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AN Orange Thanksgiving

Happy Friday! Today I’m showing you the perfect Thanksgiving outfit I wore yesterday. I was going to do an outfit idea post for Thanksgiving but I thought I would just show you what I wore instead. I love dressing up for the holidays with it being Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July and Halloween. Any occasion to dress in a certain theme is always my favorite thing to do. I’ve never dressed up for Thanksgiving or did an outfit post on it as I haven’t celebrated in a while. When in the US I celebrated with my dad’s side of the family a lot. I loved it but since moving to Manila I forgot about the holiday and don’t really celebrate. I sometimes miss it and then say I’ll do it next year. Well this year I didn’t forget and planned ahead of time and did a mini celebration with my parents. So here is my Thanksgiving inspired outfit!

For my outfit this is part two of Wednesday’s outfit. I styled this bell sleeve sweater casually the first time here, the second time was girly casual and now I went dressy with the sweater. I’m in love with it and love how many ways I found to wear it. For my accessories I finally brought out my tan Chloe Nile dupe after using my cream version so often. It went perfectly with the outfit and my nude chunky heels go quite well. The jewellery I went with was my pearl bow earrings and bracelets.

I brought back my orange skirt again. I love it for the fall time and when I saw it I knew it looked perfect for this Thanksgiving look. I wore it last here and I actually repeated the outfit but I just added the sweater and changed up the accessories. I forgot how nice the skirt is and embrace the color orange again. It is flowy and I feel like a salsa dancer in this. That’s not the best part of this skirt though. It’s actually perfect to eat all the yummy food and leaves so much room. It’s dressy but still comfy enough that you feel like you’re wearing pants when your not. Since it is that good I have linked a couple of orange flowy skirts above.

| top: SM Woman+ {similar}, skirt: Thrift Store {similar}, bag: SM Accessories {designer},
shoes: SM Parisian, earrings: Something Borrowed {similar}, bow: Forever 21 {similar} |

That is it for my Thanksgiving outfit! I hope you liked it and maybe give you inspiration for a dinner party outfit instead or for the holidays coming up too. The day I shot this outfit I went out to buy the stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. I bought potatoes and gravy to make mashed potatoes. I bought chicken instead of turkey as half my family doesn’t eat it and only my dad and I do so we went chicken instead. We roasted it in the oven and I don’t eat chicken anymore so I had the potatoes and some carrots so that was good and I felt like it was still a proper dinner. I spent it with family and ate good food so great Thanksgiving for me. Let me know what you did if you celebrate. I hope you enjoyed and have a lovely weekend ahead and maybe do some shopping as it is Black Friday. I haven’t done any damage but you never know that might change.

Also my new video this week was another style video. See how I styled this bell sleeve sweater two ways from day to night. You can watch it on my channel here or below.

What is your perfect dinner party outfit if you have one?



  1. Bessie Yeung
    November 27, 2017 / 6:28 am

    Orange is definitely this season must have colour..very colourful and lovely outfit!! Love,

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