New York City Travel and Photo Diary

New York City Travel and Photo Diary

New  York  City  Travel  and  Photo  Diary

Happy Friday! Today I’m finally sharing my New York City travel and photo diary! It’s been over a month since I have been but I always take a while to get these up as I take so many pictures and videos and I have to sort through everything. I do need to get them up as I don’t want to forgot about my travels so I create these to share with you and for my personal gain to look back on. I went to New York for the first time from December 5-14, 2018. It was a dream of mine and it came true and I got to see it in person. I love documenting my travels. I have done a few before here on the blog. I have done one for Palawan here and another for Baguio here. This is going to be really long and picture heavy so get ready for that. Also I might get a little sappy and emotional as well as it was the best trip even through the ups and downs. So finally here is my New York City travel and photo diary!

Plane  Rid e to  NYCNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary


It all started on December 5th. I spent the whole first few days of December preparing for the trip. I was so excited but nervous as this was my first solo vacation. So that morning I took an Uber to LAX. I have never flown domestic so it was a little scary for me but I got through it. I checked in 1 suitcase and waited at my gate to board. There was an hour to wait so I got a hot chocolate at Starbucks and a few snacks with a water bottle for the plane ride as it would be 5 hours. My flight was delayed by 45 minutes which wasn’t too bad and I had a little corner to myself where I edited pictures on my phone and had a short conversation with my dad. Then it was time to board the plane. I got to my seat to find I had the whole row to myself. I mean the whole row so I was on the right side of the plane and the whole entire left side was empty to. It looked great but unfortunately I had a toddler and baby sitting right behind me. It wasn’t all bad. I mean of course they kicked my seat and cried a good part of the flight but the mother came up to me mid flight and said sorry about it all. I didn’t mind and told her it was fine as I knew later on in life I might go through the same thing and I wish someone would be just as understanding as I was o their situation. The little toddler did love my hello kitty neck pillow and I got a few smiles from her. At first I didn’t know what she was smiling at until I looked down and saw my neck pillow.

Even through that I still had a pleasant flight. I used the in flight entertainment even though I had movies on my iPad. I watched Dead Pool 2 after my cousins recommendation and it was quite entertaining. Then I watched the Incredible’s 2 as it was on there and what better time to watch it. It was not as long as a flight as I was expecting. I think I took a 45 minute nap and before I knew it I could see the lights of New York. I, of course had to listen to Taylor Swift’s Welcome to New York song as we landed because what better song then to welcome me to New York City for the first time.

It was a smooth landing getting to JFK. I was expecting to wait for my luggage to take forever but as soon as I got to baggage claim it was one of the first ones out so I grabbed my suitcase and headed to the exit. As soon as I stepped outside it was cold. I mean the coldest I ever felt. It was 28F and the coldest weather I had ever been in. I packed my teddy bear coat, a scarf, hat and gloves in my carry on but it was still so cold while I waited for my Uber to head to where I was staying. I got there safe and sound and there was a McDonald’s right around the corner so I grabbed a late dinner or early breakfast as it was already 1am eastern time while I was still on western time. I think I ended up going to bed at 3am and woke up 10am the next day and that’s when everything started.

Where   I  StayedNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

HI NYC Hostel

The first place I stayed at was a hostel. I accidentally book this back in November. It was cheap and close to where I would be going so I stayed there. Now there was a few mix ups with the rooms and I had to lug around my heavy suitcase up and down the elevator to get my room sorted but the front desk was super helpful even though it was like 1 in the morning. They finally got it taken care of and I spent 4 days there. It had a twin bunk bed and I requested a bottom bunk. The rooms have heaters and come with covers and towels. The bathrooms were clean and they had separate ones for male and females as well as the rooms. I stayed with 7 other girls in the room and they all were respectful. It was a pretty nice stay. Even though I didn’t intend on booking a hostel, it was a great experience and it felt like I got to do the whole college dorm thing since I didn’t get a chance when I was in college. So if you want to save money and don’t mind staying in a hostel then I highly recommend the HI NYC Hostel as it was a nice stay and pretty affordable. I don’t have a picture of the room but I did take an outfit selfie in the mirror and I did a room tour when it was empty over the vlog.

