What I Wore on Christmas Eve & My Traditions

Christmas Eve Traditions & Outfit

Happy Blogmas day 24! It’s Christmas Eve! I honestly have been waiting all of December for this as I knew I had plans this year. While I celebrate my Christmas Eve, I thought I would share my traditions, growing up and now as well as my outfit I tend to wear to bed and what I wake up in on Christmas morning.

What I Typically Wear

Ever since I was little I have worn pretty pajamas that were Christmas themed. I can still remember my favorite was ones with Christmas trees all over it and was red and green. I wore them so much but sadly I grew up so I out grew them real quick. So every year now I try to wear my Christmas pajama bottoms like these ones above. Of course this is what I wear to bed. I have a separate outfit I wear if I am doing something like I probably currently am. I’m writing this in advance but I have an idea of an outfit I will wear and I will be sharing it on my Youtube channel in Vlogmas.

My Traditions

Now to let you know on a little story time. I didn’t have many special Christmas Eve’s but I did enjoy them. As a child I only had my mom and dad. I still remember watching all the Christmas cartoons on TV and I was allowed to say up which seems backwards as you are supposed to be in bed early for Santa however my mom would take me to midnight mass with her. I would end up falling asleep in the church and be woken up before it ended and we would go home. The fun part happens when we get home and I was allowed to open one present before I went to bed. There were a few gifts already under the tree that “Santa” dropped off on the front porch a few days before the big show. I still remember the doorbell ringing and my mom and I opening the door to see the gifts there and then mysteriously my dad would come home a few minutes later. It was sure fun. After that they would send me to bed after I open my one gift. We didn’t do anything like leave cookies or anything special which I’m okay with. I had no idea as a kid about any of the traditions I see now but I will love to pass on mine and learn new ones as well. We didn’t do Christmas Eve dinner or go to family as it was just us three but I love the cozy and small things we did.

That is it for a quick what I wore pajama edition as well as a little story time of my Christmas Eve. I am probably enjoying mine with my cousin’s. I haven’t spent Christmas with them in years so I am making up and have been spending the whole week or well the whole month actually at their house which has been so fun. So I’m going to keep this short but I hope you liked and having the best Christmas Eve yourself. So I will be back with my Christmas outfit tomorrow.

Only 1 day until Christmas!

What do you do on Christmas Eve now and then?


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  1. Norbis
    January 3, 2018 / 12:03 am

    very comfy for a cold weather of christmas. Pajamas are comfortable and I prefer them most of the time specially when I'm just home and celebrate special occasions with my family.

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