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Happy Monday! Today’s blog post was inspired by my shopping trip last week. I bought an outfit which is very ballet inspired. If you didn’t know I still do ballet. I took a break this year due to a hip injury but I think I’m almost better to be back soon. Since I’ve missed going to ballet and wearing my ballet sweater and leotard to class every week I had the craving to wear them again. To solve that craving I decided to wear everyday fashion inspired by my ballet outfit. I started off with a sweater and then a skirt and then I went all out and completed the whole outfit to be inspired by my ballet days. That is why I thought I would bring back my fashion finds series as I hadn’t done one in a while and it would be a good time to do one again. So here are a few pieces that I picked that reminded me of a ballerina wardrobe for everyday life!

1 | Sweaters
This is where the obsession started. I bought a Forever 21 sweater 2 years ago and I used it for everyday and for ballet class. It was my favorite thing and the other day I found an updated version and this is more inspired of a classic ballet sweater. I actually bought it on #WorldBalletDay and thought that was so cool. I picked these two sweaters and I might pick them up as I love them. They remind me of what I would wear for class but they aren’t too overwhelming and could be worn for both.

2 | Bodysuits
I think a bodysuit is pretty much a leotard so I had to add this essential in. I own a few bodysuits which I just style one recently here and of course real leotards. They go so good with tucking into bottoms and would look so good to get that ballet look.

3 | Tulle Skirts
My favorite ballet item. I’m a huge fan of tulle skirts and wore so many already here on the blog. There is something about a tulle skirt and I just love styling them. I added a lace version to not be so out there and then a mesh embroidered tulle skirt as I don’t own one but it matches the trend at the moment so a win win. I always loved tutus and wearing one as a kid so getting to wear a tulle skirt kind of reminds me of it but an adult version.

4 | Bags
When I saw these bags they just reminded me of a ballet bag. I think a gym bag would have been better but this is just a pretty version. They are both in ballet pink and are so nice and would look good with the outfits.

5 | Jewelry
I have a ballet pendent and love it. I don’t wear it all the time but I love mine and it reminds me of my childhood. So I added ballet shoe earrings and it’s matching necklace. 

6 | Lace Up Shoes
I have been in love with these shoes since I saw them and since they got popular. The sad part was I could not find them in my size so I gave up. I recently found some and in my size too so I had to get them. They are so pretty and finally I get to try them. They are similar to pointe shoes which I get annoyed tying up some times and now I have to do it with regular shoes as well but there is something about them. I can’t wait to style mine. 

7 | Leggings
Last is just some leggings. I never wore leggings to ballet but I did to tap. I love the whole tie up legging trend and think it is so cute. Again, it reminds me of pointe shoes and it looks so pretty. Also I added some regular ones with pink detail to add in the ballet pink element too.

Down below I linked more ballet fashion inspired pieces to look at:

Those are my picks for some inspiration to achieve that ballerina look without actually going to a class. I loved doing this fashion finds series again and I have a few ideas of items or trends to do again so watch out for that. I actually have filmed the haul to see my ballet inspired outfit I mentioned in my first Vlogtober vlog going up tomorrow on my channel. There you will see the outfit and the ballet sweater and me gush all about it and how much I love it so stay tuned for that. I hope you enjoyed this and got inspired by the items I picked. It was fun choosing items that reminded me of my ballet attire and I could wear on the daily. So I hop you have a good Monday and started your week off right!

What ballet item would you to your wardrobe?



  1. Hannah Morris
    October 11, 2017 / 4:22 pm

    I love this so much, all of these colours are my absolute favourite! You have picked out some beautiful bits xxHannah | luxuryblush

  2. Brianna
    October 11, 2017 / 6:59 pm

    I love that light pink color. It always makes me think of ballerinas. I also love the fluffy skirts you picked out!

  3. Minau
    October 11, 2017 / 8:57 pm

    Love this collection!

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