My December To Do List

Festive Times Are Here!

Happy December! Also welcome to Blogmas Day 1! It is December and that means Blogmas is starting. I’ve been waiting for this day for months now and counting down to it and it is finally here. To start things off for Blogmas, I am starting with my plans for the month and what my to do list will look like. Of course it is a lot more festive and holiday related. So here is what is on my December to do list!

Things From Last Month:

Go to a brunch place I’ve wanting to try

Do & Finish Nanowrimo

Publish a story online

Start planning Christmas content AKA Blogmas & Vlogmas?

Do 4 Friday videos

I unfortunately didn’t have time this month to drive to the brunch place. I’m not sure about this month as well because I will have a lot going on. I do hope to go one of these days.Next was the most important and I am happy to say I finished it this year! I tried last year and didn’t finish but I started it. This year I finished 50,000 words and feel so accomplished now that I have done it. I have my story all most done and just need to work on it a little more. As for publishing something online I am working on it. I have 1 more month to do so but I am going to edit it down and I might put it up. The next one is a big one and I should cross it off two more times as I did so much planning for both Blogmas and Vlogmas. I spent the whole month getting November’s content done early just so I could focus on December’s. Last is doing 4 videos and I did that and threw in 2 extra vlogs as well. If you couldn’t tell I have been enjoying doing all this content for both my channel and here. As you can see I’ve been pretty busy this month and done a lot of stuff.

Things To Do This Month:

Finish Blogmas

Film Vlogmas

Do 4 Friday Videos

Go To Baguio (my winter vacation!)

Shoot 2 lookbooks

Shoot holiday outfits

Enjoy Christmas

I am attempting Blogmas again this year. It will be my 6th year doing it so that is quite an achievement. I told myself I wasn’t going to do it last year as I was burning out and felt I ran out of ideas but I feel like it is tradition. I’m not going to put so much pressure on it. I planned all 25 out and have a few as backup just in case but I spent everyday of November planning it and so I hope that helps. I got November’s content out of the way and worked on Decembers at the same time so I think it will help. So look forward to seeing a new blog post everyday until Christmas again this year! As for Vlogmas I think I am attempting it at the same time. I think I’m going to try it daily in the beginning because I’m going on a winter vacation so that is exciting. I’m going to try so that’s why the goal is to film for Vlogmas. Next is film 4 festive videos which again is all planned out. So besides vlogs there will be 4 videos hopefully. I’m trying to stick to my Friday schedule through December. The most exciting besides Christmas of course coming up is I’m going to Baguio for a little winter break. I’m going for 5 days so expect all kinds of content from that and winter inspired outfits. While I’m in Baguio I have a lookbook planned so that’s one and my annual Christmas lookbook that I will shoot when I get back. Of course I will spend December shooting my holiday outfits so hope to shoot all of those. Lastly I still want to enjoy the festive season even though I will be super busy. I hope by doing all these fun things it will make my December so much fun and I can’t wait for it all to kick off!

That is it for my plans for December! I have a lot to do and goals I want to accomplish so hopefully it all goes to plan. I have been planning and working away here behind the scenes. I’ve been loving it though and can’t wait to show you what I’ve been doing and all the content I have planned.

So day 1 of Blogmas is done! There are 24 more Christmas filled content coming to fashionxfairytale on here and over on my Youtube channel so keep up to date with all my socials to know when everything is coming out. I have more planned so stay tuned. I’m going to make this year’s bigger and better with so many more surprises throughout the month. If you couldn’t tell I’m so excited and hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am. Yay for the holidays! I’m so excited for all the content coming up this month and hope you are
too. Let me know if you are doing Blogmas/Vlogmas yourself because I’d love
to share the journey with you. I’ll see you again tomorrow my

Only 24 days until Christmas!

What are your exciting plans for December?


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