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When The Fog Rolls In

Happy Blogmas day 8! I am so happy to share one of my first Baguio outfits. If you weren’t aware I booked a 5 day vacation to Baguio this past week and I’ve been enjoying my time up here. I came here not only for a vacation but to shoot some stuff and since I heard it was finally cold I would share how I style some winter outfits for once. You know me I live in a climate where it’s really hot and sunny or grey and gloomy but still not cold enough to bundle up. My family has been on and on that Baguio is cold and a nice vacation spot. I haven’t been and it gave me a chance to dress differently for once. So here is a foggy winter outfit!

For my outfit I wore this off the shoulder sweater. It has a roll neck so it can be worn a few ways but I found the way I wore it was the most flattering. I love the color and have nothing like it. It’s an oatmeal creamy color and looked so great against the foggy background. I then paired it with my black ripped skinny jeans because I wanted the whole black and white look. For accessories, I kept it plain and simple. So instead of a bow I wore a pearl and diamond embellished beanie to keep me warm. Then my cream colored Chloe Nile dupe bag that was my go to bag to wear for my trip. The shoes I didn’t have any appropriate footwear so I just wore some black suede ballet flats. As for jewelry, I added my bow pearl earrings to tie in the pearl embellished hat and my vintage heart pendent necklace to finish off this winter outfit.

| sweater: H&M, black jeans: Forever 21+, bag: SM Accessories {similar},
shoes: Lower East Side, beanie: SM Accessories {similar}, earrings: Something Borrowed {similar} |

I am in love with this outfit! I came up with it last minute before I went on my trip and glad I thought of it. We were so lucky as the day we went was very foggy. This was just half of it. It got so bad that we couldn’t see anything and had to cut the photos short until it cleared up a bit. I haven’t experienced weather like this in a while and never experienced it in the Philippines. It was magical seeing my cousins experience that thick of a fog for the first time and they have so many pictures of it as well. This sweater did keep me nice and warm and was quite thick and even though my shoulders were out it wasn’t too bad. I do suggest sizing down if you get this sweater unless you want a very oversized look. I’m wearing a Medium and it was a perfect fit for me.It will be such a great sweater for the cold and the holiday season.

That was my first Baguio outfit and winter outfit on the blog. If you want to see the fog and what we did when I wore this outfit than go over to my Youtube channel and watch day 4 of Vlogmas where we frolic in the fog and I climb 500 steps to get to this overlooking point. It was so pretty and breathtaking and I’m so glad I did it so I could get amazing pictures like this. I hope you enjoyed this outfit and see you tomorrow for another Blogmas post!

Only 17 days until Christmas!

What is your ideal winter outfit and sweater style?



  1. Fowzia Madar
    December 12, 2017 / 6:01 pm

    I love this outfit, the sweater is so nice,Fowzia|Crazy4ties xoxo

  2. Suzette
    December 14, 2017 / 3:50 am

    Super cute sweater. And your photos in the fog are so good!

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