March To Do List and Goals To Achieve

March To Do List and Goals To Achieve

March  To  Do  List  and  Goals  To  Achieve

Happy Friday! Also happy March! It’s a brand new month and I’m sharing my March to do list and goals to achieve! If you haven’t noticed I haven’t put up a blog post in 2 weeks. I took an unintentional break. There’s a lot of reasons why and I thought I would quickly update you. I think the first reason was the weather was bringing me down. I didn’t think it would affect me that bad but it did. I’m used to sunshine year round. I mean it did rain for a weeks sometimes back in Manila and I would get into a funk then too but it wasn’t a cold rain but still humid. I would just get mad because the lighting was bad and you can’t take pictures in the rain. Well that happened here in LA and it was cold. I think it even snowed for a bit one morning. I am not used to the cold and it made my spirit go down. I didn’t want to leave the house as I had to wear so many layers and when you got wet from the rain it would make me even colder. There was no sun in my room and I just sat in the dark watching Netflix for a week. It was a nice break and I got to wallow and it kind of helped me.

I still was on social media so it wasn’t a full on social media break but I just couldn’t blog. I also did not have anyone to take my pictures. I had so many outfits planned and locations to shoot at but no one to shoot with. My roommate has been working non-stop as she’s going on vacation next month back to Manila so I haven’t seen her properly. I need to find a photographer or I won’t be posting too often and it’s bringing me down as well. It’s just been a whirlwind for me but I’m happy to be back. I did do a brainstorming session for new content for all my platforms and I’m hoping I can create them and bring them to life. I just need to get out of my head and just try my hardest to do them. So to ease my way back into blogging as I seemed to forget how to do it, I thought I would do a mini update post and share my March to do list and goals to achieve!

March To Do List and Goals To Achieve

Shop The Outfit

I had to mention before I started with my March to do list and goals to achieve that I have been proud of myself that I have kind of mastered how to dress for the cold weather/winter. Remember I’m not used to it and layering and making things look cute and not bulky was a challenge for me but I think I got a hang of it. I mean look at this outfit. I love how it turned out as it was a last minute outfit change and I threw together before I went shopping in Glendale for the first time. If it looked familiar it’s because it was the outfit I wore for this post here. If you want to see more outfit ideas for winter then I have a few up here.

To start with March to do list and goals to achieve. I was not productive in February. I just lost all motivation to do anything so in March I’m hoping to get back into a routine and stick to it. Usually when I say something or even write it down then I achieve it and these goal blog posts  really encourage me to do that so here is what I have planned for March!

March To Do List

1. Stick to my blog schedule 

2. Film a video for every Friday

3. Keep my apartment tidy

4. Try to Instastory everyday or every other day

5. Go on a spending ban for the month

March To Do List and Goals To Achieve

Jeans // Boots

Since I haven’t blogged much in February, I thought I should get back to my schedule. I usually post 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have stuck to this schedule for maybe 2 years and it works for me. I hope to get my routine back and shoot content a week or sometimes 2 in advance and have a few random not planned post thrown in once in a while. When I’m organized and do stuff a week ahead of time it really helps. So I’m hoping to stick to it in March.

I haven’t filmed a video on my Youtube channel since December and I do miss it. I love making videos and sharing that side as well. The problem is beside my break was there is construction right next to my apartment. It is so loud and very annoying and I don’t have a ring light to film at night. So I noticed they don’t work on Sunday’s so maybe I can shoot my videos on that day and it will encourage me to get a video up a week. I was thinking 2 videos a week but for now maybe 1 and then when I get my mojo back fully I will add to it.

I did a spring clean of my place a little early and got it nice and tidy. I want to keep it that way. I toss clothes everywhere and leave my recyclables scattered on my porch. I hope that I can just clean as I go and not mess up my apartment. I need to have a cleaning schedule now too I guess and stick to that.

This is something I have been working on. I actually love posting mini snippets of my life on Instastories. It’s so much fun and I am getting a hang of it. I want to try and post everyday or if not every other day. I don’t have a very exciting life but once in a while I do. If not I share what I’m watching or what I’m eating. I just hope to try and post more over on there and kind of mini vlog instead of putting a full weekly vlog on my channel.

Last is a big one. I am going on a spending ban for the month. As of March 1st I plan to not buy anything I don’t need. Of course I can buy food and necessities but if I don’t need it I’m not buying it. Also limiting myself to 1 takeout a week or non at all. I want to save up for my birthday next month and a surprise coming in April so I am going to save and not buy anything. Wish me luck as I think this will be the hardest but I’m confident it will be worthwhile.

That was my March to do list and goals to achieve! I’m so excited for the month and hope the weather starts to warm up and I get back to my normal schedule. I hope you enjoyed this and let me know your March goals and what you have in mind. Also if you have been in a funk because of the weather then please tell me I’m not alone. I know it’s common so I was just curious. Hope you enjoyed my March to do list and goals to achieve and I’ll be blogging more now!



  1. Marta
    March 2, 2019 / 4:01 am

    I wish you the best in achieving those goals, I’m sure you’ll work very hard on them. Personally, my goal this month is to schedule all of my posts. I had the habit of working on a post right before posting it and then once it was posted I’d work on the next one but that only made me stressed so now instead of posting twice a week as I used to, I’m posting once a week to give me time to get the post ready days before posting it and then once I establish that routine I go up to two posts again. I’ve been enjoying that a lot, I don’t get as stressed and have more time for other things.

    • fashionxfairytale
      March 11, 2019 / 6:34 pm

      Thanks Marta! I think you are so right and it gets stressful getting one after another out and that’s what I’ve been doing so it’s making it worse. I might need to try that out!

      xo Jackie

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