Christmas Accessories Haul

I’m An Accessories Kind Of Girl!

Happy Blogmas day 6! Today is just another Blogmas I’m so excited to share with you. By now you probably know how much I love fun accessories. With the holidays there are so many fun ones that you can wear and they are Christmas themed. I get so excited about these kinds of things that I buy and add to my collection every year. So I thought I would share a haul of the accessories I’ve bought recently!

Of course bows! I do love my bows so this time of year I buy festive colored ones. This year I added the classic red and green to my collection. Then I have some velvet maroon and green ones to since I am loving velvet right now. Last I picked up a grey one as I have so many grey sweaters this year and I don’t own grey ones to match my outfits.

I do love statement earrings so I bought some more. I tend to wear the most obnoxious ones during the holidays as it gives me an excuse to wear them. I do love bows in my hair but also hanging from my ears too with these red sparkly holiday bows. Then we have another out there pair and ones I still love. They are the pom pom dangle earrings and I have another pair I love so much and they remind me of the Little Mix Hair music video where Perrie wears them. I love the white and they are like snowballs hanging. Since I had to have one subtle pair I got this Christmas earring set that I can choose from when I need to. Last is a Christmas necklace and pendent set and it reminds me of a childhood necklace an aunt gifted to me so when I saw it I had to pick it up as it made me think of it.

Next are hats. I’m not much of a hat wearer but this year since I seen so many I thought I would try it out. I ended up picking up a pearl embellished beanie as I do love the pearl trend and a red beret as I am seeing berets everywhere and thought maybe I should try it too. I can’t wait to style these and see what I look like with hats instead of bows. Then I picked up some socks which are fuzzy and soft and look so cute on. However I have an over the knee par as well after seeing it everywhere too.

Those are the accessories I’ve picked up recently and are perfect for the holidays coming up! I do have a haul featuring a lot of these and some winter clothes I bought too coming out Friday on my Youtube channel. So I hope you liked the ones I picked up and see you tomorrow for another blogmas post!

Only 19 days until Christmas!

What kind of accessories do you like wearing during the holidays?


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