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Hotel Pennsylvania 

I spent the rest of my New York stay at the Hotel Pennsylvania. I’ll explain the story when I get to the day I decided to extend my stay down below. As for the stay, I got a double room and I booked it over the phone while I was staying at the hostel. The reason why I switched was the hostel was booked for my extended stay and since it was December there were so many hotels booked up. The room was pretty nice. It had a vintage motel vibe and I loved the door. It had all the essentials and the bed was pretty decent. I got some good sleep and turned it in to my home away from home for my entire stay. The room didn’t have a great room and was quite far from the elevators but it was a place to stay and I felt comfortable. Again, I didn’t have pictures of the room as it was very dark inside. The lobby was pretty and had so many mirrors so I got a few mirror outfit selfies and waiting for the elevators was a good selfie spot too. I kind of wish I got a picture of the room but I did do a hotel room tour on the vlog. I wasn’t intending on doing a detailed travel guide like I usually do. I went to NYC for a getaway and do some posts but it wasn’t a full on detailed blog trip. I do recommend the hotel as it is right in front of Madison Square Garden, next to so many shops including a Sephora and a Target also you get a pretty view of the Empire State Building. Also its a 10 minute walk and couple blocks to Time Square. It has a very good location especially for the price.

Day  1 – 12/6New York City Travel and Photo Diary

Morning Day 1 – Since I slept in and woke up at 10AM or struggled to get up at that time, I wasn’t going to waste my trip by sleep through it. I was tired but I got up and did my makeup. A lot of the girls that were staying the hostel were already out so I was the only one left in the room. I did my makeup in my bunk while catching up on some Youtube videos I missed. Another girl did come back and I got to talk with her about her trip and learned she was heading to Iceland which sounded so cool. She was only staying the night. She recommended clothes for the cold as I was freezing and not used to the temperature. It was nice getting to talk to her while I was getting ready and sharing stories. When she left I finished getting my stuff ready to head out on my first day in New York. There was a Stsarbucks right around the corner from where I was staying so I got a hot chocolate and called an Uber to head out to the city.

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Central Park

The first place I explored was Central Park. I knew when I came to NYC I would go and explore. So that’s what I did and I got to walk around and take in the sites. Honestly it felt like a movie just strolling through Central Park. I couldn’t believe I was actually there and I tried to take it in as much as possible. I took a few pictures and videos but I did just walk and admire it for myself too. I even watched the ice skaters on the ice skating ring for a few minutes. I was alone and too scared but it looked so fun. Maybe next time if I went with someone I would try and experience it. I think I just walked around a good part of it for about an hour before I decided on what I wanted to do next because I had no solid itinerary and just going by what I could see at the time.

New York City Travel and Photo Diary

Afternoon Day 1 – After Central Park, I sat on a bench and decided to head to the Top of the Rock so I booked a ticket online and an Uber. Well that didn’t go as planned. I got lost and couldn’t find my Uber anywhere on the map. In the meantime I got to see the outside of The Palace Hotel which looked nice and I walked around Fifth Ave. for a bit. Since I couldn’t find my Uber I missed my Top of the Rock ticket pass so I had buy a new one. I tried to get a refund for the first but it didn’t allow me so I wasted $40 that I never got back. I finally found my Uber and got in. It wasn’t too far of a drive so I decided to check my emails and got a disappointing one. The broadway meet and greet I scheduled was canceled. I went to New York for that and learning that it can’t be done was terrible. I was only there for 1 more day so I was panicking what I was to do. That kind of messed up my day because from that point my day went downhill.

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Rockefeller Center

I got out of the Uber and was dropped far from the Top of The Rock. I didn’t even know where I was at. I was so caught up with the email and everything that I got lost once again. I did finally stumble upon the Rockefeller Center. I managed to take a few pictures while I was finding my way around to the entrance. I had to ask 3 police officers to guide me. Then I found it but it was the wrong one as I didn’t purchase the tour ticket so I had to go another entrance. What seemed like 10 hours I finally found the right entrance and I was just in time for my time appointment that I purchased. It was getting really stressful. I can’t explain it but I was not having the best time so far.

