things. I enjoyed my day out and it has become a weekly thing me and my roommate go out to the mall and hang out. I forgot to mention how funny the story behind these pictures. I saw this store and it looked so pretty so we went in and looked around. Then in the back of the store had this amazing wall and neon sign so we just had an impromptu photo shoot with the wall. It is so my aesthetic and I would love to have this in my room and maybe one day I will recreate it. It is so cute and it will be so cute on my Instagram. We just went in looked around for a few minutes and then took some pictures before we walked out. I love when stores have features like this. So I hope you enjoyed reading about my spring transitional outfit I wore shopping. Let me know your favorite outfit you have been wearing on repeat right now!



  1. March 14, 2019 / 4:31 am

    Super cute! Love how the pink pops! Perfect Spring outfit!

  2. March 14, 2019 / 6:11 am

    That is such a cute spring look! I love the boots1

  3. March 14, 2019 / 8:02 am

    Live the boots! I’ve been wanting to get some for the longest but never actually go through with the purchase!

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