A Week of Everyday Outfits I Wore

A Week of Everyday Outfits I Wore

A  Week  of  Everyday  Outfits  I  Wore

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing a week of everyday outfits I wore! I documented every single outfit I wore for a week straight and I’m here to show you. It was fun seeing my real life outfits and what I wear on a daily basis. This is literally what I wear and I wanted to show you a realistic point of view of what a fashion blogger actually wears. I know sometimes it looks so glamorous and pretty but not all the time I get dressed up. On some days I dress up for outfit pictures, other days I just have a normal outfit where I go out shopping or run errands and then there are some days where I’m in lounge wear or even pajamas and don’t leave the house. It’s just a variety and this is usually what my outfits look like and I’m excited to share with you. So here is a week of everyday outfits I wore!

A Week of Everyday Outfits I Wore


I’m starting a week of everyday outfits I wore on Monday where I was heading out to the Beverly Center and then going to Target to buy a few groceries and other stuff I didn’t need but bought anyways. Since it was a bit chilly that day I wore my go to winter outfit I have been obsessed with. I started off with a pearl embellished pink sweater, my comfy boyfriend style jeans and then my favorite bomber jacket. You can see in this post just how much I wear it. Then I wear my over the knee boots over my jeans to keep me warm and they are comfy to walk in especially when you are shopping. My everyday bag which is the perfect size for shopping too and can hold a lot of stuff but isn’t too big that it gets in the way. Last I share my everyday jewelry pieces which I’m still writing a separate post on that but I still did link them. One last detail is my Free People hair bow which you will see a few times over the week of outfits.

A Week of Everyday Outfits I Wore


Now for Tuesday, I was surprised by my roommate and we headed out shopping. I actually just blogged about the full outfit here. I even explained where we went and what we did. Yes, I’m wearing a different sweater then Monday’s outfit as this is just a plain pink sweater and quite sheer. I love it though and it just came back in stock so that’s great. My skirt is my go to black skirt and I paired it with the over the knee boots I wore yesterday as well. Again, pretty much same bag and jewelry from yesterday.

A Week of Everyday Outfits I Wore


For Wednesday’s outfit, I went with a workout vibe. I went to a dance class so of course I had to wear something like this. I’m going to skip over the bomber jacket but I love how it matches since I went with a full pink monochromatic outfit. The sports bra I wore on its own with these leggings which are such a cute color for spring and they are high waisted and so comfy. I then went with some pink sneakers I got a year ago and my bag is a big tote bag I got for free from Victoria’s Secret on Black Friday which is great to carry around my stuff and I went to Whole Foods after to buy a few groceries. Last is my bow scrunchie in a high ponytail and it matches and brings together my whole outfit. I had no makeup on and I just popped out real quick and I really loved how this outfit turned out.

A Week of Everyday Outfits I Wore


So the Thursday of a week of everyday outfits I wore, I went really casual and this is what I wear around the house. If I know I’m not going anywhere but still want to get out of my pajamas and still dress up for the day then this is the outfit. it feels like pajamas but I’m dressed up enough that I know it’s my lounging around the house outfit. I just took some blog pictures for some upcoming posts and then once that was done I cleaned my apartment. I love this top and it’s my go to honestly and I have so many which they are great for lounging or to dress up. These jogger pants are my favorite lounge pants ever. I love grey sweat pants or joggers and have so many but this is my fave pair and I love wearing them. I had to take the trash out so I wore flip flops but if not I have on my slippers. Last is a hair scarf which is not an everyday kind of thing I just usually have a high ponytail or top knot but since I just got it in the mail I wanted to style it and add it to this look.

A Week of Everyday Outfits I Wore

A Week of Everyday Outfits I Wore

moto jacket // top // jeans // booties


It’s Friday and I actually did something. I’ve been going out a lot more on Friday’s which is fun but I get so tired the next day to work on anything blog related. I did enjoy my night out with my roommate and friend. I wore this a couple weeks ago on another night out but I loved it so much and had no photo evidence I wore it that I outfit repeated. I love this moto jacket which adds some edginess to my outfit. I wore this pink off the shoulder top with some black ripped skinny jeans which they are pretty faded now but I love this pair. Then I went with some chunky heel ankle booties as I love wearing heels out but it was too cold for my actually heeled sandals so this has become my fave night out shoe. I have to wear a belt with these jeans and I love my mini heart belt. My bag has been the perfect bag for a night out and looks so cute with the outfit. Again the rest of the outfit is pretty similar to Monday and Tuesday so you can see I repeat a lot of that.

A Week of Everyday Outfits I Wore


I wore another casual lounge wear outfit but a bit more dressed up as I was shooting videos for my Youtube channel so I did the trick of the half dressed up on the top and comfy on the bottom. I wore leggings instead of my joggers as I went out to Whole Foods again to buy a few quick things. That’s why I have white sneakers on as well because I knew I was heading out. I would have had joggers and slippers on if I wasn’t going to head out. This sweater is so comfy and I love wearing this when it’s a bit chilly out. I also wore it because it says brunch and I filmed a video involving that which will be out next week so I had to wear this particular sweater. Then I went with basic leggings which are so comfy and they are the same as the ones I wore on Wednesday but in black. I brought back the bow scrunchie and it surprisingly matches the sweater and I love wearing my hair like this.

A Week of Everyday Outfits I Wore


So for Sunday to conclude a week of everyday outfits I wore, I’m wearing pajamas. I love pajamas and I have so many sets now. I usually reserve Sundays for chill no work days where i’m lazy and just wear my pajamas and make it an excuse to stay in bed and watch Netflix. Sometimes I do that or I am super productive and get some work done ready for the week. I love these pajamas and I bought these from Victoria’s Secret back on Black Friday and I’ve worn them twice since then. I do love the style and it has a pink diamond design bow which sold me to get them. I have a few pairs of VS pajamas and rotate between them. I wear a basic cami from Forever 21 which I layer underneath my pajamas. I don’t know why but I layer it up as if I get warm I can take off the top. I have so many in all the colors to match the color of the pajama I am wearing and they are only $2.90 which is so cheap. Last are my socks which I bought a 10 pack of Christmas socks and I’ve been rotating through those and my slippers are hot pink to match my decor and bedding and they are soft and have sequins. It’s so cute and I got them at the 99 cent store but they are surprisingly good quality. I like how this outfit post turned into what I wear to sleep in but that’s what I wore over the week so I had to include it.

A Week of Everyday Outfits I Wore

That was a week of everyday outfits I wore! I hope this gives you some outfit inspo and some insight on what a fashion blogger tends to wear. I’m sure it’s different for everyone but this is what I generally wear and I do repeat my outfits and wear something over and over. I would love to do another one of these again as I really enjoyed this. I also filmed an outfit diary over on my Youtube channel as well so you can check that out as well. Let me know which was your favorite outfit from my week and what your outfits look like throughout. So that was a week of everyday outfits I wore and the details of the looks!



  1. March 15, 2019 / 1:50 pm

    LOVE these casual-cute looks. I am adoring that scarf in your ponytail – such a fun look on you! And pink is definitely your color 🙂

  2. March 15, 2019 / 11:26 pm

    Super cute outfits. My favorite one has to be the skirt and pink top.

  3. March 17, 2019 / 9:52 pm

    I always admire girls who can pull off a crop top! That’s something I need to still try out myself! I love your outfits! My fave is the one with skirt cause I’m a skirt/dress girl 🙂

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