What To Wear When It’s Hot Outside

What To Wear When It’s Hot Outside

What  To  Wear  When  It’s  Hot  Outside

Happy Monday! I’m always struggling to find what to wear when it’s hot outside. So today I thought I would share some tips and an outfit idea on what I wear when it is so hot outside. It’s hard to figure out what to wear when it’s hot outside and it’s one of my greatest wardrobe dilemmas. Everyday I look through my closet and question myself with how do I keep cool while still looking cute. I live in Manila and it’s hot and humid most part of the year so I have mostly summer clothing pieces but this summer was the hottest and I will tell you I didn’t enjoy it. The past month has been brutal with the heat and humidity so I had to be creative with my outfits or just everyday wear. Since I have struggled enough I thought today I share an outfit I’d wear on a hot day and some tips and advice for dressing for the heat. So see how I stay cool and look stylish when it’s humid.

What To Wear When It’s Hot OutsideWhat To Wear When It’s Hot Outside

top // skirt // bag {designer} // sandals {similar} // sunglasses // bow {similar} |

Hack #1: Wear light materials

I wear anything that is light to touch. I hate when clothes clean to me when I’m already so hot. When I’m shopping I feel the material and can determine if I will be hot in it or not. If I try it on in the dressing room and will get even a little bit sweaty in an air condition mall then let alone outside where it’s even hotter. It’s really helpful and even though the material is light I try not to go for see through either.

What To Wear When It’s Hot Outside What To Wear When It’s Hot Outside

Hack #2: Wear light colors

Like hack number 1, wearing lighter colors can keep you cool. I wore an all black outfit one day that I actually featured here and let me tell you I was not happy to be shooting in that as the sun was beating down on me and I could feel it be even hotter than what it was. So as much as possible wear whites or pastel clothing.

What To Wear When It’s Hot Outside

Hack #3: Clothes with cut out style elements

I go for clothes that have a “built in air conditioning” which is what my aunts and cousins call the clothes that have cut outs or are backless. These are so nice and showing a bit of skin does help with cooling down. Also even off the shoulder tops like the one I am wearing as I can have my shoulders out and they aren’t being in confined in a sleeve.

What To Wear When It’s Hot Outside

Hack #4: Shorts and skirts are your best friend

Shorts and skirts have been my go to all summer long this year. I haven’t been seen without one because I’m usually in leggings but so far I have loved wearing a chambray skirt I shared here and this white skirt I’m wearing is so light weight too and simple to style. Find your perfect shorts or skirt and stick with it and you can beat the heat too.

What To Wear When It’s Hot Outside

Hack #5: Go for the soft tees and simple tops

My top collection at the moment is soft tees or simple tops that are a little dressy like what I’m wearing. It is still super soft and the style is still cute. This top fits all my hacks and I love that. My style lately is just a soft tee and shorts or a nice light weight top with a skirt to dress up my look. They are perfect outfits and my combinations have been keeping me cool and stylish in this heat.

What To Wear When It’s Hot Outside

Outfit Details

Bag – Again, this has turned into a summer bag. I love the tan color and I’m so looking forward to transitioning this bag to fall later in the year. With the amount I’ve been wearing this, can you tell how much I love it?

Sandals – The matching tan sandals are back and you can’t go wrong with the combination.

Bow Ponytail – I still don’t have a bow in this color but I made one out of white ribbon tied to my ponytail. I saw one in store and it was so expensive for what it was so I made my own and pretty much looks the same.

Sunglasses – I used as an accessory and they look so good with the tan accessories. I think the tan color is my favorite tone to wear this summer and love how popular it is so I’m finding so many things in that color palette.

What To Wear When It’s Hot Outside

What To Wear When It’s Hot OutsideWhat To Wear When It’s Hot Outside

That is what to wear when it’s hot outside! Do you know what’s ironic? I’m writing this while it’s chilly and pouring rain right now. When I shot these outfit pictures though it was so hot and humid and has been since the beginning of the year except these past 3 months or so has been a brutal humid summer and I have not enjoyed it. I woke up and my bedroom would be scolding hot and my air conditioning broke so that wasn’t fun. Whenever I worked on my laptop and had it on my lap it was so hot that I couldn’t work and going outside in the sun was just indescribably hot. Then a few days ago it started to cool down and all of a sudden a storm came and it’s been raining non-stop for two days now and it’s made me cancel my outfit shoots. I can’t win with this weather and it’s driving me crazy. It means summer is almost over for Manila and well technically it is as schools just started but I know in other parts summer is starting and school is letting out so that must be exciting. It’s summer somewhere in the world. I think summer is starting in LA and I’m going to be there soon so I will be experiencing the hot weather all over again so I have to keep my own tips because I will need them. While some of you want the sun and would love to travel somewhere warm, I’m over it and want somewhere cool. So I hope you enjoyed my outfit and my tips for what to wear when it’s hot outside. Let me know how you plan your outfits when it’s hot af out and what you wear to keep cool. I’d love to know any of your tricks in case I missed them.



  1. June 12, 2018 / 12:23 am

    Your shirt is adorable and my favorite color. Cut outs are one of my favorite styles to wear for hot weather. I think they are so chic and fashionable.

  2. Krystin
    June 11, 2018 / 10:51 pm

    This is such a cute outfit and I love that bag!

  3. Miss. Nora
    June 15, 2018 / 11:30 pm

    wow, such a cute outfit!! those are such pretty colors, you have an awesome taste in fashion. i’m obsessed. i love comfortable clothes that are super stylish (:
    xo, nora


  4. July 2, 2018 / 6:55 am

    Such a lovely look!

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