Fall Accessories I Added To My Wardrobe

Fall Accessories I Added To My Wardrobe

Fall  Accessories  I  Added  To  My  Wardrobe

Happy Wednesday! Here is part two of my Fall Haul Week. Today I’m showing you the fall accessories I added to my wardrobe. I bought quite a few accessories as I have been loving those and I’m such a bag person and whatever reason to buy a new bag I will jump at. Of course there is shoes too and I’ve become quite the shoe person recently as well. I decided to split it up and show you the accessories first and then on Friday get ready for my massive fall clothing haul. Monday was the beauty and makeup haul which in case you missed that you can find here. I’m so excited to share part two and all the fall accessories I added to my wardrobe haul!

Fall Accessories I Added To My Wardrobe

I’ve never been a girl to wear so much black but lately it’s what I’ve been wearing so I got most of my accessorizes in black and even nude/beige. A very different color palette for me but I’m embracing the neutrals for fall. You will see quite a color theme in today’s accessory haul.

Fall Accessories I Added To My Wardrobe Fall Accessories I Added To My Wardrobe

| Panty // Shorts // Leggings |

I was kindly gifted shape wear by the lovely people at Shapermint. They emailed asking if I would like to try some of their products and I kindly agreed. I think this is considered an accessory and it will go great with all my mini skirts and enhance my curves and suck everything in place. So best be aware I will be rocking this under my fave clothes in upcoming blog posts. I was gifted their shape panty in nude and shape short in black and both are in the size Xl/XXL for size reference. I also got to their leggings which again is in the size XL and I do love a good high waisted legging that will hold me in place and aren’t black leggings perfect for fall with cozy sweaters so I will be wearing this whenever and wherever I go!

Fall Accessories I Added To My Wardrobe Fall Accessories I Added To My Wardrobe

| Bag // Beret // Sunglasses |

Next is a Tobi haul and I bought three things to add to my fall accessories I added to my wardrobe!

This bag! This bag is just the heart eye emoji for me and as soon as I saw it I think it was love at first sight. After seeing the popular Chanel Vanity bag everywhere I knew I had to have it or something similar anyways as I couldn’t afford the designer one. So I knew I loved the style so I went on Google and found a dupe and this popped up. It was only $37 and not too bad but to be honest it was a little too expensive for my budget and after buying the two pairs of boots I couldn’t justify it. Well fate worked it’s magic and the next day I saw it was on sale for $25. That was more reasonable for me as I think all the bags I own but one are less than $25 so I bought it and I’m so happy with it. I can totally see this being my bag of the season.

Other than the bag I did treat myself and got two more items to get free shipping. I know I was trying to save money and then I go out and add to my total just to justify free shipping. I don’t get the logic behind it either. Anyways, I picked up a pair of black sunglasses. Even though it’s fall, LA still is hot and sunny so I could wear them and they go with all my outfits. I don’t own a plain black pair so this will be so handy and they are so big so I can just pop these on without makeup and go be fabulous.

Fall Accessories I Added To My Wardrobe

Last is a beret. Now I do love the beret and love that it is still in trend. I was obsessed with my red beret all December long last year that I bought a black beret to have a neutral. Then came spring and I bought a blush pink beret. Well now that fall has come around I needed some fall colors to add to my growing collection and so I picked up a beige beret. I might have to buy a rust orange and berry one too. If you thought I love bows which I still do and will never replace them but berets are becoming my second favorite real quick.

Fall Accessories I Added To My Wardrobe

| OTK Boots // Ankle Booties |

I bought two pairs of boots. Not one but two. I was originally just going to get one and then I fell in love with another pair. I was going to get two different colors to change it up but I thought of so many different outfits with these two boots that I decided to stick with black for now as I have mostly black bags and accessories anyways. Later on I think I will get a brown/tan pair too. I think I’m becoming addicted to boots and I love it. The first pair is an over the knee style and I promised if I moved back to the Us I would buy a pair to match my fave bloggers and I can’t believe that came true. The second pair are a pair of suede ankle booties and I think the are so cute and perfect to make an outfit more edgier which I love dressing like that for the fall.

Fall Accessories I Added To My Wardrobe

| Scarf |

I wanted a scarf for fall and who knew scarfs were so expensive. I found a perfect one and it was like $50. I wasn’t going to pay that much to wear once in a while. So I finally found one that I liked from Forever 21. It’s a orange and red plaid and so soft. I think this color palette will be the center of my fall outfits and I’m so excited to style everything together.

Fall Accessories I Added To My Wardrobe

Those were my fall accessories I added to my wardrobe! I am so excited for all these and can’t wait to style them with my fall outfits. I also did a haul over on my channel for Fall Haul Week as I’m doing it here and over there as well. So you can head to my channel for that. It will continue on until Friday when I’m sharing my fall clothing haul so stay tuned for that. So I hope you enjoyed and got some inspirations from my fall accessories I’ll be wearing for the season. Let me know what you will be picking up to add to your fall accessories wardrobe as these are what my fall accessories I added to my wardrobe were.



  1. Molly Tullis
    October 4, 2018 / 2:25 pm

    These are such cute accessories!

  2. Jennifer Maune
    October 4, 2018 / 6:49 pm

    Loving the booties & the scarf! Plaid always screams fall – so fun!


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