Payday Wish List N’6

Think Pink Wishin’

Happy Wednesday! Also happy last of January. I like that it’s not just me that this month has been so long and I’ve been waiting for it to change. December went so quick for me but January was just so slow for some reason. Especially payday couldn’t come quick enough because I’ve been listing items that I caught my eye. Making a wish list helps me narrow down things so I don’t go off budget or try to anyway. So here are ten items I listed on my phone over the course of January that I plan to buy on payday!

First is makeup items. I’ve been good and haven’t bought any new makeup for a few months. I do have an occasion coming up that requires new base items to stay on all day. This concealer has been something I have been planning on getting and I’m going to make the plunge and get the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer.

The next makeup item is foundation. I was going to go for the Too Faced one but I can’t find it in my shade but if I did I would get that. I heard good things about the NYX Drop Foundation and luckily tomorrow I am going to Mall of Asia which has a huge NYX counter and so many choices. I’m going to get the right shade for me and make sure it matches my skin tone which is good. Knowing me though I am not just going to pick up the foundation but other from NYX so let me know what you recommend I get.

Last makeup item is a setting powder. Again, I went with the Too Faced Setting Powder since I’m all about Too Faced at the moment. I need one as I don’t own a loose setting powder so I thought about this one.

The earrings I thought would look so pretty for Valentines day and I have an outfit I could wear these with. Plus I have been dying to try the tassel earring trend so come payday these earrings are going to be mine.

I have seen this bow all over my favorite blogs and Instagrams lately. I think by now you know about my bow obsession so as soon as I saw this I literally became the heat eye emojis. So I am going to buy one or maybe two or maybe all of them. No I think I might get 2 as the shipping is so ridiculous but I need this bow in my life. I just need it I tell you. It’s pretty and even though bows might go out of trend I don’t care as I’ve been wearing bows even before the hair trend for fashion bloggers started because it’s my trademark. I want the pink one but I’m thinking about the second color so let me know which one I should get.

Though I love my bows I have become obsessed with berets as well. I have a red one and now own a black one so the next color I want to get my hands on is a blush pink one. Not only is it blush pink but it has pearls as well and I have been so into pearl embellishments. This is another trend I don’t want to see go but if I do then I will still love it. I am going to try my best and find this beret and I will get it.

I set one of my goals to get back into shape so I bought some workout leggings and a sports bra. I never owned any of those even hen I danced but since I want to start taking a barre class I needed new workout clothes and what is better than workout clothes to motivate you further. The one thing I don’t own are some practical shoes like this. I love that they have pretty and cute ones now and look pretty not like ones like before. It makes me want to wear them even though they aren’t my style but since they come in rose gold and blush pink I can see myself buying a pair.

I went into H&M a few times over the month and made a mental wish list of what clothes I want to buy. There are a lot more but I picked 3 pieces I am definitely going to buy myself. The first one is this grey pearl sweater and yes I already own one and wore it here but it is far too big for me and too thick for the warmer climate I live in so I can’t wear it too often. Instead I saw this and want to get it as it is a lighter material so I can wear it on gloomy rainy days and not be too hot in it.

Next right beside the grey pearl sweater was this furry cardigan and it was so soft. I had to hug it and ever since then I knew I needed it in my life. It is such a pretty color and I love the blush pink even though I already own one. I know it will look so good with a Valentines day outfit I have in mind.

Lastly, I saw this hoodie and it will complete my workout outfit. In store I saw this but in grey and both Jelly my cousin and I fell in love and we want to have matching ones but I went online and saw this pink one and I love pink even though grey has been growing on me and I have a lot more grey colored things now. So if I get the pink and she gets the grey we would match but not be obviously matching since we have similar workout leggings and sports bra since we bought them together so we can workout together.

| concealer // foundation // powder // earrings // bow // beret // shoes // jumper // cardigan // hoodie |

That is my pay day wish list! I can’t believe this is my sixth one. I do love writing this and showing you what I plan on buying. As I said before I really recommend then as they are a great budget tool I use. It helps me plan what I want because I do believe in treating myself to a few things but not going over. I may do a haul if it is haul worthy but we will see. I am so excited about some of these items and can’t wait. So that is it for my wish list and let me know what you plan on getting today or this week!

What kind of hair accessory have you been eyeing?



  1. helloSHELLS
    February 7, 2018 / 2:09 am

    I love the Born This Way concealer — I ran out of it and decided to try something new && I miss Born This Way every single day.Lovely post!

    • Jackie
      February 11, 2018 / 8:42 pm

      Thanks Michelle! I hear great things and it must be good if you miss it!xo Jackie

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