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Glow Goals!

Happy Monday! Today I am sharing my favorite highlighter at the moment. I think you’ve seen it in a few blog post recently and I have been reaching for it a lot whenever I do my makeup. I love this and it is seriously #glowgoals. Whenever I have it on and I catch my reflection in the mirror or while I was vlogging and see myself on the screen when I turned my head I saw it and couldn’t believe it. I see those pretty pictures of girls with blinding highlight on Instagram and always wanted to achieve that but couldn’t find a product that did that for me was the Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice. Everyone has been raving about this palette and I now am too. So here are my thoughts about it.

| Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette // 875php |

Description (from website): The Solstice Highlighting Palettte from Sleek MakeUP instantly enhances the complexion with a radiant glow. The highly pigmented metallic finishes create a gorgeous luminous sheen on the skin.

Where to buy: Sleek counters nationwide, SM Beauty Section & shop online at &

Price & Weight: 875php for 9g


The palette has amazing packaging. But first the box that the palette comes in doesn’t look as nice but really handy. On the back of the box you’ll find some super handy tips and directions on how to use the highlighters and of course the list of ingredients. It matches a lot of their other packaging but when you open it up it reveals something entirely different. A beautiful warm gold metallic case with a magnetic closure. It is metallic gold looking and I thought it was metal but actually plastic.It’s very shiny and pretty. Because of the shiny packaging this gets dirty in no time. It is quite easy to mess it up with greasy fingers. I needed to wipe it every time I had to handle it. It also reflects that you can use it as a mirror as well. It looks pretty but taking the pictures for this was a nightmare since it reflected the ring light I was using and then when I moved it slightly to a another angle to not reflect I would get a smudge of my fingerprint on it and I would wipe it off. I finally got it in the end. Now that I got pictures though I’m okay with getting it smudged when I use it on the daily. And it only gets better when you open it. A big mirror which is helpful if you’re applying makeup on the go. It only opens 90 degrees which could be a problem if you like opening it all the way but I find it fine. It has a mini brush which is useful if you really need one and forgot
your own but I don’t use mine because it’s really stiff and scratchy and
doesn’t do a great job. It comes with 9 grams of product and I got it for a pretty affordable price. The packaging of the Sleek Solstice palette is completely stunning for a budget brand

Application & Staying Power

The application is pretty good. These powders are really easy to apply as they are baked so you don’t
need to dip your brush into the powder very hard to get a good amount of
pigment. I find that using either a fan brush as this applies the power
to the cheek softly so there’s a more defused look. I usually apply it
thinly and then layer if I need more glow and want to be extra glowy
that day. Each highlighter in the palette is ultra smooth and adheres to the skin. There are no speckles or loose powder to be found. They also flash in certain angles to reveal their true brightness. If you blend these out or just apply them lightly, you almost can’t tell
a difference between them. Texture is creamy, smooth and it applies
nicely. It’s not too greasy that it would make it slide all over the
face. Once applied, they actually look very similar in real life too. You can use each of these wherever you like because the palette is very versatile and the effect you get from the different highlighters is similar yet there are subtle differences which led me to apply them in different ways. I think they were meant to be used all at once or separate. I use it multiple ways. Equinox for the brow bone, Subsular for
highlighting along the bridge of the nose, Ecliptic the cream highlighter I used dabbed on the cupid’s bow and Ecliptic is meant for the cheekbones. The wear time with these powders are baked I feel like once applied they start to become part of your skin so they don’t look like they are just sitting on top in this respect you will find that they will last quite a while. It is powder-based so expect it to fade if you
are an oily girl. I usually don’t retouch highlighters because I find I like the subtle glow it leaves. They fade towards the end of the day but if you’re oily
everywhere this might not be the best and have to reapply. It’s okay on combination
skin like mine though as we are less oily on the cheekbone area.


The palette is composed of 4 pans of highlighters- 1 cream, 1 powder, 2 baked powder. They all have tiny shimmer in it and there’s no visible glitter in
them, just a lovely sheen. I am fascinated by the look of these on the
skin. These almost look transparent and give you an insane reflection.
There the most reflective highlighters I’ve tried so far.

All powders are super reflective, but can be sheered down to a light
glow from within or build up to a serious metallic shine. They all have a very reflective white sheen to it, which essentially
makes them all very similar. The undertones in each gives it just a bit
of yellow, peach, pink or lavender undertone. Ecliptic is a sort of pinky champagne, Hemisphere is a cool lilac, Subsolar is a white gold with a slight greenish tint. Equinox is a cool champagne.

