The Perfect Velvet Shoes For The Holidays

Velvet Holiday Shoe Roundup

Happy Blogmas day 16! Today’s post is just part two of last Saturday’s blog post which I did q round up of my favorite picks featuring velvet dresses that are perfect for the holidays. Today’s edition is going to be the shoe version. I love when things match and though I love mixing up textures I do love matching them as well so I thought to go with the velvet dress then why don’t I go all out and laid it with velvet shoes. So here is my holiday shoe roundup!

As you can see I love velvet so it’s a no brainier. Now that I got the texture out of the way it was time to focus on style. I don’t care what kind of shoe as I love trying a lot out so I picked a few that caught my eye and ones I would wear. I love the classic sandal heel which I own a few pairs now, the ballet flat that is ever so essential and still girly but casual. I am in love with the girly bow it has and is so me. We have ones with studs and I love when the two material clash. There are also the boots which if you have cold weather than its necessary for you. I do love each one and they all have their own qualities and suite different occasions no matter if you are dressing up for a holiday party or keeping it casual and comfortable for something low key. No matter what I love the velvet and will be such a stand out shoe to be wearing.

The velvet shoes are linked down below:

That’s it for my velvet holiday shoe roundup. I hope you like my picks and it gives you last minute shoe option ideas before whatever you have coming up. I know I’ll be wearing my velvet heels I own for something. So I’m going to go and I’ll see you in my next Blogmas! 

What kind of shoes will be on your feet for any upcoming holiday affair?

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