What I Wore on Repeat This Summer

Summer Fashion Favorites

Happy Friday! Since summer is pretty much gone and people have moved on to autumn (including me) I thought it was time to share all my summer pieces and all my fashion favorites I wore non-stop all summer long. I never done this but this year I had so many and could name them all I thought it was a good idea for a blog post. I usually share a monthly favorites and add one or two things I loved and wore but this time I’m sharing all the summer clothes I wore and tell you how much I loved them. A lot of these items I’ve worn so many times and repeated in my outfits that it might seem like it is so obvious they were my favorites. You might not even be surprised they are mentioned here because you saw them so many times in other blog posts. This will be a round up though and I even did a video talking to you about them in detail if you are interested below. So here are my most worn pieces from the summer and what I wore on repeat!

Float Minka Swimsuit in Blush Pink // 2,500php

This is certainly a favorite! I think it was so obvious. It was my most worn thing this summer and I am so happy about it. I can’t describe how much I love it but the photos I’m sure will speak for me. It was surely an investment piece and when I was first debating to get it I wasn’t sure it. Honestly it was 2,500php plus 200php for shipping so in total I paid 2,700php which converts over to be $55. That is the most I have ever paid for a swimsuit and for some of you that might be cheap and not too much compared to a lot on the market. For me it was as I was about to go on a 10 day vacation and trying to budget my money on so many other things. As you can see I splurged and got it because I thought I would wear it on my beach holiday. I actually have worn it so many times now that it can be justified and the price per wear I’m getting is totally worth it. I am so happy I went with this swimsuit and can’t say anything bad about it. It came beautifully packaged, it has it’s own dust bag and it is the prettiest thing ever. I am tempted on buying the other two colors just because I loved this one so much and I know I would get my money out of a new one too. There are many pictures of me wearing this in blog posts and on Instagram which here, here and here. I told you I wore it a lot.

H&M Bow Sleeve Top in Blush Pink // 699php

Next is this top. I think my family is tired of me wearing this. I don’t a few pictures in this but I wear it a lot more in my everyday life. I even had a cousin tell me if I had any other top. I just love this and if I would pick one top to never take off I would say this. I wish I can find another similar or buy the same one again. It is in my favorite color, the sleeves can tie into a bow which is so me and it is the perfect fit on me. I love this top. I wore it on repeat. Therefore it is a summer fashion favorite. See me wear it here, here and here.

H&M Off The Shoulder Tops // 1,110php

Another top that I was loving was these two off the shoulder tops from H&M. I took them on holiday with me and since it was still too hot when I got back I still wore them. They are so simple to style and were so huge this summer. It was one of my favorite fashion trends to try out too. I don’t think I am over the off the shoulder top yet. I hope they stick around. If you want to see them in outfits then I wore them here, here and here.

SM Woman Embroidered Denim Shorts // 899php

Last year I loved a chambray denim skirt. I wore it non-stop and still some times still do but this year I am obsessed with denim shorts. I finally found a decent pair that aren’t too short and aren’t too long that they are unflattering on me. I went for a darker denim which is not really like me but I do love the darker wash. The pair I have have this rose embroidery detail which brings out my girly side to it. I wore these non-stop on my holiday and even until now. If I need to head out and can’t be bothered getting too dressed up then I throw these on and a simple tee and I’m ready to go. They are such a great pair of denim shorts and so glad I bought them as I almost didn’t. See me wear them here and here.

Forever 21+ Tulle Dress // 1,275php

I didn’t really have a summer dress this year but there is one dress I wore many times. That was my birthday dress. I only wore it once on the blog but in real life I’ve worn it about 3 or 4 more times. I was in a rush and needed a dress to a last minute baptism and I couldn’t find one so I rewore this. I then went out to dinner and it was a pretty classy place so again I wore this and then I wore it another time I think to some meeting with my parents. Each time I changed up the styling to it. I should have made a how to style this tulle dress post which I might still can do but I think it’s a bit too late now. I love this and this is literally me in a dress. I had it stored in my closet for almost a year and never wore it but once I did I sure wore it. You can see the dress here.

That was pretty much all the clothes I loved and wore on repeat. I even did a flatlay of my beach outfit in my dark hotel room while I was in Palawan. The power of editing made this picture brighter and decent enough to post. I loved this outfit and it was definitely one of my favorite outfits I wore all summer!

