Christmas Wish List 2017

Santa, my wish this year!

Dear Santa,

It’s me again! It’s my 6th year writing out my Christmas wish list and I can’t tell you how much I love doing this post year after year. To be honest I think it will always be my favorite to do here on the blog. This year has been better than last. I can say I quite enjoyed this year despite a few ups and downs here and there. I think my wish list this year reflects my year. I actually had a hard time of what I wanted this year as I got a lot of the things I wanted. Remember that camera I wanted well I got it as an early birthday present and I’m currently using it to film my Vlogmas videos on. It’s quite funny how a year can change. I actually did end up getting a few things on my wish list last year so I hope this year it is the same way. So Santa, here is what my 2017 wish list looks like.

Since I got most of my tech and gadgets want for my birthday this year like my camera and a new laptop I kept it pretty simple. I was going to ask for more photography equipment but I got a good tripod, a lot of extra batteries, memory cards and lighting but the thing I don’t have is another lens. I think after all this time I upgrade and get a new lens. I’ve been eyeing the 50mm lens for the Sony A5000 and it will be the perfect addition to improve my fashion photography and outfit photos for the upcoming year. Next is an iPad Pro since mine is almost 4 years old. I think it is time I get a new one so Santa if you’d like I would be happy with that since I use mine so often it will be worth it to upgrade. The last tech item which will be a necessity is a portable hard drive preferably in pink or something cute. With all the videos and pictures I have been doing it means I am running out of space quickly and I wouldn’t mind having one to travel with. So pretty much out of all my presents this is the most practical.

The next is fashion items. I do love me some accessories especially bags so when I saw this exact bag in the mall at the end of November and I couldn’t get it out of my head. It is so pretty and I love the style so Santa if you want to add to my overgrowing bag collection then I will thank you and welcome it with open arms. Since I lost my wallet recently I am in need of a new wallet so I think receiving a new one will make up for it. This one is so cute and you know Santa I love my bows. Then we have jewelry next and I have gotten more into that this year. I got a Pandora charm bracelet for my birthday so naturally to add to my charms the perfect gift would be a new charm to add to the bracelet. I picked one that would match my current one and again going with the bow theme. Another is an initial pendent necklace that I always wanted to own one. Mine would obvious be a letter J and I think it would be the perfect necklace.

Moving on to beauty and miscellaneous things I want Santa. Last year I wanted one of the Too Faced Christmas sets and this year I would like this version too. I bought myself their lip set last year and loved it so naturally I’d love when of their eyeshadow sets. Last thing that is the most random thing I could think of was passport holders. I got both my passports renewed this year and plan on traveling in 2018 so maybe Santa you could deliver 2 passport holders that are cute and pretty to look stylish when I fly since I bought my luggage set already when I went on vacation earlier this year. Maybe Santa instead of getting me any presents than you would get me a few plane tickets for a couple of places to travel to. After doing a bit of traveling this year I have caught the travel bug and want to go everywhere. It’s just a little nudge and idea Santa.

So that is it for my 2017 wish list for Christmas. it’s pretty simple and It was so hard to come up with what I wanted but the gifts I picked are totally okay Santa. I can’t wait until the next year and what I come up with and what my life will be like. I think the magic of this blog post of writing to “Santa” like when I was little will never wear off. That’s it for this year’s Christmas wish list and until next year Santa I’ll write to you again!

With Love,


Only 12 days until Christmas!

What is on your Christmas wish list that you absolutely want this year?


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