I eventually got in and went through to the x-ray machines and it was time to put my phones on the tray. I placed my camera and iPhone 8 but I was looking for my iPhone X as it was the one I was taking pictures on. I have two phones and brought both with me so when I couldn’t find it in my bag, my coat pockets and in my jean pockets I started freaking out that I had lost my iPhone. I know it was in the Uber with me so I looked at the app. I could not work it as I was so stressed so one of the tour guide or security guards I’m not sure what he was and I asked for help. He managed to contact the Uber I was just in and talked to the driver for me as I was a mess. I couldn’t really get my words out. Thank goodness it was in the Uber and he could give it back to me but I had to meet him somewhere. The TOTR tour guide helped with the directions and guided me where I had to go. I asked about my ticket and he said to go back to him when I got my phone back and he will take me up. He was so kind and if it wasn’t for him I think I would have a mental breakdown in the middle of New York. I almost did as I was walking in the cold, surrounded by so many people. I was so close to having a panic attack right there and never felt such a horrible feeling. I’m also glad my dad was talking to me with my other phone and calming me down and not to cry. I followed the directions and waited about 15 minutes for the driver and as soon as I saw him waving my hot pink iPhone around I wanted to scream with joy. At least I got it back and even though I had to wait I had it with me again.  Once I walked back I could finally head up to the observation deck.

Afterwards I got to enjoy the Rockefeller Center and see the lights and the tree. I also got to watch the Saks Fifth Ave. store front light show while I was waiting for my Uber to take me to my next destination.

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Top of The Rock

After all of the stress, I finally got to go up to the top. Here are the pictures I took with my lost but found iPhone X. These pictures have special memory now as the time I freaked out with losing my phone in the middle of NYC. It was absolute breath taking and it sure calmed me down after what just happen. I felt like I was not only on the top of New York but on top of the world. I’m not scared of heights so it was nice being up there.

I went all around it and took it all in. I saw Central Park which looks even bigger from up there then when I was exploring it earlier. I saw the iconic Empire State Building and got some great pictures with it. Woo would have thought that it would be one of my favorites to look at as my hotel I would be staying at was right by it so I got to see it everyday and night. I think I saw the State of Liberty too. It was so amazing to see the whole 360 and I am glad I listened and went to it because it was like I toured the city and got to see all the famous landmarks in one spot.

It wasn’t too crowded as you can see so I got a few good pictures. Now you may be wondering who took these. Well I was so shy to ask someone but I finally got the courage and a girl walked up to me as I was walking to her if we could take each others pictures. I agreed but it turns out she didn’t speak any English and so we communicated with our hands and gesturing what we wanted. I got pictures for her and she took mine. Her phone broke too so I took some with mine and sent it to her over email. Even though there was a communication block we still got what we wanted and I love the pictures I got from it.

Even after the stress I really enjoyed seeing this and love the pictures I got. I had to leave though as I was meeting up with my photographer I booked for the trip. I saw Kat’s post on a blogger Facebook group and booked her to get some shots while I was in NYC so it was all selfies of me.

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Time Warner Square & Central Park Market

It was so traffic in New York and I didn’t expect that. So it took me a while to get to the Time Warner Center again after being there early in the day. It was nice driving through the city and seeing everything though while I was in traffic. I finally met up with Kat. It was so cold so we got to talking and warmed up inside the mall. We did get some pictures and it was so nice shooting with her. She is so kind and she’s actually the first photographer I’ve worked with. So I was a little awkward in the beginning but so made me feel comfortable and we got some pretty amazing pictures around the mall and then outside. There was all kinds of Christmas lights and decorations so it was fun getting to shoot with those too. Also got my picture with the yellow taxis because they are iconic for NYC too.

We then moved on to a little Central Park market and looked around there. We got a few pictures there as well. I really liked the ornaments and all the fun jewelry that was being sold. I didn’t get anything but it was fun to look at. So after that we parted ways and I headed back to my hostel. I got dinner at the cafe inside the hostel and then went to bed after such a stressful but somewhat nice first day in New York.

Day  2 – 12/7

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Cartier on Fifth Ave.

I started my day early as I was supposed to meet up with Kat for a morning shoot on Fifth Ave. I really wanted to shoot with the Cartier bow after seeing a picture of it on Instagram right before my trip. I knew out of all the places I wanted to shoot there. So Kat and I met up and we got some amazing pictures. I love how they turned out In some pictures I took my coat off to get the full outfit effect but had to put it back on as it was so cold. I got the famous cross walk shots too which was cool and I know how you get those pictures now after experiencing it myself.

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Rockefeller Center Again & Saks Fifth Ave.

