My Favorite Festive Red Lip | Too Faced Melted Matte in Lady Balls

My Festive Red Lip

Happy Blogmas day 14! Today’s Blogmas is going to be a little review of my favorite red lip I am wearing so much this month. I do love wearing a red lip for December and lately this one is the one I grab for whenever I want that festive lip color. It’s by Too Faced and the first color and formula I tried from the brand. It’s actually kind of Christmas themed since I got it in last year’s Merry Kissmas set they had. I was so excited for it and couldn’t wait to use it. I actually have used it before and wore it whenever I wanted a red lip but now that it is the holidays I have used it more and more and had to tell you about why I love it!

I have reviewed this before and you can find that here. I talk more about it and give my in depth thoughts there. For now I just want to focus on only one of the lipsticks in the set which is the red one called Lady Balls. Firstly that is such a crazy name and one of the most unique I own in my collection. It is pretty out there and makes laugh whenever I have to bring it up whether when I write it or actually say it aloud. I get a giggle because I am that person and find those things funny. As for the color I love it and it is my perfect shade of red and I find it looks so flattering for me. It goes with a lot of red I own from clothes and accessories so it matches that well. The formula is pretty amazing and I love that it dries matte and stays on. It is a bit of a pain if I make a mistake but when I don’t it stays. The staying power is alright. I do find it stays but it can smudge towards the end of the day. Overall it is a pretty good lippie and I do love it and have been reaching for it and will be this month.

So that is my festive red lip that I love. I’m so happy with it. It’s actually this year’s edition and I kind of change up the red lip I use every year and the formula. This one happened to be a liquid lipstick but I don’t know about next year. It’s the same kind of color and shade but I do change up the formula. Maybe I’ll have a new favorite next year or continue with this as I do love it. That is it for today’s Blogmas and I will see you back here tomorrow for a new one!

Only 11 days until Christmas!

What is your all time red lip you will never get tired of wearing?


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