A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018

A  Look  Back  At  My  Outfits  of  2018

Happy Saturday! Today I’m sharing a look back at my outfits of 2018! I had quite a few outfits from last year and my style definitely changed a lot. I did beat my goal and had more outfits in 2018 then 2017 so let’s cross our fingers I can beat 2018 in 2019. I can already see my favorite items I wore since they are featured a few times. I can also see the themes I went with and how I dressed for each season. So here is a look back at my outfits of 2018 and the links to each and every single one.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| Pearls & Feathers // Fight for Love // Gingham Bow // Coffee, Por Favor // Body Positive |

January was the start of me focusing on my outfits more and doing more fashion blogging. It isn’t as cold in January in Manila so I could wear whatever I wanted. It was a bit rainy some days and very sunny the next so I didn’t do any proper winter looks but wait until later.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| Best Dressed Princess // Date Night Outfit // Styling Millennial Pink // Styling Berets |

February was for a lot of pink looks. I did a romantic style lookbook which you can watch here. It was so fun to shoot and plan these outfits out. They are still some of my favorite girly looks I posted.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| Valentine’s Day 2018 // Pink Milkshake |

I did a few Valentine’s Day looks as well and they are so fun and girly. I love pink and red for Valentine’s and of course I had my balloons to shoot with.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| Simple Outfit // Fitness Inspired // Theme Park |

Then I did a theme park lookbook and wore some simple outfits that are perfect in case you need some outfit inspiration to go to a theme park. Watch that lookbook here.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| Business Casual // Day to Night // Spring to Summer // Pink Palace Revamp |

The spring looks are next and I do love dressing for spring. Obviously, my favorite color to wear in spring is pink but I do love pastel and of course floral print because isn’t that always what you wear in spring.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| 25th Birthday // Birthday Outfit // Graduation Inspired // Biker Chic |

More spring outfits like from my birthday. Then the last outfit was so hot to wear on that day but I had to wear it for pictures. I can still remember how hot I was wearing all black and a hoodie. I pushed through and it would be a great cooler spring or fall outfit.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| Mellow Yellow // Hot Summer // 7 Years // La La Land |

This was the start of summer and my summer looks while I lived in Manila and last is of course my travel outfit because I get super cold on long flights and plus the June rain started and was cooling down a little but I know there was still a massive heat wave that’s why I wrote about how to dress for the hotness.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| Beverly Hills Hotel // Melrose Pink Wall // Heart Wall // Beverly Hills Sign |

Moving on to my LA fashion. I moved in the middle of summer and boy was it hot in LA. If I thought it was hot in Manila it was hot here in LA. I loved my summer outfits las year as they are so colorful and shows how pretty and vibrant the surroundings are.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| Two Piece LA outfit // The Grove Pink Outfit // Santa Monica Beach // Beach Coverup Dress |

Here is a continuation of my summer outfits in LA. I even got to go to the beach and wore a swimsuit and felt super confident in it. I repeated a lot of pieces in my wardrobe and wore some new items I hadn’t worn. I think my favorite was my summer outfits since they were so vibrant and colorful.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| Fall Day // Fall Night // Metallic Dress // Summer to Fall Dress |

This is when it was slightly cooling down and not necessarily summer but not quite fall yet. It was a transition period and it was so difficult to dress. I was so not used to it and my outfits were not the best but maybe this year I will be better at transnational dressing and mastering how to do it.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| Fall Sweater Weather // Pink Fall Sweater |

This is when sweater weather was slightly starting. You can wear a light sweater and not be too hot and it was not too cold. I loved a good pink sweater during beginning stages of fall and love the casual outfit. It was basically my start of fall uniform.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| Favorite Fall Outfit // Edgy LACMA // IN N OUT Outfit // Hollywood Sign Fitness Outfit |

Moving on to fall in LA. We don’t get much of it but I did try to embrace the trends. I loved my rose gold bomber jacket and it was the perfect fall jacket. I also discovered boots which I now have a boot obsession. I went more edgy in the fall and did wear some darker colors.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| Downtown LA Night Outfit // Movie Night Outfit // Fall Pumpkin Patch Outfit // Halloween 2018 |

I loved my fall style especially my pumpkin patch photos. I loved it and embracing the oranges. Also loved the whole skirt and over the knee boots look and wore a lot of sweaters and skirts with boots and sneakers during fall.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| Black Friday Shopping Outfit // LA Winter Outfit // Neutral Holiday Outfit // Christmas Pajamas |

Now we move on to my holiday looks. I had so much fun dressing for the holidays. It’s my favorite fashion of the year. So it wasn’t too cold during the start of December so boots and skirts were still in. Also Christmas pajamas are awesome and yes that is an outfit.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018| Winter Sparkle in NYC // Holiday Red in NYC // Christmas Outfit 2018 // Cartier Bow Outfit |

Finally some proper winter looks. I went to New York and they had had proper cold winter weather and I could layer all I want. I bought some UGG boots and and they were the softest to wear. I loved dressing for winter and glad I documented it. Also I love red for holidays and wore a lot of it. I loved my festive holiday feed and all the cute red outfits I wore.

A Look Back At My Outfits of 2018

That was a look back at my outfits of 2018! I enjoy sharing the progression of my fashion and the outfits I style throughout the year for every season. I love following trends and seeing what’s popular and how I can incorporate it in my style. I can’t wait to see all the outfits I wear this year and actually having seasons to dress for. It is really cold in LA right now and I can’t believe I can layer and actually wear proper winter looks. I am looking forward to what’s to come. I also listed my previous outfit rewinds if you want to see my style change over the years and how it’s stayed the same too. This is the fifth one and I can’t believe I’ve been posting my outfits for that long. So I hope you enjoyed a look back at my outfits of 2018 and let me know your absolute favorite outfit you wore in 2018 and which outfit you loved of mine too.

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  1. January 8, 2019 / 11:40 am

    Your winter/holiday looks are my favorite, probably because it’s my favorite time to dress up. I loved my outfit I did to go out for an early Halloween celebration; sadly, I wasn’t able to get a full outfit shot.

    • fashionxfairytale
      February 1, 2019 / 10:52 pm

      Thanks Candace! Glad you loved those as I loved them myself. It’s such a shame when you don’t photgraph an outfit but at least you can wear it again!

      xo Jackie

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