After that we walked around Fifth Ave. and I saw Saks again and took some pictures there too. Also I went back to properly see the Rockefeller Center and got some pictures. Since I was so stressed the day before I couldn’t really get any good pictures so at least I got some. It was pretty busy around but we managed to get some pictures.

New York City Travel and Photo Diary

Afternoon Day 2 – I had the afternoon to myself so instead of looking around I went back to the hostel. I had so planning to do and think about my next step. So I had to make the decision to extend my trip or just fly back next month. I paid VIP tickets to see Kinky Boots with Conor Maynard and the show was supposed to be that night. Remember I got an email saying it was canceled due to him being sick. So I could reschedule for the next week or next month. So I asked the hostel and they had no room anymore so I had to leave as I only booked it for tomorrow. I was meant to say 4 days. I called a few hotels and finally found one that was cheap enough and had room. I rebooked my flights and that is how I extended my trip. It would be cheaper for me to just stay a few extra days instead of fly back and forth. I took care of all that in the afternoon and then got a nap in because at night I still had tickets to see Kinky Boots.

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

My First Broadway Musical

So I got dressed up which I forgot to get a picture of my outfit for my first Broadway show. Since I got up early I was glad I got a nap in after getting my plans sorted. I got an Uber to the theater and it was so nice driving to the city. It was so beautiful and I got to see the lights of the city and I got a glimpse of Time Square on the way. I was new to this part of the city and it was just as busy as expected. I got to the theater in time and got to watch the show. Honestly it was amazing and I am so glad I picked this as my first Broadway show to watch. I’ll talk more about the show later as I watched it twice. AFter though it was so cold and the coldest I have ever been. The worst thing was I could not get an Uber or taxi. It was Friday night in the middle of the city and I was stranded in the middle of New York. I was starting to freak out again as I had no phone signal and could not get any transportation home. I kept walk up and down the sidewalk waiting for an Uber to become available. It took what seemed like forever and I was just so cold standing there. I finally got an Uber which was so much money but I had no other way getting home as literally there was nothing including any taxi. I did manage to get back and I grabbed a quick snack at the hostel cafe before it closed.

Day  3 – 12/8

Morning Day 3 – I was meant to fly home that day but instead I was checking out of the hostel and to check in to a hotel. I was so excited as I didn’t get much sleep the night before. The girls in my room turned the heater off and two were snoring so loud so I don’t think I slept much or even at all to be honest. I was so glad to get out of there even though it was a nice stay I felt so anxious to be in a hotel instead. So I checked out at 11 and had to wait until 2 to go to my new hotel. I was going to wait in the hotel lobby but the hostel did have it’s benefits as there was a comfy lounge where I hung out with my suitcase. I got some chips and chocolate milk for lunch and just watched some Youtube with their free wifi while I waited to leave and head to my new hotel.

New York City Travel and Photo Diary

New Hotel 

I got another Uber to my hotel where I was moving to and I got to do a little city tour while I drove there. It was nice seeing the sights and just taking in the architecture and structures of all the buildings. I checked in and it was a pretty nice hotel so far. I lugged my suitcase up to the elevators and found my room. It was pretty decent and it was what I called home for the next week. I took it easy but didn’t want to take a nap or it would miss up my sleeping schedule. So I got settled in and unpacked a little. Then I just laid in bed and watched some Youtube on my iPad until the evening.

Essentials Shopping

I loved that there was a Target right beside the hotel and I needed some essentials like water and underwear to be exact. Remember I was supposed to leave today so I didn’t pack too many things with me. I bought some snacks as well and just walked around a little bit. There was a small pizza shop around the corner too so I got a slice for dinner. My appetite wasn’t the best in New York and I think it was because I was homesick and traveling by myself was giving my anxiety so I didn’t eat like normal. I would eat half my food for lunch and then the rest for dinner which was strange for me. I then got the best night sleep and finally felt refreshed being quiet and warm.

Day  4 – 12/9

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Morning Day 4 – I hate to admit this but I slept until noon. I was not sleeping great so I finally had a chance to catch up on some sleep. I was planning on getting up early but that went out the window. I didn’t want to waste the day so I got up and got ready. I decided against makeup as my skin was feeling real dry because of the cold and it was too late anyways. So out I went.

