The Biker Chic Outfit | What I Wore

Biker Chic Outfit What I Wore

Biker Chic Outfit What I Wore

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing another outfit which is the biker chic outfit what I wore a few days ago. I thought I would show you the outfit I tend to wear when my dad and I go out together on our motorcycles. It is actually a hobby we have together and don’t think I mentioned it before. I have told you about a few of my hobbies but not this one and I think I just don’t realize about what I share and don’t on here. So that is why I’ll show you my biker chic outfit!

Biker Chic Outfit What I WoreBiker Chic Outfit What I Wore

| hoodie // top // black jeans // backpack {similar} // sneakers // sunglasses {similar} // bow |

Biker Chic Outfit What I Wore

This isn’t my typical outfit but I added a pop of pink because it’s me and I tend to wear pink but I did it because my motorcycle is pink and of course had to match it somehow. So I went with an all black outfit with my top being one from H&M which I have one in a lot of colors. Then my go to ripped knee black skinny jeans that just flatter me. I brought them out for the outfit but they are being put away since summer is still here and they are so hot to be in. Speaking of the hot weather I threw on a hoodie and it is so warm and fuzzy inside and is also so pretty. It would keep you nice and warm if it was cold out but with the hot weather it isn’t the right time for it. I always wear a hoodie as another layer to keep the wind off of me.

Biker Chic Outfit What I Wore

Outfit Details 

I’ve actually worn a few of these accessories together in another outfit before which you can find here.

Backpack – I paired the outfit with the only backpack I own and it matches perfectly with the colors. It is also the perfect bag to take and fit everything in.

Shoes – My sneakers are these blush pink suede ones and the are so comfy and easy to drive in.

Sunglasses – I brought back these sunglasses and they absolutely fit the color palette and are great tinted shades.

Bow – Last is my bow and of course it had to be this shade of pink to tie everything together.

Biker Chic Outfit What I WoreBiker Chic Outfit What I WoreBiker Chic Outfit What I Wore

So I’ve been driving my motorcycle for about 7 years now. It was a late 18th birthday present and my dad got him one as well and we drive them around the countryside together. We used to do the same thing with bikes when I was little and now we have leveled up. At first I was so scared and couldn’t drive any vehicle with my driving anxiety I talked about in this post here. So I can drive both a car and motorcycle and pretty proud. I missed out last year on a big road trip with my relatives and cousins as I lost my wallet with my license in it so I was without it meaning I didn’t get to go but I got my license back the first of the year and can drive again. I have taken a few long trips and with each time I grow in confidence. It is actually quite relaxing with the wind blowing and the open rode. It’s scary the first few times but with more and more practice I got so used to it. I never knew I would enjoy it but I do.

Biker Chic Outfit What I Wore

I tend to wear a comfy outfit like this and of course you need the most important accessory being the womens motorcycle helmets and mine is pink to match my motorcycle obviously. There are so many styles and colors and ones to match whatever you have. I found some on and they have a wide selection. You need a lot of accessories to keep safe and that is the most important thing to remember.

Biker Chic Outfit What I Wore Biker Chic Outfit What I Wore

Biker Chic Outfit What I Wore Biker Chic Outfit What I Wore

That was my biker chic outfit what I wore the other day! I loved this outfit if only it wasn’t so hot out when I wore it. It’s in the middle of summer here and whenever you step foot outside you melt with the humidity so wearing a full black outfit with tight skinny jeans is not a good idea in this weather but I managed to wear it for an hour just to get these photos and it was so worth it because I love how the pictures turned out. I would wear it again but I think it would be a great fall or winter look or just one to wear when you need to bundle up in a cute outfit. So let me know what kind of outfit you would wear if you would do something like this. I’d love to know and hope you enjoyed this!

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  1. jumpseatjenny
    June 4, 2018 / 10:32 pm

    Absolutlely love these photographs! So feminine and summery. I need to find myself a pink bike like that!!

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