Planning The Perfect Winter Holiday & Travel Outfit

Perfect Winter Travel Outfit

Happy Blogmas day 7! I’m currently on my way back from a vacation so I thought I would share with you the planning I did to make it happen. The last vacation I had was in April where I went to Palawan for the summer. I didn’t get a chance to share how I started planning for that and really wish I had so to make up for it I thought you would like to hear the winter version.
I’m usually at home most of December but this year I wanted to take a
mini winter break and so I did. This is how I planned my winter vacation and the perfect travel outfit I wore for it.

The beginning of this concept actually happened last December when it crossed my mind. So in January I planned out my goals for the year and I wanted to travel a lot locally after I booked a trip to Palawan. It got me thinking to explore more of the Philippines I have heard so many good things about and I wanted to see for myself. After hearing how cold it was in Baguio in December from the news, it got me thinking and I wanted to experience for myself. So I told myself that this year I will go and see if it was true or not and to see the place as well. I actually never thought I would. Through the entire year I kept talking about it and told my family and after contemplating it I decided to go for it. I discovered I loved traveling and said why not? I booked the trip in the beginning of November and whenever I book a trip I get this happiness I can’t explain.

I do a lot of research

I mean so much research that I obsesses and just go all out researching every little thing there is about the place. I look up videos, blog posts and anything about where I am heading o know exactly what I will be in store when I get there.

I make a lot of lists

A lot! I have so many lists on my phone about every single detail. From outfit options, what to pack, what to buy for the trip and what to buy souvenirs wise. Everything I would need is listed on my phone and I make sure every detail is crossed off before I go, when I arrive and before I leave. You don’t want to see the lists and organization I have for when I have a trip planned. From the videos to the blog posts and the shots I want are there too. If I have thought about it then it will be on a list somewhere buried under more lists.

I triple check everything

I’m such a perfectionist and hate forgetting and can’t shake the feeling when I do so I make sure to check every single thing that I need to before and after I plan a trip. I think that is why I make so many lists and go over them so much. To make everything perfect I make sure I know and check whatever is needed.

I save a lot of my money for travel

This has been happening more recently. I have started a separate fund for my trips. I’m not really a spendy person but lately I’ve saved what I can for my upcoming travels. I tend to spend more traveling so I make sure I triple check how much I need for it. I think it took me a few months to save for the whole Baguio trip but since I am taking my family they are helping out too.

I also go for very comfy outfits. he trip to Baguio was 6 hours and we were in a packed car so I had to be somewhat comfortable for sitting for that long in a cramped car. I threw on my ruffle sleeve top which is my go to and I have it in so many colors. I actually had some leggings on at first but changed before I left as we were going to go exploring when we arrive. My ripped skinny jeans were comfortable for me so I just went with it. I was supposed to be cold so I have my cardigan and it doubled as a pillow on the ride over. Last my comfy shoes which are my only pair of white sneakers I own and they are so easy to walk in. Then a massive velvet blush pink bow to tie it all together because why not? Of course I took my suitcase which I still love how vibrant and hot pink it is.

That is how I planned my winter vacation. I am so tired after just getting back and sitting in traffic for about 3 extra hours so I barely had the energy to do anything but I am here and I made it. I have a travel diary coming out hopefully soon of my trip and a photo diary of all the pictures and all that. You can watch my vlogs of the trip over on my Youtube channel as I’m uploading daily Vlogmas over there as well. The trip is on there now and I really enjoyed editing it and watching it back. So I hope you enjoyed this and got some tips for planning your vacation and a travel outfit idea. See you tomorrow for another Blogmas post!

Only 18 days until Christmas!

What are your tips for planning your vacation?


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