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Ruffle Sweater Dress

Happy Blogmas Day 15! Today is the second outfit I wore in Baguio. It is a very layered look and since it is quite cold I was actual not too hot but okay walking around touring the city. If I did that here in Manila I don’t think I could wear something like this without melting. So I’m glad I got to wear this and felt like a proper winter princess in this outfit!

For my outfit I wore this sweater with ruffle sleeves. I saw so many sweaters like this in the shops while I was buying sweaters for the trip and I loved all of them. I do love the ruffles and have so many tops with them on it so a sweater with them is a win as well. The inside of the sweater is amazing and made of this fleece and is so warm and soft. If it was colder it would be so nice and I would enjoy it more but I feel like I had a blanket on. Actually, this is not just a sweater but it is a sweater dress. I really wanted one but sadly I’m too tall for it to cover much even with tights which I thought would help but nope. I threw on the skirt last minute to make it work and I’m glad I packed the skirt with me. I was only going to wear the sweater dress and tights then I had to wear the skirt and I was contemplating to take the tights off. I like that I decided to leave them even though I didn’t need them as it wasn’t too cold but it added a fun accent to the whole outfit.

For the accessories I just went with the bag I took on the trip with me. It’s my Chloe Nile dupe and it came in handy and I love the cream color of it with the grey like it’s a contrast and at first I didn’t like it but looking at the pictures it isn’t that bad. I was meant to style it with another bag but I didn’t pack one so this was it. The shoes I wore are plain suede ballet flats and I love when the tights and shoes blend together. My earrings are the cutest and I actually have been wearing them non-stop and they are these white pom pom earrings and they went so well with the outfit. Also they look like white snowballs hanging from my ears. The bow I’m wearing is a new and it is smaller than my normal ones. I don’t have a grey one so I needed to get one and I have this one now and it looked so good with sweater.

| sweater: H&M, skirt: Forever 21+ {similar}, bag: SM Accessories {designer}, tights: Danskin {similar}, shoes: Lower East Side, earrings: H&M, bow: SM Accessories {similar} |

That was my outfit and I really love it. I did feel a bit like Blair Waldorf a bit wearing this too. The day I wore this outfit I toured Baguio and did all the fun tourist things and went to the popular places. It was an okay outfit to tour in but at some points I felt I was a bit too overdressed but I love doing that anyways so I didn’t mind. Baguio is so nice and I enjoyed it so much and taking my family and my close cousins was a blast. I actually took these in another spot but didn’t like the background so I gave up and was going to give up on this while shoot until we stumbled in front of this park and it just matched the background so well. I think it was a sign that the first location wasn’t working because this one was far prettier and looked better if that makes sense. It was a pain as there were a million people on the side or in the background but I was patient and got some good shots in the end. I vlogged the whole day for Vlogmas which is on my channel if you’d like to see what else I got up to. So that is it for today’s Blogmas! I hope you liked this outfit and I will see you again tomorrow for another Blogmas post!

What are your thoughts on sweater dresses and tights combo?


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  1. Honey_R.L.
    January 2, 2018 / 11:47 am

    this is really cute, love the bow in the hair and pompoms earrings :Dhowever, I would love it if this was a leather skirt – I learned that leather bottoms go absolutely great with sweaters and knitted stuff (you can check it out here too – fluffy knitted leather )xo Honey – blog Royal Lifestyle – Twitter – Instagram

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