A Few Of My Outfits From Instagram Recap

A  Few  Of  My  Outfits  From  Instagram  Recap

Happy Wednesday! Today’s blog post is a bit of a few of my outfits from Instagram recap. Ever since I moved and now have my own place, I’ve always wanted a mirror to take outfit selfies with. So my roommate and I moved the mirror we had in the living room and stood it up in the office full of windows so it has pretty good lighting. Now whenever I leave I got into a habit of taking a picture of my outfits. I usually post them on my Instastory so that is where you will see it first. The only problem with this mirror is I’m very tall and the mirror is not too long so I have to stand quite far into the dining room to fit in. I think later on I’m getting an actual full length mirror in my room but for now this will do. I posted some of these already and they have full outfit posts so I will link those below. So here are a few of my outfits from Instagram recap.

| top // dress // bag // sneakers // earrings // bow // sunglasses |

The first outfit is so cute and I have a similar one here but without the long sleeves. I wore this to film and then walk down the street to buy some water. I love this and it’s dressy but I toned it down with the flip flops since I was just going out for a few minutes. I love this color scheme and I love wearing my favorite colors.

A Few Of My Outfits From Instagram Recap

| top // skirt // shoes // necklace // bow // lipstick |

Here’s my Fourth of July outfit from this year. I actually didn’t post a separate full outfit like I did the past two years which you can view here and here. I had just got here so I still didn’t unpack and this was the outfit I came up with. It was simple and I got my red, white and blue in. I had a pretty good holiday and got a cute Instagram picture you can view here.

A Few Of My Outfits From Instagram Recap

| top // skirt // bag // shoes // earrings // bow |

This outfit has been my go to outfit as it’s been so hot in LA right now and when I want to feel comfortable but still look cute when I go out then I wear this. I have a few outfit selfies with this outfit but this is just one. I have a similar outfit recently here and then one that is more dressed up that is similar here.

A Few Of My Outfits From Instagram Recap

| top // skirt // bag // sandals // earrings // bow // sunglasses |

My all time favorite outfit I’ve worn in a while. It is so cute and I want to wear it everyday if I could. I have so many pictures of this outfit and you will be seeing a lot of it on my Instagram. I just can’t get over how pretty this outfit is and I really can’t say enough about it. You can see the full outfit post where I match with The Beverly Hills Hotel here and a few pictures in my August goals post here.

A Few Of My Outfits From Instagram Recap

| top // skirt // bag // sandals // earrings // necklace // bow // sunglasses |

This outfit was posted on Monday which if you missed is here. I loved this and it is more edgy than what I usually post but of course still has that girly vibe too. I have been embracing the crop top trend a lot more and since it is so hot it allows me to be a lot cooler. Also can you tell I’ve been loving denim skirts lately. I’ve been wearing the two I own too death and I need to find more as they are just so good.

Now those were a few of my outfits from Instagram recap! I love these outfit mirror selfies and think they are so fun. I’ve always wanted to do them and I didn’t have a mirror before but now that I do it is so fun to snap a quick pic before I head out and to check how good my outfit looks. Let me know if you have a specific mirror to take pictures like this or if you do them yourself. I hope you enjoyed a few of my outfits from Instagram recap.

By the way, this is my 900th blog post. It’s a pretty big number so I had to mention it here in the end. I think I’m going to do something when I do my 1000th blog post which is just 100 away now. I better plan something big for it. Okay I’ll go now!



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