Getting Your Hair Ready For The Holidays

Holiday Hair Tips

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Happy Tuesday! With the holidays just around the corner that means a lot of us are already preparing for them and we are all preparing in different ways I’m sure. Some might be doing Blogmas or even Vlogmas like myself and spent the whole of November planning for it or maybe got a head start in decorating and going out to buy Christmas resents early. No matter what I think a lot of us are all getting ready for the most wonderful time of you. With us being busy with that I think we forget some essentials and one being taking care of ourselves. We might be spending money left and right on others but some forget about themselves. I know one thing I tend to forget is taking care of my hair and this time of year I spend so much time having to style my hair for Christmas parties, holiday shoots and trying to look nice for dinner with the family. I think I spend more time on my hair looking nice for the holidays than the rest of the year. So I thought I would share 5 ways to get your hair ready for the holidays!

Establishing a haircare routine you love

That is of course the first thing you would think of when getting your hair ready. I think I have figured mine out and if you would like a blog post on mine let me know. I established a pretty good routine but there is nothing wrong with trying something new. Maybe you can even discover new hair products. No matter if you have a good haircare routine or trying out a new one, I think this is the first step to getting healthy and pretty hair just in time for the holidays coming up.

Put a bow on it

My favorite advice ever. I’m always keen for a bow no matter what time of year it is but the past couple of weeks I seen hair bows pop up on my feed more and more and everyone is so excited to put a bow in their hair to add a festive touch. So to be more holiday ready than I suggest trying out a hair bow and seeing if you like it. I know it is my signature style and I always have one in for my outfit photos but the holidays I get more out there and adventurous by having some Christmas themed ones and sequins and glittery ones. If you’re not like me and don’t wear one year round and just want to try it for a holiday party or something than maybe try a subtle one and see how you like it. I’ve linked a few I own and some fun hair bow options below. I’m sure with a bow in your hair it will get your hairstyle holiday ready in no time.

Trying a fun wig

If you are willing to try a hair bow than why not a fancy wig? At first I thought they would only be good for Halloween for a costume but what I didn’t think about was maybe something non-costume related. Maybe if you are not willing to dye your hair like I am than a wig would be fun and you don’t have to commit to it. You can just try it for the holidays and once they are over you can just go back to your normal hair. Simple and easy. I choose two that I had in mind below. I found a good selection over at freetress hair and they have so many good choices that it took me a while to find the perfect one. So over the summer I was thinking of dying my hair the first choice below and if I had one of these than it would have been simpler if I wanted. Then for the second one I was thinking of going a little light so this one with the highlights looks great. So if you are very busy and can’t bother to get your hair ready than maybe a wig could be the perfect solution.

Buying a new curling/straightening iron

With so many sales I saw on them this weekend than maybe treating yourself to a new hot hair tool is what you can get. I am in need of one and maybe I am finally going to get one after promising myself one for months. I love having extra bouncy curls for the holidays or stick straight hair when I’m feeling sleek and chic so maybe getting an upgrade to your current styling tool can help you get holiday hair.

Go to a much needed hair appointment

If you are seriously so busy and have no time to do it for yourself then there is no harm than booking a hair appointment and getting your hair done by a professional. No matter what route you go down whether it be you doing it yourself or go to a hair salon it is your choice how you want to get your hair holiday ready.

Those are some tips on getting your hair ready for the holidays from maintaining it to a few hair accessories I recommend. I hope you enjoyed this and got some advice or a reminder to taking care of your hair. To be honest, even I have forgot but I am doing a hair mask and will be pampering it this weekend to get it ready for curling it a lot coming up for all the things I have planned. I guess this is the first holiday post of the year but don’t worry it’s just starting and there will be more once Blogmas starts in just a few days. So I hope you liked this and let me know what kind of hair accessory you will be trying for the holidays as I’d love to know.

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What are you doing to prepare your hair for the holidays?



  1. duffelbagspouse travels
    November 28, 2017 / 5:25 pm

    I am going to wear a protective style, twists for the entire Holiday season. Its nice to be a blessing to get up, moisturize and go.

  2. Debbie Savage
    November 30, 2017 / 7:29 am

    You are looking so beautiful! I love your hair style too!

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