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I Sleigh In My Winter Layers

Happy Blogmas day 23! I know I have kind of been slacking on Blogmas but I have a good excuse because I have been doing Vlogmas daily on my Youtube channel so if you want to watch me everyday for the last few days until Christmas then you can head on over there. I didn’t want to give up all together as I have a few posts I still wanted to do for Blogmas so I promise the next few days I will be doing a blog post every day. So this is another outfit I wore in Baguio and it is the most layered and most cozy outfit from the whole trip. It was one of those outfits I didn’t have planned and just threw on together from what I had in my suitcase. I wasn’t going to shoot this outfit but the background and the whole look was begging me to so here you go.

For my outfit, I just threw on the most comfortable and the warmest clothes I had for the evening. I didn’t think it would be that cold so I just came up with this outfit. I honestly thought I was going to be too warm and my family thought I was crazy but when we stepped outside it was cold and I’m so glad I wore all those layers. This sweater was actually from H&M last year which I wore in a more dressed up way here. They have a new version this year with the sequins in a different design if you’d like. Mine says sleigh all day and when you swipe it up it says sleep all day. It isn’t too thick so it can be worn in Manila climate which I like but I do have a shirt underneath for added warmth though since we were in Baguio. Next were my leggings but they aren’t your normal leggings but they are velvet and I am obsessed with them and have been living in them since the day I wore them here. They are comfy, so soft and kept me nice and warm. I love the velvet trend so having these make me feel stylish but also laid back which I love.

For the accessories, I went all out and had to add in a few winter essentials to match the outfit. Again, I wore this pearl and diamond embellished beanie which is so nice and kept my head nice and warm. I went with a cable knit infinity scarf and that was such a nice touch. I used to be in love with scarfs when I use to live in cooler climates and left them in storage when I moved to Manila as I didn’t need them. So when I knew I was heading to Baguio I had to pick one up again. I obviously went with the whole cream theme (hey that rhymed) when I went with my accessories. I didn’t mean to but I love how it turned out. As for the bag I went with a silver cross body and it went perfectly with the writing on the sweater and the sweater went with the leggings. I pretty much color coordinated everything to match this outfit. Last my earrings which remind me of snow balls so well to finish the look of. As for shoes I went with my comfy trainers that night and a little twist I wore socks but not just any socks but penguin and bow socks that matched again with the outfit.

| sweater: H&M {similar}, leggings: Forever 21+, bag: H&M, shoes: Ked’s,
socks: Forever 21, scarf: SM Accessories, earrings: H&M, hat: SM Accessories |

That was my outfit! This night was actually so fun and one of the most memorable nights of my whole Baguio trip. After touring the whole day which you can see that outfit here. My family and I went home, got a few hours rest and then headed out again. I switched up my outfit because it was the coldest I ever felt in such a long time. This outfit kept me warm and was perfect but I do think to complete this outfit I needed gloves because my hands were the only thing that was cold. Shortly after that we weren’t cold because we rented bikes at Burnham park and raced around. We did warm up and forgot about how cold it was. After biking we came across this Christmas tree and I wasn’t going to take pictures because it was dark but I also wanted to switch things up. I don’t do many night time shoots but this was an exception. I mean if I ever do a night time shoot it should be during December when all the pretty lights are out and turn into creative ways of shooting an outfit. I did have to color correct them but I liked how they turned out and they were quite different to the normal ones and more festive in my opinion. Also did you know in Blogmas day 23 last year I wore the exact same sweater. I didn’t plan that but looking at it I find it so cool. At least there are 2 ways to style this sweater! So I hope you liked this outfit and let me know how you layer up an outfit. I will see you again tomorrow!

Only 2 days until Christmas!

What are your thoughts on night time outfit shoots?



  1. The Oracle
    January 1, 2018 / 8:03 pm

    Cute outfit girl! that's what I call a winter wonderland outfit

  2. Caitlin A
    January 1, 2018 / 8:34 pm

    Such a cute and cozy look! :)Happy New Year!

  3. Annie Cho
    January 2, 2018 / 12:37 am

    Love your pun-ny title! And love that your outfit is both warm and cute!xoxoAnnie

  4. Lisa Ochoa
    January 6, 2018 / 5:13 am

    I just love your pictures and your outfit is super cute!

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