Victoria’s Secret Shopping

There were so many places to shop at around my hotel I was staying in. I had so many choices but I saw there was a Victoria Secret and they had a sale so I bought a few things (maybe a lot) which I still need to do a haul on. It was a fun afternoon as I went to Macy’s and Sephora and the Manhattan Mall. Since I didn’t eat anything all day I had a very late lunch or early dinner. I got to slices of pizza and cheese fries at the local pizzeria right outside the hotel. It was yummy and I saved the rest for a midnight snack. I also loved watching Vlogmas on my trip and got caught up on everyone’s when I was relaxing eating my meals. It was a nice way to end my days. I’m so glad I brought my iPad as I wasn’t going to bring it but decided last minute I should.

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Time Square

I couldn’t just end my day there so after I rested and ate my lunch/dinner. As I said, my hotel is walking distance from Time Square. I wanted to go see it in person as i was another place I had to see while I was there. I got a glimpse of it when I was on my way to the theater on Friday but I wanted to stand there and take it in. So I got all bundled up and started my walk to Time Square. It’s just as bright as I see in on TV. I literally listened to all the New York songs while I walked there and it felt like a movie moment just standing there in the middle of it all with all the people hustling and bustling around me. It was just so magical and worth walking in the cold at 9 at night to see this. Yes I went that late but it’s the city that never sleeps so it was still crowded and so much liveliness going on. I asked a nice stranger to take my pictures which they turned out quite good so here they are. Me in the middle of Time Square. I never knew it would happen but here’s proof and I will never forget my first time standing in Time Square.

After that, I actually went souvenir shopping. There was a “I Love New York” souvenir shop and I bought a few key chains and magnets because it’s my tradition to get one to a place where I travel to. I also bought a few t-shirts for my family so I can send it to them of my travels. I then spent my night chatting with my aunt and cousin in Manila about my time so far and what I was doing. They couldn’t believe how cold it was and how many layers I was wearing. They’ve never been in that cold so while I was showing them through a video call of my outfit and what I had seen so far. It was a nice end to the day and I did what I wanted to do even after getting up late.

Day  5 – 12/10

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Flatiron Building

I started the day a bit earlier which by early I mean almost 10am. I again didn’t wear makeup and just headed on my way. I wore a similar outfit as the day before as you know I didn’t have too many sweaters packed with me. I saw on the map that it was walking distance to the Flatiron Building and I always so it in pictures so I thought why not go see it. There wasn’t too many people so I couldn’t get anyone to get my picture with it but I did get a selfie. It was pretty and I loved the walk there as it was calm and I felt like I was a New Yorker heading some where important with everyone else. On the way back to my hotel, I saw another souvenir shop and I stopped by as I missed one of my relatives to buy a shirt for so I went in. I didn’t see one that she would like but I saw this teddy bear sat on the shelf. I said I could buy one if I traveled on a plane. I did it before back in Palawan so I thought I would again. I always just buy key chains and magnets so I thought I would get more used out of a teddy bear and it was worth the $35. So he came home with me.

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Walking Around The City

After that I pretty much just walked around NYC. I walked quite a lot. I did more shopping. I even went back to Time Square during the day. I just walked and looked at different shops. I bought a few sweaters at H&M there too. I even saw a Jollibee and got so excited. I sent it to all my cousins to say there is one out here. It felt a little like home so I had to get a picture. I just pretty much walked around. I also went to the B&H camera store since my dad said he went to one before and it’s a cool shop so I went there.

I said that my hotel was right next to MSG and the Empire State Building. EVery time I walked out of the hotel I would see it and it became such a symbol in my trip so I bought a magnet, ornament and key chain all with the Empire State Building on it. This is pretty much the only selfie I got with it but it was truly ememorable and I loved seeing it everyday and lit up at night.

On the way back to my hotel I saw a Five Guys and I heard good things about it so I grabbed dinner there. Some of the pictures you see are just meant for my family so they aren’t the best but this is a photo diary so there is some real life shots and not proper cute flatlays. I then spent my night in after literally walking all day. It was so fun and I liked doing this.

So you might notice I skip a day but that’s because I needed a rest. I could not keep going and going after that and you always need that one day to yourself where you stay in your hotel room. I was so tired and I don’t feel like I wasted the day. I extended my stay to see more and it was a sign because if I didn’t then I wouldn’t have seen the things I wanted to see. So day 6 I ate more NY pizza and watched some TV. It was just what I needed and I got another good night sleep.

