Fall Fashion Pieces On My Wish List

Fall Fashion Pieces On My Wish List

Fall  Fashion  Pieces  On  My  Wish  List

Happy Wednesday! Today’s blog post is so fun for me because I spent my weekend planning my fall outfits and so much fashion content coming up. I was on my laptop browsing my favorite sites to shop at and I even discovered new ones. I was there for a while and wrote down notes and added many things to my wish list of pieces to create outfits that I can wear for fall as I do love the fall style like every other basic girl. There were many things that I need and to have them in all one place I wrote this blog post. I mean it won’t be good for my bank balance but I like to plan ahead and once I buy something I can check it off and move on. I may or may not (I have) bought a lot of these things for fall and still have many things on my wish list that I want to buy so I thought today I would share my fall fashion pieces on my wish list!

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ClothingFall Fashion Pieces On My Wish List

Basic Pieces

I do need a few basics as I don’t have too many and I need to invest some especially since there are multiple seasons where I live now. So that’s why I included a long sleeve turtleneck top in neutral colors and I know these will come in handy. Then some satin and lace camisole tops again in a few different color variants to add under sweaters or cardigans or layer over other tops.

Cardigans & Sweaters

The epitome of fall and I can finally embrace these and wear it without taking it off after I take pictures in it. So I went crazy and had to pick a few cardigans and sweaters even though I have a few already. You can’t have too many and I may have a problem but who cares I’m excited to wear long sleeves and be so comfy. I love the ones with pearls and ruffles because it fits my feminine and girly style so I added those in. As for cardigans, I have a few already in a variety of colors


I only have hoodies and zip up ones so I want to buy ones not like that. I went with a few trends for this one like the teddy coat. This is one I have always wanted and I don’t know if it will get cold enough for it. They seem so cozy and cute and I have seen ones that aren’t too bad and I could probably get away with it when it’s really chilly on an off day.Then we have the tench looking jacket which is so cool. After that I really want a moto jacket but not sure what material like leather or suede yet but I want one of those stylish kind of jackets I see all the time. Last is a denim jacket and I never was one to like them. I always thought they were meant for mom’s as my mom had a few and I said I wouldn’t wear one but here I am with one of my wish list to try out. I’ve seen ones with pearls though so I might go for that.


Since it doesn’t get too cold in La, I can get away with wearing skirts so I have a few in mind. The first is a dark wash denim button down skirt. I have seen them everywhere and I don’t own one. I have a light wash denim pencil skirt and a medium wash chambray  skater skirt but not one like the one I showed. Mine are more for spring and summer and I want one for fall and have a darker vibe. I also own a burgundy suede A-line mini skirt that is perfect and a black skater skirt I wanted more skirts like that so I went with an orange or I guess chestnut suede skater skirt and I have the perfect outfit in mind with this.

Denim & Bottoms

So besides skirts, I have a few bottoms on my wish list. First is some distressed boyfriend jeans. I only have skinny jeans and want some rugged loose ones to give that casual look. Then I want some black jeans that are just basic ones because I have ones with rips in the knees and love those but want a simple pair. Then I just want a dark wash that looks like that classic denim feel and would look great with boots which I will talk about next.

AccessoriesFall Fashion Pieces On My Wish List


I have never owned a pair of boots and if I did I was young and don’t remember. I’ve always wanted boots and after following so many bloggers that wear them I was jealous that I couldn’t wear them where I lived because of the heat and if I could on a rainy day they wouldn’t fit me or have my size. Now I can so you better believe I am going to enjoy them and I hate to admit that I’ve already bought two pairs.

A New Day Sidney Over the Knee Sock Boots – I got some over the knee boots and after seeing them on all my fave fashion bloggers. I tried them on in store but since they offered a wide online, I ordered it online and waiting for those to arrive.

Just Fab Olivia Booties – Then I saw these and they were on sale so I picked them up. I could envision these with so many outfits and though I have black OTK ones, I thought some little black booties would make the outfit a little more casual if that makes sense.


I’ve seen so many bags I want but I’ve only found one that I am absolutely in love with. I do have a lot of bags but I’m such a bag person so I always have to collect them.

Julia Faux Lunchbox Cross Body Bag – My favorite item I’ve bought so far is this handbag. I LOVE IT, you guys. Look out for it in a blog post soon and paired with so many outfits!

Hair Accessories

I’m a big hair accessories person so I had to add some fall style ones in the mix. I went with a few berets as I’m still loving those and needed to add a few colors I don’t own and would be perfect for my fall outfits. Then a few of those felt hats I’ve been seeing everywhere. Of course we have the bows. I love that bows are still in and I need a fall one to go with my outfits. Also I want to try the whole hair scraf trend and tying one in my ponytails too.


I actually used to love scarfs when I lived here before and now that I’m back I can again enjoy them. I own one and it’s a cream cable knit infinity scarf but I’m looking forward to more colors in beige, mauve pinks and maybe some pattern ones with fall tones.

Fall Fashion Pieces On My Wish List

I know I live in LA. I know fall doesn’t really happen here. I know that I’m exaggerating with my clothing options. It doesn’t get too cold but it’s cold for me as I’m not used to it. I actually got cold when I was walking in the evening the other night and wish I had something to layer over my top and skirt but I didn’t so I think some of these will come in handy if I don’t over do it and style it right. In fact, I’ve already made quite a few purchases for the upcoming season. I’m loving camel, blacks, burgundy, and blush tones for fall and all the trendy pieces this year! I can’t wait to receive everything I ordered in the mail like the booties and over-the-knee boots. I’m of course going to do a haul when I get everything so stay tuned for that. I did a fashion edit of all my faves last year too which you can check out here. Also any of my fall outfits are categorized if you need any inspo here.

I hope you enjoyed my fall fashion pieces on my wish list! I’d love to know what you guys are ordering for the fall and what trends you’re looking forward to!



  1. julietlylillyrose
    September 19, 2018 / 3:37 pm

    So many cute things! I love berets and thigh-high boots!

  2. September 19, 2018 / 4:52 pm

    I totally have fall shopping fever too 🙈. I’ve already done a bit of damage. I liked your picks!

  3. Luci Cook
    September 19, 2018 / 11:01 pm

    I love Autumn, especially fashion but you can wear cozy things. Cardigans and sweaters are my favorite thing to wear.

  4. September 20, 2018 / 9:51 am

    I’m loving all of the sweaters you picked out! Gotta keep myself out of the stores 🙂

  5. September 20, 2018 / 11:18 am

    I really love all of the pinkish/blush tones! I think they work well for any season, and especially with some cute accessories as accents!

  6. September 21, 2018 / 8:41 am

    I am so excited about the Fall fashion, can’t wait to trade sandals for boots and tank tops for sweaters.

  7. Amanda Kruse
    September 21, 2018 / 9:11 am

    I need to get myself a pair of OTK boots for fall!

  8. Annemarie LeBlanc
    September 21, 2018 / 11:16 pm

    Thanks for sharing you picks. I have been thinking of getting a new pair of cozy boots for this fall. Oh, and scarves too

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