December To Do List and Goals

December To Do List and Goals

December  To  Do  List  and  Goals

Happy December! Happy Blogmas! It’s officially my favorite time of year! That was a lot of exclamation points but I’m so excited!! Today I’m sharing my December to do list and goals which I did last year to start off the month. You can read last year’s to do list here. I’m doing Blogmas again this year except my version. I didn’t really do Blogmas last year as I was focusing on Vlogmas and I’m not going to be doing daily uploads this year so I thought to split my focus with the two. I’m doing a few videos over there of course but nothing like last year where I uploaded everyday which was fun and tiring. Here I think Blogmas will be every other day or so but we will see. I was so overwhelmed last year to do it everyday so I have planned a schedule for both my channel and blog so it will give me a guideline.

So here is my December to do list and goals!

December To Do List and Goals

Things  To  Do  This  Month:

Go to New York City (my winter vacation!)
I’m so happy to announce I’m heading to New York in a few days. it’s been my dream place to visit and I’m finally doing it. I hear it’s wonderful around Christmas time so I decided to take a leap and go for it. I am so excited for it even though I hear it is freezing over there and I can’t handle cold. I hope the memories will make up for it. That’s why I’ve bought so many winter things to help keep me warm. Remember I’m not used to the cold and I lived in a tropical country for 10 years so this will be something. Last year my winter vacation was Baguio which is the coldest part of the Philippines and I thought that was cold but it’s probably nothing on New York. I think it’s becoming a tradition to travel during the first week of December. I did last year and now this year. You never know maybe in December 2019 I’ll go to London. I’m just putting that out there in the universe so it happens as well.

Stick to my Blogmas/Vlogmas Schedule
I spent the whole of November planning my blog and video content for the month. I’m guessing that’s why I don’t blog so much or do videos in November so I can prepare myself for all the holiday content for December. I’m planning 4 days a week for Blogmas and 3 videos a week for my channel which one of those days will be the behind the scenes of my life vlogmas video. I’ve already started planning both out and filming and creating to be somewhat ahead of the game. I’m hoping I accomplish that and stick to it.

Film me decorating my Christmas tree
Now that I have my own place, it means I can decorate it however I want. I just bought my tree a week ago and bought some decorations already so I want to do a decorate with me video and then a blog post on here with the final product.

December To Do List and Goals

Shoot holiday outfits and lookbook
Actually I have already shot one look already. I am scouting locations and already bought the outfits and planning it all out. I love the planning stage and seeing it all come together. I have a huge list on my phone with all the details and piecing everything together and what outfit goes with what. That’s what I love about this time of year and all the fun and festive things to shoot at.

Build a gingerbread house
This is a crazy one but I’m looking forward to it. I’m not sure if I ever made one before and if I have I was probably little and don’t remember it. I saw a kit at Target the other day and it gave me the idea. I think it will be fun and something cute to do. They didn’t have them back in Manila or I would have tried then. I will definitely film and blog about it when it happens!

December To Do List and Goals

I’m so excited for the month and getting festive. This is my night stand and a little sneak peak of my decor and what my apartment is looking like right now. I can’t link the candle or the tree but I can link the rest like the mini ornament set here and the NYX advent calendar here.

December To Do List and Goals

Those are my December to do list and goals! It’s a little outline of my goals for December. I’ve noticed my goals are pretty similar to last year’s but at the same time it will be different. I’m spending Christmas alone in LA without my family for the first time so I’m trying to make things as similar as possible if that makes sense. I am hoping to have such a fun December and enjoy my holiday season. I have so many plans and I love sharing them with you. So those were a few of my December to do list and goals so let me know what your December plans look like and what you’re excited for.


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