Day  7 – 12/12

Morning Day 7 – aka my favorite day from my whole NYC trip. I woke up at around 10 again. It was an exciting day so I wanted to get a head start. I promised myself I would buy a charm for my Pandora bracelet if I found a store. Guess what? There was one right beside the hotel. It was like fate so I went in a bought a charm and a ring as an early Christmas gift to myself. After that I went to Duane Reed I think it’s what it was called to get some eyelash extensions as I forgot mine. They didn’t have any but I did get some chips as a snack. I then went to Sephora but they didn’t have ones that weren’t in a pack. Finally Target was my last stop and they ended up having some. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon at the hotel getting ready.

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Kinky Boots

Now if you didn’t know this about me, I studied theater arts in college. I used to go to play after play back then and I think I wrote about a few here on the blog. I knew I had to see a Broadway show while I was in New York. Another thing you might not know about me is I’m quite a fan of Conor. I’ve been watching him, his brother and all his friends for about 5 years now I think. So I saw the opperunity and decided to jump on it. See him and broadway show? Win-win. I got an email saying that he was sick and unable to perform so we reschduled it for this date. I was excited to see Kinky Boots again. I saw it on Friday with his understudy and honestly it’s such a great musical. I loved the show and it was worth it to watch twice. The ride to the theater was much quicker as I was closer this time. I got all dressed up and glad I brought 2 dresses. It’s like my mind kind of knew. I just did it for options but it came in handy. I got my ticket at the box office and headed in to the theater again. My theater teacher raved about the thrill of seeing a Broadway show and I finally can see it. I even did an internship at a place like this in Manila so walking back into reminded me of that and it was like I was in 2013 again. I got my drink which can I just say the cups are so cute. I got my playbill and I was lead to my seat which I was sat in the third row in the center. I was so close to the stage and it was so awesome. I watched the show for the second time and again it was just as magical as the first. Conor was so amazing in it and he has such an amazing voice. I would watch it over and over again if I could.

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Meeting Conor Maynard

On to my favorite part. After the show, I got to go backstage or well on stage to meet him. I got pictures of me on a Broadway stage and with my theater background and being a ballerina I felt at home being on stage. My tour guide which I was emailing about this whole thing met up with me and took my pictures for me. Then it was time to meet Conor and honestly he is the nicest human being. Do you know the feeling of watching someone on your screen for so long and then you see them in person? Well that happened twice to me. First was when I went to the Little Mix concert and then this. I got to talk with him for about half an hour. We walked about so much and it was like talking to a friend. He was the nicest and I can’t say enough. I honestly can’t express my happiness or feelings. I’m usually so good at writing my thoughts and feelings but this is just indescribable. I got a hug and a picture with him and I didn’t want it to end but he had to go home as he was done for the night. Even though he canceled the first time he apologized and asked if it was worth it and I told him it was. I will never forget this day and honestly it was my favorite day of 2018. I loved meeting Conor Maynard and seeing him perform. It was truly an experience I will always remember.

After that I headed to a small restaurant near the theater and Time Square. I didn’t eat anything all day so I had some pizza to celebrate. I ate it there and after that I saw another souvenir shop. I bought a necklace with my intitals on it and a t-shirt for my aunt and nephew so they could match. I got back to the hotel really late but I was just so excited and you can see by my mirror selfie in the lobby. I usually don’t as there are so many people but I didn’t care and had to snap a picture of my shopping and outfit.

The end of the night I called my cousin and that was unforgettable too. It’s a long story to write here so it’s in the vlog if you want to check it out. I couldn’t sleep as I was so happy and it was just the best day ever. I will not forget December 12 and I’m glad I documented almost all of it and have it in my memories. It was such a good day and made me love New York so much even though I had a rough patch with New York in the beginning of my trip. This day made up for it.

Day  8 – 12/13

New York City Travel and Photo Diary

Afternoon Day 8 – I spent my last full day in NYC by sleeping in as I went to bed so late as I couldn’t sleep from the day I had. I did book one last minute shooting with Kat again to finish my trip. I filmed a story time get ready with me in my hotel room video of the crazy things that had happened to me in New York. I still need to edit it but it will be up soon. It was pretty boring but the night gets exciting. I loved my outfit for the last full day in NYC and glad I got so many pictures of it.

