Beauty Lover’s Gift Guide Under $50

Beauty Gift Guide

Happy Blogmas day 2! Today I’m sharing my first festive gift guide for the year! I was going to start early and do some last month but I wanted to save the festive content until this month so I left it until now. I mean I’m a last minute present buyer any way so waiting until the month of is always my thing. So maybe you are too and are starting buying your presents. This one’s thing is for the beauty lover in your life. I am one of them so maybe it is a guide for my family to take into consideration as well. I have a few cousins who got into more beauty stuff this year because of me so that means I have an idea of what to get them. That influenced me to start with beauty first. So here are 9 beauty sets under $50!

There’s a makeup set which I have been eyeing a Christmas Too Faced palette since last year, a couple highlight sets since I’ve been loving highlight and added it into my makeup routine this year, a perfume set that I’ve been eyeing for a few years now, a lip gloss set filled with pretty colors, a nail polish set for all those nail lovers, a complete body set filled with coconut goodies to be treated with and a body wash set for a festive bath.

Those are a couple gift sets perfect for the beauty enthusiasts. There will be more gift guides coming throughout the month so stay tuned! See you again tomorrow for a new blogmas post.

Only 23 days until Christmas!

What would a beauty lover in your life like to receive?


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  1. Minau
    December 3, 2017 / 12:16 pm

    Great tips! My fave is probably number 1!

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