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Velvet Dreams

Happy Blogmas Day 9! Today is one of my annual traditions I’ve been doing since 2013. I get so excited to write this blog post and share with you. It is my Christmas Party Dresses Roundup. I’m not sure how it started but I’m glad I started it. I love seeing the trends over the past couple of years and this year I’m incorporating what this year’s season trends are and I can look back on them in a few years as well. I think you get what I mean, right? Well here are my 2017 Christmas Party Dresses I picked and rounded up for you!

This years take is velvet. I think I did velvet once before but this is a full on velvet dress roundup. I am obsessed with the material at the moment either it being velvet or that crushed velvet I love it. Another trend I’m touching upon is the wrap dress like this crushed velvet wrap dress and the off the shoulder velvet dress. I tried to add in multiple trends like those in this year’s edition like ruffles, bell sleeves and the cold shoulder look as I loved them all and who wouldn’t want it in their holiday dress.

There are so many fun ones to choose from that it took me a while to narrow down. I haven’t tried a wrap dress so that is on my radar. I do love my bell sleeves and off the shoulder so those are always fun. I love the colors and I tried to stay in a holiday sort of theme but I branched out with blush pink since it is so popular and metallic champagne. Of course there are maroons, reds and greens as your standard colors thrown in as well. Overall I am in love with this years holiday dress choices.

I linked a lot more velvet dress in different styles and colors below if you want and can’t get enough of these velvet goodness! They range from different price range and brands. Also straight size and plus size.

Those were my Christmas part dresses for this year! I think these are my favorite choices this year and I love the format as well to my previous one. I have linked all my previous years down below if you want to check them out. I think I’m going to go look for mine as I haven’t found the perfect one yet as I type this. I do need a dress for a baptism tomorrow so I hope I found one since I’m doing this blog post in advance. I might go with a velvet bodysuit though instead because I found a gorgeous skirt and it is perfect. I’m not sure but I have options. I do want a velvet dress though. I hope you enjoyed this and can’t wait to see what next year’s will be. See you again tomorrow with another Blogmas!

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Only 16 days until Christmas!

What trend would you like to have in your holiday dress this year?


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