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Bryant Park

So I emt up with Kat again and it was raining. It finally stopped so we can get pictures. I saw this Bryant Park on Instagram and it was close to the hotel so I had to check it out. It was so cute and there was a night market with food stalls and other wares. Kat and I got some great pictures and we even went in to this stall to get a hot chocolate and look at Christmas ornaments. I bought the one I’m holiday but there isn’t a happy ending for it which I’ll tell the story down below. It was so nice and I had such a fun time.

New York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary

Central Park at Night

We then headed to Central Park but we Kat took me on the subway which I was so scared to ride alone but with someone I was okay. I actually was the only one excited to ride on a crowded subway during rush hour. I’m glad I got to experience it while I was there. It was nice getting to see more Central Park and I got to see the sites I wanted to. Did you now from all the walking I didn’t wear a coat? I walked so much that I was building up a sweat and didn’t need it. Kat took me to one of the iconic places that I requested which was where Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl got married. That’s where I unfortunately broke my ornament I just bought. I had my coat with the plastic and I heard it shatter as it fell from my hands with the coat and it didn’t protect it. I only have these pictures as a memory of the pretty ornament. I got to see the Friend’s fountain too not just the Gossip Girl place. I think that’s why everything felt like I was in a movie because I watched it on TV so many times. Kat and I walked around and getting to know each other. She was so nice and we took so many great pictures. She has a blog and does photography so please check her out or book her if you are in New York. You can find her here. I know I had a fun time shooting with her and she made my final day in New York so special and it was the best way to end my trip. After that I went back to the hotel. I got dinner, sorted my suitcase as I didn’t want to wake up early to pack it. I manged to fit all my shopping inside my suitcase after sitting on it and zipping it shut.

That’s when it hit me that I was leaving New York. I honestly wasn’t a fan of it after it made so anxious in the beginning. The last few days made me love New York that I didn’t want to leave it. All I wanted to do in the beginning was go back to LA then I learned to love it. Despite everything that happened I love that I went to New York and everything I did. I know there is so much more to see and do but I enjoyed all the places I went and saw in person. Thank you new York for the memories and such an unforgettable trip.

Plan e Ride  to  LANew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo DiaryNew York City Travel and Photo Diary


The last day which is when I had to fly home. It was bittersweet. I was saying bye to New York and saying hello to Los Angeles again. This time I had a travel buddy. My teddy bear, Charlie. I got up at almost 10am to check out and get an Uber to the airport. I didn’t really know how long it would take as my flight was to leave at 1pm. I got to the airport and checked my bag in and it was overweight. I did a lot of shopping and so my luggage suffered. I flew to NYC with a 42 pound suitcase and I was flying back to LA with a 52 pound suitcase. As soon as the guy at the airport told me I was expecting to pay so much money but he kept telling me Merry Christmas over and over until I finally understood he was letting it slide and just was trying to tell me it was my Christmas present that I didn’t have to pay as it was only 10 days until Christmas. I thanked him again and again and got my bag checked in.

I went through security and manged to find my gate. It was my first time flying out of JFK and I was a little lost on getting around but I made it. I found another little corner to sit and there was a cute guy who talked to me who was on my flight. I kept thinking that this only happened in movies but alas nothing happened and we were both on our separate ways. I did end up going to the shops and grabbing a hot chocolate and a bagel with cream cheese to take on the plane with me so I wouldn’t get hungry as I didn’t have breakfast yet. By the time I went back to my gate the flight was boarding early so I didn’t get a chance to relax. I got on the plane and again I saw I had the whole row to myself so that was nice. My teddy bear got his own seat and we did a mini photo shoot as you can tell before and during the flight.

It was a much smoother flight and no distractions. The first movie I watched as soon as the plane took off and while I ate my breakfast was The Greatest Showman after so many people raved and loved it and since it was playing on the flight I got to watch it finally. I really liked it and see why it’s well loved. I then feel sleep for an hour and a half which was so nice as I was so tired. The flight to NYC I wasn’t tired and too excited but the flight back I didn’t really care. It was a longer flight so I watch quite a lot. I watched an episode of Gilmore Girls and that got me hooked to watch it on Netflix again, then I watched a couple episodes of Young Sheldon and The Simpsons. Finally as we were getting close to California I opened my window and saw the snowy mountain tops which looked so pretty so I got a few pictures and videos of that. I can’t describe how lovely the view from up there is. I’m not scared of flying or looking down as it’s just very peaceful to me. I get anxiety over other things but flying I have always loved the excitement and the adventure gives me so much joy.