Ecliptic is a light rose pink with warm undertones and a pearly shimmer-sheen finish. It has a cream texture than can be worked on as the base for the other shades. When used on its own it gives a every so slightly noticeable sheen on skin. The shimmer is very fine and barely noticeable. It’s has a rose champagne reflex in the pan and it looks really dark but goes on
sheerer and has a very light pink and white reflection to it. The cream highlighter is a light nude in tone and is fairly pale making
it suitable for most skin tones. You can use it as a base product to
layer one of the powder highlighters over the top of to increase color

Hemisphere is a cooler, pinky lavender with a luminous sheen. This can be used as all over highlighter. It looks scarily lavender in the pan, but is in fact a light
lavender shade with a very bright white reflection. It has a dry texture
to it so it feels like a baked blush to me. At first I thought it was going to be very purple on the skin but it’s a very cool white sheen. It’s perfect for light to medium skin tones as the lilac highlighting powder transforms into a bright white that is almost
silver toned and has this soft yet metallic sheen when applied to the skin. It is an interesting choice and does look intriguing on the skin especially in dim lighting.

Subsolar is a very light yellow with warm undertones and a pearly sheen. It is the lightest shade. It’s slightly yellow toned, barely noticeable, and it has very reflective white sheen to it. almost pale gold powder highlighter that is fairly intense in color and
the perfect option for those who like an intense, almost foil-like,
metallic sheen to the skin. It’s an almost pale gold powder highlighter that is fairly intense in color and
the perfect option who like an intense, almost foil-like metallic sheen. This is the only finely milled shimmer powder in the palette,

Equinox is a bright, light-medium coppery peach with warm undertones and a metallic sheen. It’s a bright golden peach with a metallic finish and offers an almost foil like finish while brightening the complexion as it goes. It’s the same baked like dry formula as Hemisphere. It is a bit darker because of the peach undertone. I feel it is perfect if you have a tan but it also looks good with out one because of the very cool
white sheen. Equinox
has to be my favorite out of this palette because its so sheeny and
bright. It’s one of those highlighters you instantly notice and is the most pigmented and lasts the longest.


They’re designed as highly pigmented metallic finishes that give a luminous sheen on the face. I love the colors by themselves but I also like playing with the shades.
I mix and match it to achieve different combinations for different
makeup looks. The highlighters themselves are unbelievably pigmented and look beautiful on the skin, one of the highlighters has an almost foiled look which is gorgeous. The Solstice palette is very shimmery verging on micro glitter so if you’re not one who wants a blinding highlight. The are so silky and pigmented and I love it. You don’t need much for
them to show up on the face. When heavily applied they are literally
blinding in the light! I love looking at it when I catch it in the light.


Here are the swatches of the 4 shades. From top to bottom: Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar, Equinox. This was just one swipe and look how pigmented they are! They are not glittery at all, they are a nice metallic sheen.
The upper left shade is called Ecliptic and is the cream highlighter. 
The upper right shade is called Hemisphere and is a baked highlighter.
The bottom left shade is called Subsolar and is a silky powder
highlighter. The bottom right is called Equinox and is another baked

Overall Experience

Overall I am in love with this palette and it has great value for
it’s money
and amazing quality. I think you get your money’s worth for this product. This palette is absolutely worth the money. Some individual highlighters
cost more than this palette and this comes with four choices. You have
four pans and you can experiment with it the way you want it. It is also a good start for highlighter
beginners. I’m happy with the
colors and I do recommend it
especially the pigmentation of it. It impressed me with the shades and has
good color choices.
I’m happy to report back and say that I love the palette! If you’re
looking for a gorgeous glow, this baby will be
the one for you! Have you tried the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

My rating is:
I’ll give it 4.5/5 because I do love
everything about it! They are all well pigmented, good lasting power and can be applied sheer
or bold. They all have cool white sheen to them, but just have
different base tones.  I also like the variation you can get different
formulas but also 4
different colors so they will go with almost every makeup look! I try to match them with the tone of my makeup. If you’re on a hunt for crazy reflective highlighters that still look natural then this palette is definitely for you. This highlighting palette definitely became my favorite highlighter to use so I highly suggest
checking the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette.

That’s it for my review of the highlighting palette. I think by now you can see how much I love this palette after featuring it in different blog posts. I’m so glad to finally get the review up after loving it for so many months now. I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts and let me know if you’ve tried this palette before. 

What highlighting palette do you reach for an can’t get enough of?



  1. Holly Habeck
    November 6, 2017 / 9:25 pm

    This makeup looks SO pretty! I've never heard of Sleek before, but I totally want to try it now 🙂 xx

  2. Fun In The Closet
    November 6, 2017 / 10:42 pm

    Omg! This Sleek highlighter palette is so gorgeous! I've never heard of this brand before but I really need to get my hands on it. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors and shimmer! 🙂 xo, Chloe //

  3. Leslie Soto
    November 7, 2017 / 4:23 pm

    I'd never heard of this product or brand before but these look so lovely. I even love the packaging, it's all so pretty! I may have to find this. 😉

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