The Perfect Winter Bag & What’s Inside?

My Winter Bag!

Happy Friday! Today I’m going to be showing you inside my current bag. I’ve been carrying this one around for a few weeks now and thought I would show you inside. I haven’t done one in a while so I thought I would show you what’s inside my winter bag I’m using right now!

The Bag

I’ve bought this bag on Halloween and ever since I’ve become obsessed! I have been carrying it around with me whenever I go out and it is perfect. It is by the brand SM Parisian and I bought it at The SM Store. The original price was 999php but it was 50% off so I got it for 499 which was such a great deal. If it looks familiar than it is because it is quite similar to the Fendi Peekaboo. I am quite a fan of the designer bag dupes and talk more about it here but it isn’t an exact copy of it since it has a few not so similar things to it as well. The bag has gold hardware which goes great with a lot of my accessories. It has a top handle that is so easy to carry but if I want it has a shoulder strap that I can use cross body. I love the grey color and needed a grey bag in my collection. The flower detail is so pretty too and so feminine and the colors will mix and match well with different colored outfits. There are two clasps and two separate pockets in the front and back. It doesn’t open up fully and that means it is hard to get my hand in it and get things in and out of it. That is the downside to the bag but other than that it is a pretty decent everyday bag at the moment.

What’s inside?

I have kind of a lot in it. These are what I carry around with me on a a daily basis. I tend to carry these two pouches as one is my wallet and the other carries my gadget accessories. I like having pouches as it organizes my bag and I can find everything easily. The pink pouch has replaced my wallet after I lost it. Inside that I have a pink card wallet which will hold my cards when I get them in the mail. I also have some cash inside. I have a few lip products in it and the current ones I have are my everyday lip color which is Sleek Matte Me in Birthday suit and Pink Sugar Sugar Tint in Queen Bee. The last things inside the pink pouch are some jewellery I keep in there just in case I forget to wear any. As for the grey pouch I store all my gadget accessories. I carry around my vlogging camera (Sony A500 & blog post here) as well so that means I have a lot of camera accessories with it so extra batteries for both my cameras and extra memory cards. Then I have my pocket wifi to upload on the go and then a portable ring light I use on my vlog camera and my phone too.

It does fit quite a lot of stuff in it and I have my iPhone and vlogging camera that goes in the back pocket. The only thing is it is quite small to fit in my iPad Air but I don’t mind I just leave it at home if I don’t need it. I do have a powerbank to charge my electronics as well so I did forget to take pictures of everything I carry.

That is everything I carry and what’s inside my winter bag at the moment. I’m really loving it and can carry so much and it looks so good with my wardrobe right now. If you want to see how I style this bag, then you can check out last Friday’s outfit where I paired it with grey and black pieces which you can find here. It is just one way how I styled it and it was quite casual but I do have a dressed up version coming out soon too!

I did film the classic what’s in my bag over on my Youtube so if you want to see everything I do carry and the real version then you can here or down below.

What is your current winter bag and what is inside?



  1. Tor Bennett
    November 18, 2017 / 10:48 am

    I love the colour of this, it's so pretty! Tor xx That's Peachy

  2. Claire @ October Rain
    November 18, 2017 / 7:59 pm

    I purchased my first "designer" (if you can call it that, lol) bag years ago and it fooled even my cousin, who genuinely loves designer bags. It was a regular Longchamp bag that you see everyone carrying around. I've wanted one for such a long time, and in retrospect, it's not even that expensive to purchase one but I was browsing online and stumbled across it for only $50 CAD with free shipping. So, I thought… why not? It came and I absolutely love it… even though it's a dupe, nobody could tell and I can't bring myself to throw it away/donate it whenever I clear my closet out (I no longer use that bag since switching over to a backpack). There was one flaw and that was you can see the handle stuffings was just random excess cloths laying around in their factory but it wasn't a big deal. If I do go back to bags, I'm definitely taking your idea of using smaller pouches to keep things organized!

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