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Sweet & Neutral

Happy Blogmas day 4! It’s another beauty Monday and this time I have a review on what I think is the perfect festive eyeshadow palette. I have been obsessed with this palette for a good six months now and it is still an eyeshadow palette I reach for when I need it. Now that the festive time is here and it calls for some shimmery and glittery eyeshadows then this has perfect colors for it. So I’m going to be giving you my thoughts on the LA Colors Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet!

| LA Colors 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet // 399php |

Description (from website): An all-in-one palette with 16 matte and shimmer shadows to contour, define and create any look you desire. Smooth, velvety shades glide onto your eyelids for an array of customized looks. There are 3 palettes available from this line.

Where to buy: SM Beauty Section, Watson’s & online at &

Price & Weight: 399php for 27g


It has very basic plastic palette. The quality of the packaging is really average but for the price you can’t complain plus you get 27 grams of product divided by 16 eyeshadows. It has a white plastic packaging with a see-through lid so you can easily see which palette you’re grabbing. This palette is so pretty to look at and has a beautiful shade selection. I can find it can get really hard to open sometimes. It comes with that little sponge applicator that everyone seems to hate however I don’t mind them. I find it packs on color quite nicely when needed to and if you are in a pinch for a brush. The colors have a zig-zag design in each pan. These are almost all shimmery shades, with the exception of one or two mattes.

Application & Staying Power

The application with these shadows are lovely. I tend to use my own brushes and they blend well with them. There is hardly any fall out and the glitters go on quite well. I use the sponge applicator once and it did okay when I needed it but I prefer my brushes and they glide on nicely. As for staying power then I can say it does last all day. I can go a good 8 hours with this on without it smearing and is still on. My lids can be pretty oily but this stays on and the color lasts. If I use a primer than the colors are more vibrant and last longer of course. So with or without a primer the lasting power is quite good.

Pigmentation & Texture

The pigmentation of these shades is fantastic. It is the best pigmentation in a very affordable  drugstore palette. Most of the shades are pigmented in just one swatch getting the most color payoff I have seen. It does it’s job and blends out on the eye just the same. The palette has 16 pigmented buttery shades! The shadows are shimmery and most of them are in the palette. This isn’t the kind of shimmery you find in normal cheap drugstore makeup. This is the kinda shimmer that you can even blend into your crease and it looks absolutely stunning! A few shades can be a bit chalky and the pigmentation can be a bit iffy but it can all be blended out when necessary.


The colors in this palette are quite neutral. I love my neutrals! This palette offers a decent amount of neutral shades that gravitate towards the warm side and a few darker colors. This first row of colors is harder to see, not because the shades aren’t
pigmented, but because they’re almost all light shades. I had no
pigmentation issues with any of the shades in this row and they all felt
super soft and buttery. The more shimmer each shade had more pigmented
it was but they also had a little more fallout. The second row has mostly darker shades with the exception of the gold
and white glittery shades. In this row, there were two shades that felt a
bit more dry and chalky. In the pan the navy blue shade comes off more
darker there than the swatch and the white at the end is a bit out of
place I think. It doesn’t have any shade names so I’m just going to describe them by the top row and then bottom row.

Shades in the top row from left to right: 

Shade #1 – A semi-matte white cream. It is a creamy white that is perfect for highlighting or a white base to apply over other shades in the palette.

Shade #2 – A slight shimmer champagne color that is super light and has a pink undertone. It is perfect for an inner corner highlight or could be used as a highlight.

Shade #3 – A shimmer light golden champagne. It will be a perfect light all over shade to mix with a darker one.

Shade #4 – A semi-matte white that is slightly more a warm toned white with a golden undertone in it. It is a darker than the first white color. It is a great all over lid shade.

Shade #5 – A shimmery light pink champagne. It has a cream white undertone and is great for a lid shade to blend with others.

Shade #6 – A shimmery gold undertone champagne pretty similar to the shade above. There are slight differences but when swatched quite similar. This shade I use as a transition shade for the lid.

Shade #7 –  A shimmer gold with a warm undertone. It is a great shade for the middle of the lid and to transition between a lighter and darker shades.

Shade #8 – A shimmery gold shade with a lime green undertone. It’s the most pigmented in the first row and a pretty bold shade. It is perfect for the crease and statement color.

Shades in the bottom row from left to right: 

Shade #9 –  A shimmer olive green with gold specs of glitter running through it. It is perfect color in the crease and to smoke out and darken up an eye look.

Shade #10 – A shimmery honey brown with gold glitter in it. It is a great crease color and transitioning for a neutral shade.

Shade #11 – A shimmer golden champagne similar to a lot of colors in the palette. This has a bit of silver sparkle in it and would look great as a shimmery all over shade.

Shade #12 –  A shimmer golden brown. It is similar to shade 10 minus the noticeable gold specs. It can be a good crease color.

Shade #13 –  A shimmer light green with an brownish undertone to it. It is a lighter olive green and can be a nice all over lid color blended with the other greens in the palette.

Shade #14 – A shimmery rose gold and copper shade that is one of my favorite shades in the palette. I use this in my crease with shade 6 and 7 for a pretty light pink and rose gold eye look.

Shade #15 –  A shimmer blueish black. It is the only dark color in the palette and great for smoking out an eye look. It has a bit of glitter in it and gives it a galaxy kind of feel. I use it on my lash line and add on top of liquid liner.

Shade #16 – A semi-mette white with a silver undertone and specs of silver. It is a bit chalky and light in pigmentation. It’s the only one in the palette but it can be worked with. It’s great for a brow highlight and inner corner.


Here are the swatches! All of these swatches are on bare skin with no primer underneath and I swiped just
once after going back and forth in the pan a couple of times with my
finger. As I said the pigmentation is incredible for a drugstore palette. I just blogged about another drugstore palette that wasn’t up to par with this in regards to pigmentation. The colors are gorgeous and do so well on these swatches and on the lid.

Overall Experience

Overall I like this palette and I was blown away by it. I think you get your money’s worth for this

product. The
shades are very wearable and look good for everyday or evening time.
It’s nice and the pigmentation is just amazing. The colors are great and perfect for this time of year and all year round as well. Have you tried the LA Colors 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet

My rating is:
I’ll give it 4/5 because I think it deserves this rating. This palette is absolutely amazing quality for the price, and the fact
that there were only 2 duds out of 16 shades is really good. This could
be the least expensive eyeshadow palette I own but it’s definitely
earned a place in my makeup collection. I think for an inexpensive palette this is great and it deserves it’s rating. I’m curious about this brand now and would love to try more from them.

That’s it for my review of this eyeshadow palette. I love this and I can’t wait to use the greens as I haven’t yet because I didn’t have a reason. For the holidays I think it will look great and I can’t wait to try different eye looks. I’d love to know if you’ve tried this brand before or if you tried this. Also if you are loving any festive eyeshadows right now. I hope you liked this review! I’ll see you again tomorrow for another Blogmas.

Only 21 days until Christmas!

What do you think about LA Colors eyeshadows?


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