How I Style & Wear A Beret

Oui Oui Beret!

Happy Monday! To start things off this week I thought I would share my recent favorite accessory. I’ve been wearing one of my favorite 2018 trends and have really embraced it. Who would of thought I would find a hair accessory I love as much as my bows? Well I did and it is the beret! I’m honestly not much of a hat person. I actually never wore one on a daily basis. I did wear a sunhat at the beach last summer but other than that I don’t think I have worn another hat since. So it is quite a surprise I embraced it and have been finding a chance to wear one whenever I can as they are such a chic accessory. Now here is how I style and wear the beret and my take on it!

The beret has been everywhere lately and so has a variety of other hats in
style this year as well. However berets are one of my faves because I’ve always been attracted to Parisian style. Berets always make me think of Paris and it seems so timeless and fashionable. It is quite a statement piece and a fun accessory to add a little something extra to an outfit. It may be hard to style if your unsure like I was at first but once you find one you love, it really can go with almost anything and you want to wear it with everything and everywhere
like I’ve been doing.

I have linked all the berets I currently own and ones I find really pretty and ones to put on my wish list. There are literally so many different ones at the moment to choose from as it is so popular so go with one you think will best suite you. There are plain ones in so many different colors and ones with pearls or embroidery on it. I think there is one to suite everyone so check out all my picks below at all different price points!

It started back in December where I ordered one off of H&M to go
with a sweater I bought. I saw one of my favorite bloggers style this
particular sweater with a red beret and I loved it so on a whim I
ordered it with the sweater and it came in the mail. I was in awe and I
hadn’t tried anything like it before so it was quite a risky fashion
choice I was making. I never did anything like that nor did I know if I
suited it as I bought it online and not in store to try out. I just went
with my gut feeling and it turns out I fell in love.It was perfect and I was unsure how to style it at first but since it was around Christmas time it kind of felt like I could get away with it and be more adventurous in my fashion choices as the holidays are times to try new things and be a bit more bold and festive. I loved how I styled it and I first wore that red beret in this outfit here. That is when it started and through the month I wore that red beret any chance I got. It was perfect too as the red was the best Christmas red and made me feel so festive. Of course now that it is after Christmas I thought I would just where it then but it can be styled so many other ways. I’m probably going to be wearing it for Valentine’s Day coming up and another by wearing it in a very chic and Parisian way with black and white stripes or something like that. I’m sure there will be endless ways for me to style it.

Though I love the red, I wanted more. Everywhere I looked I saw different colored berets and since I was loving the red one I should get a more neutral one that I could use everyday. The one at H&M was sold out so I went window shopping online and found the Topshop ones which had pearls and they instantly went on my wish list but they don’t ship to my country so lucikly they have a store here so I went to a mall that had a Topshop and unfortunately they didn’t have the pearl ones but they did have a plain one. It was on sale that day too so I picked it up and brought it home with me. I have styled the black one here and here. It is nice but it is much smaller than the H&M one so I really have to style it just right on my head to get it how I like.

Now for my most recent beret purchase and probably my most favorite. I’ve been wanting a blush pink one and it would go with my wardrobe nicely. I have so many blush pink clothes that it is a no brainer I should own one. So I went looking and couldn’t find one so I gave up. Then one day I was at H&M and I was buying a few things not looking for it. I had all the things I wanted to buy and then I saw it hanging by the cashier. It was the blush pink beret. I literally squealed with excitement in the middle of H&M and didn’t care who saw. I picked one up right away and into my arms it went to go home with me. I even had to tweet about it right away. I was in such a good mood after that purchase and it made my whole entire weekend!

My outfit and how I styled this was pretty simple. I knew I had a blush pink sweater that was in the exact same shade that they could match so I started with there. Then I paired it with a white skirt as I have been loving pink and white together and it is my favorite spring color combo. I wanted the beret to be the main focal piece so I just paired some Forever 21 statement earrings and my vintage heart necklace with the outfit. The bag I was going to go for pink but I thought I would change it up and add a burgundy bag to have a pop of color somewhere to stand out from the blush pink outfit. Last my shoes are again bush pink and will be my go to spring shoe I know. I love how the outfit turned out and it is just another way I style the beret in a very girly way. I wanted to go for something casual and something I knew I would feel
good in with a few wintery/spring vibes with some French details.

| top: Forever 21+, skirt: H&M, bag: Gift {similar}, shoes: SM Parisian Plus,
necklace: Vintage {similar}, earrings: Forever 21 {similar}, beret: H&M |


How to style the beret!

In case you need a few more ideas on how to wear a beret, here are a few beret outfit ideas:

  • A red beret for a pop of color in a black and white outfit
  • Wear a dress or skirt for a feminine girly outfit
  • A classic black beret with any casual outfit
  • Play around with different textures, beading or designs
  • Play with placement and how you wear it with different hairstyles

You will definitely be seeing more outfits with my berets. I’m not lying when I say I have been wearing them with so many of my outfits at the moment so stay tuned to see more of how I style them in different ways. I might do a how I style it with different hairstyles too as I have been having fun with that as well. I’m not trying to replace my bows and will be wearing them as well but it is fun that I found a new thing to experiment and play around with. I think right now I’m going to be switching between the two and you will see that in all of my upcoming outfits I’m sure. So that is how I style and wear the beret! I love that there are so many hat trends this year and who knew I would try one of the trends. Let me know if you love it and how you would style them to fit your aesthetic. I’d love to know what other ways I can style and wear it so please let me know. I hope you enjoyed how I style the beret and my way of doing so!

What way would you style the beret to best suite you?



  1. Molly Tullis
    February 12, 2018 / 3:59 pm

    I love this! I normally am afraid of hats, but this is too cute.

    • Jackie
      February 22, 2018 / 12:10 pm

      Thanks Molly! I was too but once I tried it I can't stop. xo Jackie

  2. Kerri at Holly Muffin
    February 12, 2018 / 5:57 pm

    Love the skirt and shoes!!

    • Jackie
      February 22, 2018 / 12:11 pm

      Thanks Kerri! Glad you liked them!xo Jackie

  3. Bernadette A
    February 13, 2018 / 3:09 pm

    You're actually the cutest! I need a Beret now!!

    • Jackie
      February 22, 2018 / 12:11 pm

      Thanks so much Bernadette! I think you need one!xo Jackie

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