I landed safe and sound in LA and we actually got in earlier then expected so we had to wait on the runway for 20 minutes as they tried to find a terminal for us to “park” but once it did I got to go out with my teddy bear to find my overweight luggage. It was actually the only one in the baggage claim and the brightest pink one so I could see it from far away. I got an Uber to go home and the driver was so lovely. It was rush hour traffic heading to West Hollywood so we talked for an hour about my trip and his trip to NYC a long time ago. It was so nice and it made coming back from my vacation more bearable as I was already feeling the post vacation blues. He was so friendly and we had such a nice conversation. He even lifted my heavy suitcase from his trunk to my apartment which is on the second floor. If I didn’t have him as an Uber driver and had such a good drive home I think I would have gotten the post vacation blues and been so sad that I missed New York. When I did get home and settled in, I got Postmates delivered for dinner and then fell asleep in my own bed after 10 days of being in a hostel and hotel. It was weird going to bed at 11pm since I’m such a night owl but I guess I got used to New York time and my body was three hours ahead. That concluded my trip. I was home safe and got a good nights sleep back in my own soft, warm and comfy bed.


Overall it was such a fun trip! I enjoyed every minute of it even through the not so good times I experienced in the beginning. I think that’s what made it more special even though I was freaking out about it when it was happening.

I didn’t do plan too many blog posts about my stay as I focused on the outfits and just sightseeing. I do have vlogs from the trip as I was doing Vlogmas again this year. So I listed all the outfit blog posts and videos of my trip below. Also I did another video to summarize my trip which I call “Come to New York With Me” and it’s quite nice to see it all in one place.

Outfits I Wore in New York

A Winter Outfit in New York

Holiday Red Outfit For Christmas in New York

My Christmas in New York City Guide

NYC Travel Vlogs

Day 1

Day 2 & 3

Day 4, 5, 6 & 7

Day 8

Day 9 & 10

That was my New York City travel and photo diary! I know that was really long like all my photo diaries but I never learn and I snap quite a lot of pictures. This time I shot most of these with my iPhone X. I usually use my DSLR but for this trip since I was traveling by myself it was easier to just snap away with my phone and not lug around a big camera even though I brought it with me. The rest of the photos were from my photographer Kate which I linked her above too as she did a great job capturing my NYC trip with me actually in it. It’s a mixture and I like that I have some through my iPhone and some done on a proper camera. So I learned you still can get quite good pictures with just an iPhone. I did bring my vlog camera and I linked all my travel vlogs above if you want to see it through video form. There were lots of ways I documented my trip for the memories.

Now I hope you enjoyed my New York City travel and photo diary. Honestly I have so many pictures and videos of my trip which I could have included but I think you got the point. I will cherish them and it will remind me about what I did and saw and hopefully when I look back at them the memories will flood back to the moment I captures them. So enough of me being sappy and going on and on about my NYC trip. Let me know a dream destination you want to go on a solo trip to as I’d love to know! Thanks for reading my New York City travel and photo diary and hopefully there will be another soon to a whole new place!



  1. January 28, 2019 / 6:33 pm

    Oh my gosh, you look like you had such a fun time! I love that you ventured out and saw the sights on your own – The Rockefeller Center is so amazing, as was your stop at Central Park. But honestly, your Kinky Boots stop has got me all jelly! Thanks for sharing – and every time you are able to go to NYC, it truly is something special!

    • fashionxfairytale
      February 1, 2019 / 11:16 pm

      Thanks Rebecca! It was scary but fun to do it on my own. Glad you enjoyed this!

      xo Jackie

  2. January 29, 2019 / 10:28 am

    I love flying into NYC at night. Seeing all the lights makes me happy. I haven’t seen the show Kinky Boots, but I have seen the movie. It’s one of my favorites so I really need to check out the Broadway version.

    • fashionxfairytale
      February 1, 2019 / 11:17 pm

      Thanks so much! It was so nice and it was amazing but haven’t seen the movie but might have to watch it!

      xo Jackie

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