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Happy Friday! Today’s blog post is a bit of a miss and mash of different topics. I talk you through my outfit as well as my go to style for everyday plus I share my everyday makeup routine. Also I talk about the imperfections in myself and get deep with a few issues. I’m not going to make the intro too long as this blog post is pretty hefty so grab a snack or your beverage of choice as I cover my everyday outfit style and more!

For my outfit as I said it is my everyday go to so I just wear something simple like this. I throw on some kind of top and for today it was a sweater. It isn’t too thick that you can still wear out in this weather. It started off a bit rainy and gloomy and hen the sun came out so it was okay to wear. I love the sleeves on this and the whole bell sleeve sweater trend. It’s my first time dabbling in it and I do love it. It is so feminine and pretty and so my style. I bought it at The SM Store and when I saw it on the rack I immediately was drawn to the sleeves. It’s also quite comfy so when it does get a bit cooler than this will be my fave sweater.

As for the jeans I got them the same time as the sweater. I’ve wanted jeans in this sort of cut and style and finally got them. The are supposed to be boyfriend jeans and a bit looser but I sized down as the loose baggy thing doesn’t work for my body type and I had baggy jeans all through high school and looking back on the pictures it was not pleasant. I made the style decision to have them tight and they work much better. They are quite comfy once they started to stretch and now they are my go to jean when I need to pop in to town quickly and don’t want to get all dressed up. I like rolling the hems up cause if I don’t they hit me at an awkward length as I am so tall and they hit my ankles funny so I stick with the rolls and they look more casual.

My Imperfections

I love this sweater not only because of the sleeves and how cute it is but because of the quote. If you can’t see it clearly then in a gold cursive handwriting that says Embrace Your Imperfections. I really like that small touch. That quote got me thinking and inspired this blog post and this topic I haven’t really talked about on my blog yet.

Sometimes I make things look perfect when they aren’t. I try to manipulate a situation to make it seem like it is fine when in reality it ain’t. So I’m trying to change that and hence the title of the blog post, I’m going to embrace my imperfections. That’s why this blog post is going to be about exposing my imperfections and how I plan to embrace them.

One imperfection is comparison. It is a strong imperfection of mine and that’s what I hate about myself. I follow all these fabulous fashion bloggers and compare myself to them. I think a lot of us are guilty of that. I sometimes try so hard to get that right pose and the right picture. I have improved and do see my progress but I don’t see that all the time. I feel like everyone else is amazing and I’m over here not doing my best. I question myself all the time if it is as good as everyone else’s which is really bad. Should I have a professional shoot my photos? I don’t have the money so I let my cousin or my aunt or whatever family member is available and with me at the time. Should it be more editorial? Should I have more designer pieces? Do I even look like a model like so and so? Am I doing this right? I have so many questions about what I’m doing and if it is like everyone else’s. I shouldn’t but I do it.

 I make myself seem like everything is perfect and that I have such a glamorous life. On some days I guess I might but most of the time I am a normal girl typing on my laptop at 4am talking about my outfit I just wore. You don’t see half of what I go through and how hard I work to make my pictures perfect looking. I am such a perfectionist and critique everything I do. Sometimes I cry over my pictures being blurry or over exposed and I can’t reshoot them. I get frustrated when the weather doesn’t go my way and my mood is sour for the whole day as I have wasted my time. The little things that go wrong and stop me from creating get me so angry. I hardly complain or try not to on here and my social medias but I have my days. I filter things to look perfect because that is what I want to remember. You don’t see my problems. You don’t see the hardships I experience about my personal life and what’s really going on and I’m not comfortable sharing that so even when I look back at my own stuff I see how perfect my life is and sometimes I wish it was as nice as it seems online. My imperfection is how perfect I make things seem and I struggle with it on the daily.

I admitted in my last blog post that I was trying to dress for fall when there is no such thing where I live. It’s hot or it is rainy. No in between and no pretty orange leaves or crisp cool weather. I was trying to be a fashion blogger that has that perfect fall outfit because everyone else was doing it. I can play around with the colors and wear burgundy and dark vampy berry lips and eyes but the thick sweaters and the pretty falling leaf backdrop I can’t. I need to tell myself that it’s not going to happen unless I travel somewhere that does and that is the time I can go all out. I wasn’t going to post my last blog post just because it wasn’t what I imagined. Now looking at it once it is up I see I am crazy and it looks fine and I like the pictures.

So that got really deep but I think by this post you can see what kind of week I’ve had. I don’t know where it came from but I really liked talking about this. If there is any other personal or lifestyle topic you’d like me to give my thoughts on please suggest some and I can see if I can.

The accessories for this outfit were pretty simple. A rope bow necklace from Forever 21. My bow and pearl earrings and I love that pearls are back in as well. I wanted a pop of color so I added this blush pink bag and the embellishments on it are so pretty and went with the earrings too. For shoes I kept it comfy and went with a pair of white sneakers. Last is my matching white bow of course.

| sweater: SM Woman Plus {similar}, jeans: SM Woman Plus {similar},
bag: SM Parisian {similar}, shoes: Ked’s, necklace: Forever 21 {similar}, earrings: Something Borrowed {similar}, bow: Forever 21, lipstick: Sleek Matte Me in Shabby Chic |

That was my outfit. This day was quite eventful and you wouldn’t tell that before these pictures were taken I had tears rolling down my cheeks and I was in such a bad mood. It’s a long story but the weather and everything was not going right that day but I pushed through and the sun eventually came out so I got the photos taken anyways. I told you I take this so seriously and can get so annoyed when things don’t go my way for this sort of stuff. I’m glad I have the pictures and afterwards I went food shopping so I got some ice cream and cookies and I was all better. I actually love how I styled this outfit and wasn’t sure about it first but looking at it and wearing it multiple times since it sure is my favorite go to outfit at the moment.

So speaking of everyday style and all that I wanted to share this week’s video with you. If you ever wondered how I do my makeup and how I do it for shoot days than I filmed myself doing my everyday makeup. I also share my go to hairstyle as well as this outfit too.

Here is the video you can watch here or down below!

What is one of your imperfections you don’t mind sharing?



  1. Gemma Etc.
    October 14, 2017 / 5:57 pm

    Such a cute outfit, you look gorgeous! I love your bag so much xx

  2. Kate Hal
    October 18, 2017 / 5:30 am

    I love this outfit! Plus, I love your Keds (they are my favourite casual shoe – I own more than one pair šŸ˜€ ). I completely understand what you mean about comparing yourself to others. I do that too – I always think that I'm not 'cool enough' to be a fashion blogger, because my outfits aren't always what's trendy.

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