Food Places I’ve Tried Since Moving to LA

Food Places I've Tried Since Moving to LA

Food  Places  I’ve  Tried  Since  Moving  to  LA

Happy Friday! Today’s blog posts is food places I’ve tried since moving to LA! I wanted to do a bit of a fashion and lifestyle with a mix of food. I love how these pictures turned out and my outfit so I had to share my afternoon as well as a list of places I have tried while living in LA. With the area I live in there are so many food places around me and it’s so fun getting to try new and old things. So here are a few food places I’ve tried since moving to LA!

Food Places I've Tried Since Moving to LA

| bomber jacket // top // jeans // bag // sneakers // bow |

This is the result of an impromptu photo shoot after eating at In-N-Out. It wasn’t planned and I wasn’t even ready for it but those are the best. My roommate actually woke me up, told me to get dressed fast as she had an Uber on it’s way to take us to In-N-Out. It was very last minute and I needed to come up with an outfit real fast and it turns out I was pretty good at picking an outfit as it was perfect for it. So once I was dressed with no makeup on or jewelry I rushed out the door. I even tied my hair in a high ponytail in the car as I was that rushed. The rush of it all was something. The base of the outfit is this white pearl tee. It’s a plain white tee with an added bonus and a little extra something. I love the rhinestones and different sized pearls on it. Next are these cropped distressed jeans which I have a story behind these. The button broke right before I left Manila so I couldn’t take them with me. My mom had it fixed and sent it to me so now I’m reunited with them. It’s my first time wearing them again and after wearing them again I did miss it.Then I have my hot pink cross body bag, white sneakers and my all time favorite jacket right now which I have worn several times including this one here and here as well as a matching colored bow to finish off my look I wore that afternoon.

Food Places I've Tried Since Moving to LA

Now with this set of pictures I didn’t have any idea what to blog about with these photos. Since it’s about food then I thought why not explore the food route and then I got to thinking after looking at my lists and notes. And here we are. I’ve had a list of food places I want to visit and revisit even before I moved back to LA. Honestly, even before I moved I’ve dreamed of eating at a few fast food places I missed and ones I have never ate at.

In-N-Out was number one on my list. My dad and I ate there a lot when I was younger and sometimes my mom would take me after school. I still remember a time when my dad had just bought a new car and brought it home to show me. He told me to get in and we drove to our local In-N-Out that just opened up and grabbed dinner together. I love that memory so eating there last week reminded me of that moment. I even Facetimed my dad to make him jealous and show him.

Then there was Chick-Fil-A and I never ate there before. I think it opened up after I left so I never ate there. Again, my roommate and I ate there when we went to Westfield a few weeks ago. I also tried Shake Shack there as well right before we watched a movie. Then there is Panda Express, Corner Bakery Cafe, Popeye’s and lastly Rock House Slides. Of course McDonald’s is on there as well and even a Jollibee which is a Philippine fast food place. Is it sad that I have a list of food places I’ve been and want to visit on my iPhone?

I know a lot of these are fast food places. I actually haven’t gone out to a proper restaurant yet. I do have a few on my list I want to eat at. There are so many good eats and I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

Food Places I've Tried Since Moving to LA
Food Places I've Tried Since Moving to LA

Those were the food places I’ve tried since moving to LA! I hope you enjoyed this very random blog post. I honestly had no clue what topic to write with these pictures and it was very out of the blue but those are the best right? I didn’t want to do a food review but if you want to see one then I’d love to do one. I love trying new lifestyle posts. I did have a fun afternoon and enjoyed eating at In-N-Out again after 14 years I think. I also really want a strawberry shake again after seeing these photos. If you’re in California of course it’s a staple and must go place and I’m so glad I live close by it or I shouldn’t be glad as it’s not great for the budget or diet to be eating it all the time but if I could I would. So those were food places I’ve tried since moving to LA and there are more to cross off my list. Let me know your fave fast food place to eat at.


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