Next fashion favorites are going to be my most worn accessories I wore all throughout summer. There were quite a few and ones I loved wearing and pairing with all my summer outfits.

Zaful Mirror Sunglasses in Rose Gold // 500php

First was these sunglasses. I love these and they are so pretty. I started wearing them in March when the sun was starting to come out a lot and hadn’t taken them off since. They went with so many of my outfits and look so good on. It’s kind of hard to photograph but the aesthetic of them are so worth it. I love how popular they are as well and need to pick up another pair. They probably be my favorite sunglasses ever no matter what. I wore them in a few outfits here, here and here.

H&M Straw Tote Bag // 899php

Even until now this is my everyday tote bag. I so love it. It was my beach bag on holiday, when I went to the pool a few times and now it is my go to every day bag I take with me to the mall or anywhere pretty much. It is such a good size and fits so much in it. I sometimes over do it but I have a few pouches to keep it somewhat organized inside. I found a similar one in H&M again recently and I kind of want to get it just as a back up to this as it is such a great tote bag for travel too. I feature it in several outfits here and here but if you want a separate what it’s in my bag with it please let me know.

H&M Crossbody Bag in Tan // 499php

If I wasn’t carrying around the tote bag above with all my stuff in it then I would swap it out for this mini cross body bag that carried my essentials. I paired it with a lot of my outfits from the summer and it went with so many of them. I was in need of a tan bag as I didn’t own one and really wanted one for the summer. Some I thought weren’t the right shade and were too dark or too light for the clothes I owned but I finally found a good tan color in this bag. It doesn’t hold too much but for just exploring and doing tourist stuff on holiday it was just the right bag. I love it and still use it if I need it and if it goes with my outfit. You can see it paired with a few outfits here and here.

American Eagle T-Strap Sandals // 799php

My shoe or technically sandal favorite from the summer goes to these guys right here. It was the only sandal I took on my holiday. I even used them a lot before my trip too so they are well loved. They were the most comfiest footwear I had and I was meant to buy a new pair before I left but I couldn’t find ones I liked and didn’t want to risk it being uncomfortable and trying to break them in while I was on holiday. With these they were already worn in and I knew how comfy they were so away they went with me. I wore them so much and in pretty much every outfit picture from my holiday you would see these on my feet. So see them here, here, here, here and here just a few of the many times I wore them on the blog. You don’t know how many times I’ve worn them in real life. Don’t worry I now have a new pair of sandals and don’t wear these as much anymore but they treated me well and I dedicate this blog post to you my trusty sandals. Yes I just dedicated this post to the sandals.

Forever 21 White Bow Ponytail in White // 199php

I have a lot of hair accessories. Mainly bows but still I have quite the collection. I could say my favorite accessory was a bow but that’s a given. I wear them with so many outfits they are a favorite forever. However I do have one in particular that is kind of a hybrid. It is a ponytail style bow and I wore it so much on holiday. I wore it before then too but on my trip I wore it a lot more. It was too hot for any hair styling on the trip and with going to the pool and beach there was no point in styling my hair other then in a ponytail when I wanted a little hair down or a messy top knot. To add a fun touch I added this bow ponytail around my hairstyle and it was a very simple trick to kind of do up my hair. I still wear it occasionally and have a pink one as well but the white was more summer and it was a fun twist to my love for bows. You can see it worn here and here.

Those were all my fashion favorites and all the clothes I wore on repeat this summer. From swimsuits, to tops to bags and to sandals that was a look into my summer wardrobe. I found this so fun and might have to do this for another season. I’m not sure as summer is the longest we have in Manila and experience but I might do a fall/autumn version if I find some stuff. We don’t have too many seasons which I’m sad about but maybe next year I can do another version and see what I was loving and if I carried any of these over. I did however show you a few of my favorite summer beauty favorites in this blog post here if you want to see what I used beauty wise all season long. So I hope you liked my summer fashion favorites and let me know some of yours that you couldn’t get enough of all summer like me. I hope you had a decent summer wearing clothes you loved. Have an awesome weekend whatever you are doing lovelies!

What is one item of clothing that was your favorite that you wore all summer long?


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  1. Sophie R
    September 12, 2017 / 9:02 am

    I really love the tulu dress!! You look great in all these pieces I can see why you would wear them all the time xSophie's Spot

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