Beauty and Fashion Favorites I Loved in August

Beauty and Fashion Favorites I Loved in August

Beauty  and  Fashion  Favorites  I  Loved  in  August

Happy Friday! Today’s the last day of August and since it’s the last day of the month, I thought I would share my beauty and fashion favorites I loved in August. It’s quite a variety again this month and of course everything is new and what I’ve bought and loved throughout the month. If you haven’t already, I posted about my favorites last month here if you want to check that out. However this a whole new bunch of products I can’t wait to rave about so here are my beauty and fashion favorites I loved in August!

BEAUTYBeauty and Fashion Favorites I Loved in AugustMAKEUP

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Honey – The first item I’ve been loving makeup wise from the month is this concealer. It is amazing and I’ve not only been using it as a concealer but a foundation and it has great coverage that I could use it for both. It’s a perfect color match, disguises my under eye circles and gives me pretty good coverage that I can even out my skin tone and it looks like I have a full flawless base on when in reality it’s just this concealer.

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Les Chocolat Lipstick in 842 Candyman – You know I love my lipstick and go everywhere with it. So this month’s lip pick is this one from L’oreal and it is so amazing. I love everything about this lipstick here! It smells just like chocolate and every time I put it on I want to eat chocolate. I like the color but to darken it up I just add a browny nude lip pencil underneath and it’s all good.

Kiss Impress Press-On Manicure – This has to be my all time favorite product of the month. Even though I just bought it last week, I think it deserves the number one spot. I have always loved fake nails and when I heard about these I gave them a try and expected them to last maybe one or two days most as that’s how I know these things work and that’s with the glue on nails. These are stick on ones and with the amount of typing and washing up I do I thought they would be around for a few days but no. They’ve been on more then a week and still going. I can’t believe it so they made it to my favorites quite fast and I can’t wait to get more colors.

Beauty and Fashion Favorites I Loved in AugustSkincare

Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Facial Toner – This is new in my skincare routine and it has changed my skin for the better so of course it made it into this month’s favorites. I’ve never used a toner and this is the first time trying it and it has made such a difference with my dry patches on my cheeks. It is a wonder product and I love it so much.

Pixi x Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse – Last beauty favorite from the month is this cleanser. I bought it back in April and I’ve been using it on and off but I got back into using this regularly to take off my makeup and to cleanse my face and it just leaves it so soft and makeup free. I use it before the toner and I have such smooth skin and it is slowly getting back to normal by maintain a good skincare routine using these two products.

FashionBeauty and Fashion Favorites I Loved in August

Zaful Rose Gold Cat Eye Sunglasses – They were apart of my summer fashion favorites last year which you could read that here and they’ve made it back this year to still being my go to summer shades. All month long in pretty much all my outfit pictures I’ve worn these. They look cute, they are cheap enough I don’t feel bad taking them with me everywhere and they are my favorite color so of course they are a favorite.

Betsey Johnson Tote Satchel Bag – This has been my go to bag of the month and since it’s new it is a favorite and I’ve been taking it with me whenever I head out. I did a whole blog post about it a few weeks ago here in case you missed reading it.

Wild Fable Women’s Plus Size Floral Dress – A recent purchase but it has made it into the favorites as it’s a dress I keep reaching for. It’s so light and easy to put an outfit together with. It is such a perfect dress for all seasons and I even wrote about it in an outfit post last week here.

Xhilaration Women’s Grey Leggings – Last fashion favorite is another piece of clothing I’ve been obsessed with and wearing non- stop. These leggings here are the softest ones I think I own. I wear them at home or when I need to run errands or just walk around the neighborhood. They’re comfy and they were on sale too.

LifestyleBeauty and Fashion Favorites I Loved in AugustListening

I’ve been loving listening to music this month. I love putting it on when I’m editing and writing blog posts. I’m the type of person to have background noise when they are doing something as it makes me work better. I’ve had a few songs on repeat this month. One being Beautiful by Bazzi and with Camila Cabello. I love both versions and they have been my go to song that I’ve been singing all day in my house. Next is a pretty old song but I heard it at The Grove when I was visiting a few weeks back and I remembered some lyrics so I can look it up and it was Colors by Halsey. I enjoy it so much so it made it to my August playlist and again I’ve been singing along with that. Last is Ariana Grande’s album and even though it just came out I love it. I never listened to one of her whole albums until this one. My favorite though is Breathin and again I sing it way too loudly and even have it on as I’m writing this.


I don’t have a TV show to share with you as I haven’t found a good enough show to binge watch on Netflix and I don’t have a TV or cable in my apartment here in LA so no new shows to gush about. I do however have to share what I’ve been watching on Youtube. I recently started watching so many LA youtubers as I moved here a month or so ago and need some recommendations and just see what is up. I have been loving MissRemiAshten and a lot of her friends. I love her videos and they are so inspiring plus I started watching Adelaine Morin as well because of her. They are a lot more LA youtubers I’ve been loving and have in my recommendation feed right now. I also started watching vlogs including David Dobrick too which is fun and a lot of other lifestyle vlog style videos. So if I haven’t been singing rather loudly to my favorite songs during the day while working, I’ve been watching a few of these people and seeing what is to offer here in LA. If you have anymore Youtube recommendations on who I should watch in the local area or around California then let me know because I would love to discover more to watch.

Beauty and Fashion Favorites I Loved in August

Those were my beauty and fashion favorites I loved in August! I’ve also filmed it again this month so you can watch it later this evening on my Youtube channel. I love sitting down and chatting you through what I’ve been loving and properly showing you my thoughts and giving a small review about why I loved each item. I tried to keep it short and simple here on the blog but I go very chatty on my channel if you’d like to take a peek. Well those are my favorites and I can’t believe August is over tomorrow and it will be September. I’m so excited for these last few months and we are entering my favorite time of the year and plus I’m in a new place so there’s more to explore and enjoy. I hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know what products or even music you have loved. That is it for my last post of the month and I posted every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday this month so that was quite an achievement. So I’ll have to leave you with my beauty and fashion favorites I loved in August to round up the month.



  1. August 31, 2018 / 3:32 pm

    I just ant to say that I love you bag and sunglasses. I love how the pink of the sunglasses is reflected in the color of the hand bag. Incidentally is pink the color for end of summer nails?

  2. August 31, 2018 / 3:59 pm

    Great post! I am going to have to pick up a pair of those sunglasses. They are too cute!

  3. September 1, 2018 / 5:27 pm

    The Pixi Double Cleanse is great for removing makeup. I also love the Instant Age Rewind by Maybelline. One of my holy grail.

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