Fairy Godmother

Joys of Being a Godmother!

Happy Blogmas Day 10! Since I just got back from a baptism I thought today’s blog post will be dedicated to that. I’ve been asked to be a godmother 4 times now and each time I get so happy someone trusts me to have that responsibility. I get so much joy of seeing my little godchildren grow up and be there for them.

It is tradition here in the Philippines that godparent’s are very important during Christmas time. I remember being little and going to my godmother’s house and you get gifts and money. That was one of my favorite things growing up and traveling to the Philippines during Christmas. Now I return the favor to my godchildren.

I was first asked by my neighbor to be a godmother to her little girl who was only 8 months at the time. My mom told me you can never say no to being a godmother as it is their superstition so I went along with it. I was actually thrilled to and went to the baptism ceremony at the church. That little baby is now 5 years old and every year I buy her a gift and go to her house on Christmas to give it to her and the joy on her face is so special and makes me so happy.

The next godchild I have is my cousin’s son. He is technically my nephew but also my godson at the same time. I sometimes talk about him on the blog and he is featured in my vlogs a few times. I was asked by my cousin and he was only 3 months old when we baptized him. He just turned 4 and I got to watch him grow up from a little baby to a kid. I saw all of his firsts and witnessed each stage of development so that is so special for me. I’m old enough to watch and appreciate that and I’m so lucky I get to do that.

My third godchild is quite recent. I was asked by one of my mom’s relatives to be a godmother back in May of this year.I had just got back from my summer vacation in Palawan and it was nice coming back to. A few days after her baptism she turned one so I got to see that too. This will be her first Christmas getting a gift for me and I am so excited to go buy her a gift and have her visit me to get it. That age is so cute and though I don’t see her often I am looking forward to seeing her.

Of course the most recent was just this morning and what inspired this blog post. My second cousin had a baby a year ago and since then I have watched him grow as well. He was actually the first newborn baby I’ve held. He was only a day old and I was so excited to hold him for the first time. Since then I go to his house once a month and stay with their family to play and take care of him. I got asked to be a godmother to him and how could I could not agree. He is turning one tomorrow and I can’t wait to celebrate with my family. He’s actually sitting on the couch beside me with his mom and dad while I’m writing this and smiling so big.

 So I hope you liked today’s blog post even though it is a bit different. With doing Blogmas for 6 years I am running out of ideas for doing 25 blog posts in a row so I thought of this one and went with it. I liked writing it and sharing my joys of being a godmother. I call myself the fairy godmother because I still feel like I’m the Disney version. Actually,  it reminds me I have to go out and get all four of them a Christmas gift since there is only 15 days left until Christmas. If you want to watch the Baptism than I vlogged it today and will be up on my Youtube channel for Vlogmas. I’ll see you again tomorrow for another Blogmas blog post!

Only 15 days until Christmas!

What are your thoughts if you have ever been a godmother?


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