My Dream Locations To Visit in the USA

My Dream Locations To Visit in the USA

My  Dream  Locations  To  Visit  in  the  USA

Happy Monday! I’m starting of the week with a weekend I had and this blog was inspired by my recent trip to the Santa Monica Pier for the first time two weeks ago. I always wanted to go and I went. I then realized of all the other places I want to visit and thought to make a list here on the blog to share my dream locations to visit in the USA! So here is my dream location bucket list!

My Dream Locations To Visit in the USA My Dream Locations To Visit in the USA

| dress // flip flops // earrings // sunglasses // bow |

I did another post about my swimsuit I am wearing underneath this beach cover up dress here. This is what I wore to and from the beach and it is such a fun beach dress and love the colors in it. It has fun tassels and this ruffle detail. I just wore flip flops because the sand just got everywhere and these are just comfy to walk around in and look cute and matched my dress and wrapped up the pastel theme.

My Dream Locations To Visit in the USA

I’ve lived here in the US for 15 years and my parents and I did do a bit of traveling when I was young. I’ve been to 4 states in total which is quite small in total since there is 50. Maybe 5 as I did go to Hawaii for 2 hours at the airport but I don’t think that counts. I was born and raised in California so I’ve visited quite a few places across the state. I lived in Southern California and still do and this is just home to me that’s why I moved back here. I did have grandparent’s in Sacramento and visited there a lot as a kid and my parents drove all the way up there a few times every year to visit them so I explored up there a lot. Well we did have a few other relatives up north so I traveled around those parts. Then I have other relatives on my mom’s side who lived in San Diego so I’ve went there a lot. That leads me to sharing where I want to visit in California that I haven’t been to and the most realistic that I could do.

My Dream Locations To Visit in the USA

San Francisco – Okay I’ve been here once and drove across the Golden Gate bridge but I was like 8 maybe and probably sleeping or uninterested as a kid. I really want to explore all the tourist things in the city and maybe do a road trip up there one day.

Big Bear – My parents never took me even though we lived so close to it and can you believe I’ve never visited proper snow or did any snow activities. I know I can go somewhere on the east coast with better snow but right now this is the closet thing I can imagine.

Palm Springs – This might only because I want to go to Coachella but I hear there are other fun things up there. I’ve passed by it before on the way to Arizona and it seemed so cool so maybe I could head down there for a weekend kind of trip.

My Dream Locations To Visit in the USA My Dream Locations To Visit in the USA

Las Vegas – I’ve always wanted to go and it was my dream to go on my 21st birthday but I was living in Manila and didn’t have the money. Now that I live a few hours or whatever it is away from there I would love to do the cliche thing and do all that fun stuff that should stay in Vegas.

New York – A pretty big one for me and I think everyone dreams of this. I want to see all the places in my fave movies and TV shows and just experience the city. I always told my dad that one day I would go to New York City. I don’t think I could move there but who knows I might love it enough that I could consider moving. I don’t know it’s just a place that seems so fun and it would be a dream come true to go or even attend NYFW. I did tweet about it the other day and who knows it may happen. Universe, please make it happen!

Vermont – This is because I see so many bloggers go here during the fall and it is just so pretty and magical. I don’t know what else is there but I was mesmerized by the pictures and I want to visit somewhere that has proper fall weather.

My Dream Locations To Visit in the USA

I know there are so many other places to see and explore all over the US and I’m aware of that. I know a lot of these places are popular and well traveled to already but I want to experience it for myself. These are just a few I can see myself really visiting but I’m sure my list will grow and hopefully I’ll be able to cross all of these off of my list someday. Let me know other places that you are from and what’s special about it. Of course I want to visit other places around the world as well. I might have to do an international version bucket list of locations I hope to travel to one day. It is so long though.

My Dream Locations To Visit in the USA

Those are my dream locations to visit in the USA! I hope to visit all of these and you never know one day I will and can look back at this. I fallen in love with traveling and hope to just see whatever I can. It might be five minutes down the street or miles and miles away but whatever it is I’d love to experience more and collect more memories. Let me know your dream place to visit as these are my dream locations to visit in the USA!



  1. Annaliese
    September 10, 2018 / 2:48 pm

    Las Vegas is one of my favorite places ever!! I lived in Vermont for a year for work- it’s very pretty in the fall, but a tough state to move to and live in year round.

    xoxo A

  2. paige
    September 10, 2018 / 9:41 pm

    such a cute outfit and love this list – don’t forget boston 😉 x

  3. September 11, 2018 / 12:21 am

    Loved this post! I grew up about 1.5 hours from SF and I’d definitely recommend all the tourist spots. And Land’s End! It’s so beautiful and scenic. NYC is on my list, too! Especially during Christmastime!

  4. October 8, 2018 / 2:24 am

    Hello po. You have very nice pictures on your blog. What camera are you using?

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