12 Fall Sweaters Under $75

FALLen for Sweaters

Happy Wednesday! Today’s blog post was inspired by my recent shopping adventure online and in real life. If you follow me on Twitter (which you can keep up to date with me here) then you would have saw I have been waiting for a sweater to come back in stock and I’ve been refreshing the website waiting for it to come back in my size. I’ve never done that before but I always see other bloggers do it and get so excited for them when they finally do get the item they’ve been wanting and refreshing for. It finally happened to me and I can say it is stressful but so rewarding. I wanted the said sweater because I’m planning an out of town winter trip for next month and everyone tells me it gets pretty cold there. I’m hoping it is because I want to bundle up in sweaters, scarves and get my winter wardrobe sorted for it. There will be more on that soon but since I am in the middle of planning that it inspired this blog post to come about. I do love a good sweater and it’s all I wore when I lived in cold climate. So that gave me an excuse to make a wish list of sweaters I like. The said sweater I was refreshing for is in this pile but I’m not going to spoil it and I’m going to make you wait to see which one I did purchase. I also have my eye on another one I saw tonight at the mall and I might go back for it because it made my heart swoon which is also in this pile too. So many sweaters but not too many places I can wear them too. If you’re a big fan of sweaters and need a reason to buy a new one then I picked out 12 cozy sweaters that will be perfect for the season plus they are all under $75. My budget was supposed to be $50 but one of them went over so I upped it but there are some budget ones I threw in as well for your liking!

The first is this gorgeous grey pearl embellished sweater. All my fave bloggers have been sporting it and it’s such a pretty sweater. It is in trend for the season and is a good price. The second is a white cable knit sweater with ruffle sleeves that caught my eye and looks so nice and will be a nice neutral piece to add in a winter wardrobe. The third is similar to the last one but this grey cable knit sweater with tiered ruffle sleeves is a lot simpler and not as big sleeved and more ribbed. For the fourth sweater it is the most simplest as the bunch. It is a plain black sweater with a ruffle hem and would amp up a simple style. The fifth is another cream ruffle sleeve sweater and it is a low key version of the one above. It seems so cozy and slim fitted with bigger sleeves for extra comfort. For the sixth sweater I picked I went with a red sweater with an asymmetrical ruffle on the front. It will be perfect for the holidays coming up and will look so classic to wear.

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Now moving on to the seventh sweater which is a grey metallic and velvet sweater. I love the bow on the shoulder detail as I do love my bows and the metallic silver thread running through it and again perfect for the holidays. The eight sweater is an oatmeal cream colored off the shoulder knit sweater. It is the only one not meant for cold weather and perfect for those who have not so chilly climate to enjoy wearing this. As for the ninth one it is a grey bell sleeve tie cuff sweater which is another simple one but with a small and fun detail. The tenth sweater is a fun color and it is a lilac roll turtleneck knit sweater which will be perfect as a transitional piece for both seasons. The eleventh sweater is another pastel colored one. It is a sky blue flounced sleeve sweater which is a very popular style sweater I have seen around online and in store. It is simple but has a fun detail and another basic wardrobe staple to add in. The last sweater is one of my favorites and of course I had to add one that featured my favorite color this time of year. This maroon balloon sleeve color block sweater is so cute and like the bell sleeve trend I think the balloon sleeve is just as fun and adds more to the sweater.

More sweater favorites below!

Those are my current sweater picks! I just loved the ones I choose and can’t wait for the one I bought to arrive. As I said I just got home from the mall and I’m also contemplating to go back for the one I saw as it was so perfect. I think I’m having buyers regret and hate when that happens. I do have a few sweaters I already own and ones from last year so I’m okay. I don’t really wear them too often and I’m currently justifying them as an excuse for my winter trip. I’m still controlling myself though and will see. I do love all the ones I’ve seen so far and the trends. If you are looking for an excuse to buy some sweaters and go all out yourself then I hope these were helpful and what to look for. I have so many things planned coming up and looking forward to going on my winter vacation and featuring some sweaters so hopefully stay tuned for that coming up. So that that’s it and have a lovely rest of the week!

What style of sweater do you wear the most?



  1. Breakfast at Lillys
    November 9, 2017 / 1:16 am

    Love all of these sweaters! They're all so pretty.

  2. Teresa
    November 9, 2017 / 4:54 pm

    I love the ruffle detailing on these sweaters! They're perfect for the holidays!

  3. Lauren Sheriff
    November 10, 2017 / 2:38 am

    I love the pearl sweater! :)Laurenhttps://www.basicbabelauren.com

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