My November To Do List

Let the Countdown Begin!

Happy Wednesday! Happy November! There are only 2 months left in 2017 which is mind blowing. This has been such a year. I’m not going to get into that yet because I don’t want to think about that quite yet. I want to focus on now and show you my monthly goal list again. My October one didn’t seem quite finished as I didn’t do two things on it which isn’t too bad but I try and accomplish everything but last month I didn’t. I did try so there is that. There is always this month so I added them back on and of course added some new ones that I am thinking of doing this month and the goals I want to achieve. So here is my November to do list and what the month is going to look like.

Things From Last Month:

Get my nails & brows done

Shoot a lookbook

Go to a brunch place I’ve wanting to try

Head off to the city for some shopping

Plan for Halloween

Take 5 outfit photos

Try Vlogtober or attempt to weekly vlog

Keep up with editing

So again I didn’t get my nails or brows done. I’m just going to leave it and wait until December so I can have perfect brows and pretty nails for the holidays. I did end up shooting a lookbook but it wasn’t the one I was planning. I shot a Halloween one and loved doing that. The one I mentioned last month and had in my head I didn’t do yet but at least I have that as backup if I need to shoot one I have it all planned out. This one I unfortunately didn’t do. I’m going to put this on for next month’s as I really want to go plus I was looking forward to it but it is quite a drive so let’s see next month. Okay this is another half one I did. I did go shopping in the city but not the right city or mall. I went to Mall of Asia instead of SM Makati like I had in my head. At least I did and filmed it so go over to my Youtube channel to see the vlog of that. I did plan for Halloween and got 2 videos out of it and the lookbook. I had so much fun creating them and dressing up as characters I have never dressed up as. I don’t know if I should count this as it wasn’t outfits but costumes this month and I did do a few outfits too. This one was the biggest success this month and I did do it! It was so fun and I enjoyed showing you a little glimpse in my life. I’m getting a bit more confident talking to the camera and also vlogging in public and out and about. I’m not going to vlog as much this month because I’m thinking of doing Vlogmas. Maybe next year I can really start weekly vlogging a bit more. I did keep up with editing and finished editing all the videos and pictures I needed to do for the month. I am really proud of that and I am actually starting to enjoy editing and learning new things and styles so yay for getting to cross that off.

Things To Do This Month:

Go to a brunch place I’ve wanting to try

Do & Finish Nanowrimo

Publish a story online

Start planning Christmas content AKA Blogmas & Vlogmas?

Do 4 Friday videos

I’m putting this back on to convince myself to go. Let’s hope I get to head over to the brunch place finally. This is my main goal for November. I love November just for this reason. I always look forward to it and been doing it for so many years now. I’m still going to focus on my blog of course and Youtube but I’m going to do some writing in my spare time. It is so relieving and I have such a good idea that came up a week ago for a my novel to write. I had no clue what to write and then it came to me. Then I have another option as well which is a second book to the novel I wrote in July for Camp Nano. Now I just have to decide which one and I’m going to plan both out and see which one to go from there. It kind of goes with my next goal as well. I was looking at my 2017 goals as a whole the other day and saw this goal that I’ve been trying to finish for three years now. I think I finally need to settle it and get it done. Since I am doing Nano then maybe that story could go up. Hopefully I can get something up to finally cross it off on this to do list and then my yearly one as well. Since it is November I need to start finalizing my Christmas content. I am definitely doing both Blogmas and Vlogmas but unsure how to proceed with it. I don’t know if I should do them daily which I know I will fail at that but I am figuring it out. I think weekly Vlogmas for sure like last year. Blogmas I don’t know if I should do 25 posts or do a blog post Monday to Friday and take the weekends off to edit for Vlogmas. I don’t know but I am going to spend this month planning it all and seeing everything laid out before it starts. So if I’m a little quiet this month than it is because festive content is taking over my brain and I’m prepping for that. I achieved 4 main videos last month on my channel and I was proud of that. It is a small achievement but I put my hard work and enjoyed creating videos again more full time. So I hope I can do it again this month and feel that satisfaction of knowing I finished them. 

Those are my goals for the month and a recap of what I accomplished last.I’m keeping it pretty short and sweet for my to do list this month. I’m hoping to take a little break as October was super busy and productive which I like but I think November is going to be half chilled and half productive. I know December is going to be chaotic and I have so much planned for that so I’m going to take this month and just prepare for what’s to come. It is still a pretty big to do list even though it is only 5 things but I’m sure it will keep me going. So that is all that I have planned for November and what it will kind of look like.

Also if you are curious about the pictures for this shoot well you can head over and watch my Halloween Get Ready With Me where I dressed up as the Queen of Hearts and makeup I did for it on my Youtube channel.

What does your November look like and how are you prepping for the holidays coming up?



  1. Paige Flamm
    November 1, 2017 / 8:17 pm

    Your costume is so cute! I love how well it turned out!

  2. Annissa
    November 2, 2017 / 8:24 pm

    Great costume! I can't believe it's time to think about holiday content, already. I've been listening to Christmas music, trying to get inspiration for cookie recipes.

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