Tips For Traveling & Maintaining Your Car For The Holiday Season

Traveling for the holidays!

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Happy Thursday! Today is another holiday post and there are so much more planned. I can finally tell you I am going on a 5 day trip to Baguio. On Sunday, my cousins and I are going on a road trip to there and I am so excited. It is pretty cold up there so I’m treating it like a winter vacation just minus the snow. It got me thinking how so many people do
travel for the holidays so I thought I’d share a few tips for a local
trip. I’m going to be doing another part which is planning a winter vacation so stay tuned for that but for now let’s see my tips for traveling for the holidays and maintaining your car for a winter road trip!

I came up with a few tips to help you out. I did have some help from my dad to come up with these tips though so I should give him some credit. However, you can head over to to know more about your specific make and model as well as more helpful tips to ease your mind while traveling this holiday season.

Do an overall inspection yourself

The first probably would asses the whole vehicle. That is what I did and had my dad and cousin confirm what my car needed and what I could get done. I have a little knowledge but I got a second opinion with my dad since him and his brothers were mechanics and grew up with cars and know what to do. So maybe you and someone you trust could do a look over of the car before you head on the road for the holidays.

Check the tires, pressure and rims

Next is tires. This is the main concern of my car and before we head to Baguio we are getting new tires and maybe a new rim. About 2 years ago we got into a minor accident on my birthday that kind of hurt the rim and tire in the front and we replaced them but I think we are going to replace it again to be safe. Also since we are going up a long and windy road with cliffs and stuff checking the tire pressure before would be helpful and maybe the brakes just in case to be safe.

Check temperature of where you’re going to prepare the car

This is important on were you are headed. Since we are going to a place that is much cooler than normal it is good to make sure your vehicle is prepared for that. I would have never have thought of this if it wasn’t for my dad who reminded me. So inspect the weather not only for yourself and how to dress but for your car as well so it can handle it too. Nothing better than prepping yourself and the car for the holidays ahead.

Make sure to have a safety and emergency kit

I always feel safe knowing in the trunk there is a emergency kit with a lot of things I need in case I need it. So before heading off make sure you pack a few things like tools, a first aid kit and other essentials if you are off on a long road trip. It would be a whole lot easier and make you feel safe.

Go to your local mechanic

The last thing is going to your local mechanic to do a safety test or a once over. If all else fails and you don’t know anything or trust yourself to do it than taking it in will put your mind at ease to know you are safe during your travels for the holidays. My parent’s have a family friend who does the maintenance on my car for me so we are getting the oil changed, the windshield wipers and the engine checked before I head off on my winter vacation. I’m glad about that so I can feel safe before we head to Baguio this Sunday.

That is how I prepared my car and some tips on traveling and maintaining your car for impending travels like myself. I’m so excited for the road trip and then my vacation. I am so happy the time is almost here and I can enjoy. I really enjoyed doing this kind of blog post and hope you learned and got something out of it if you too are heading somewhere this December for a winter vacation. Also this is my last blog post for November! It’s the last day and tomorrow Blogmas starts so be prepared for 25 festive posts and more plus I will be sharing my road trip and stay in Baguio too. So I guess I should go pack and buy my last minute things now. See you tomorrow for Blogmas!

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What tips do you have for traveling for the holidays?


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  1. Breakfast at Lillys
    December 1, 2017 / 4:25 am

    These are great tips! I always forget about maintaining my car haha.

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