Styling An Outfit From Day to Night

Hot Pink from Day to Night
Happy Friday! To continue my love month theme I accidentally started I thought I would share an outfit that can go from day to night! Even though Valentine’s Day is already over, I still thought that dates can still be for any night and you might have been busy and postponed. So I created an outfit that you can take from day to night just in case you needed yet another outfit idea.

| cardigan: Forever 21+ {similar}, top: SM Woman+ {similar}, black jeans: Forever 21+,
bag; Zaful {designer}, shoes: Lower East Side, necklace: Vintage {similar},
earrings: Something Borrowed {similar}, bow: Forever 21 |

I styled this hot pink criss-cross cami with this light pink cardigan and took it from day to night.

The day time outfit is perfect for running errands, lunch with friends and maybe your work place depending on your dress code. This is something that I wear on a casual day but want to be a bit put together as well. So with the top I paired it with my black jeans I am loving at the moment. They are more formal than leggings but are still comfy enough to wear out all day.

For the accessories I wore with the day time outfit, I finally switched out my bag with an old favorite and it fits so many
things and this sort of style of bag goes great with what I was going
for. The shoes I went with my black suede ballet flats to be smart. For the earrings I just wore my everday pearl and bow ones. Lastly is my bow. It’s in my favorite hot pink shade and matches so well
with the top. They are both very vibrant and the color makes me so
excited to wear more during summer.

| cardigan: Forever 21+ {similar}, top: Sm Woman+ {similar}, skirt: Forever 21+,
bag; Queen Street, {designer}, shoes: Lower East Side, necklace: Vintage {similar},
earrings: Forever 21 {similar}, bow: Forever 21 |

As for the night time outfit, I stuck with the same top half. Instead of pants I switched it to my go to skater skirt. It is the perfect skirt to take to night time and I feel so fun and flirty in it. The skirt is a staple in my closet and I cannot live without it. It’s the perfect cut and length on me which I appreciate and feel so good in.

For the night time outfit’s accessories,I changed it up quite a bit. The bag I switched to a small more compact one. I got this for Valentine’s Day 2 years ago and it still reminds me of Valentine’s and I bring it out during this time of year. I love the hot pink and red together and I originally bought it as it reminded me of the Chloe Drew bag when it first came out. It’s kind of seen better days as there are a bit of rub marks on the front and back. My shoes I switched from flats to wedges to elevate the look if you will. For earrings I traded my studs in for a statement pair and the jazz up the look and make it more fun for night time. Again same hot pink bow but instead of my hair being in a ponytail I left it down and just pinned the bow to the side. I forgot to mention my lipstick is by NYX and it matches the hot pink shade of the top and bow to tie everything together.

That is how I styled this outfit from day to night. I wanted to take this challenge and see what I could do with it and I really like how everything came together. I have a video on my channel as well if you want to check that out. By the way, I’m actually writing this blog post in the exact same place I took these pictures except it’s a few days later. So in the day time look you see a couple colorful chairs and that is the food hall of the mall. I felt really stressed and cramped in my house so I came back to said mall and brought my laptop and I’m sat with a strawberry and banana milkshake while typing this up. It’s really funny as I’m right in front of the place I shoot these pictures and looking at them through my screen and I look up and see the exact same position. After my idea of blogging on the go and heading out a couple times a month to get out of the house and work somewhere else it really has boosted my creativity and I get so much more done. There is hardly any distractions besides a couple second break to people watch but other than that I like being out and working on my blog. So that is it for this post and hope you enjoyed how I styled an outfit from day to night. Also leave some suggestions and other outfit ideas for a mini series like this if you have any.

What way would you style an outfit from day time to night time?



  1. Amanda
    February 25, 2018 / 11:13 pm

    Love the bright pink!

    • fashionxfairytale
      March 11, 2018 / 1:23 am

      Thanks Amanda!

      xo Jackie

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