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Happy Monday! I’m back for a beauty review this week from one of my favorite brands. I had a makeup clear out and decluttered some of my stash for the upcoming season and wanted to bring some favorites back and also try new things. I got a few of these products out and I forgot all about them. I knew I did the pictures and was going to do a review on them but after searching my blog I couldn’t find them. This has been in my drafts for a while actually and I found it and I can’t believe I forgot I never published this. So today I am going to finally get this out and share with you all the base products from Pink Sugar!

Description (from website): Pink Sugar is brand-new local beauty brand for Pinays of all ages. If
you’re fierce, fun, and quality-conscious but on a tight budget, we dare
you not to fall in love with this entire line. Marked by catchy names
and creative packaging, each product provides good-for-you benefits in a
wide selection of wearable colors curated by makeup experts to
complement Filipina skin. Pink Sugar products are free of parabens and
not tested on animals.

Where to buy: Pink Sugar counters located at local SM Beauty Sections, The SM Store & Watson’s nationwide. Also shop online at

It’s Awesome BB Cream

Description (from website): A multi-benefit beauty balm for flawless coverage that nourishes skin. It delivers medium coverage for a smooth, poreless finish; nourishes skin with green tea extracts, aloe vera, and antioxidants; moisturizes, smoothens, and corrects skin tone; protects against UV rays with SPF 25. It’s perfect for daily office makeup.

Price & Weight: 499php for 30g

Application & Staying Power

The application I use to put this on is with a damp beauty sponge. I find it applies easiest this way and I get a nice flawless base. It is very light and give a light to medium coverage since it is a BB cream.  It is light on the skin and you feel like you aren’t wearing anything which I like. It leaves a satin finish and isn’t fully matte which in this formula I like that. It does last quite a while and can go through the work day. I have tried
it on a hot summer day and it did good but needs to be powdered down
again. I use it without a primer beforehand and it didn’t last too long but with a primer it stayed on longer and didn’t slide off the face. I give it about 3-4 hours but with light powder touch ups but it doesn’t lose the color.

Color & Pigmentation

The color matches quite well with my skin color. It is a bit light and I do have to add a bit of bronzer to add some color and life back in but it isn’t too bad. The undertones match my color and has good coverage. The pigmentation is quite with this. It is a light to medium coverage but can build up to cover the imperfections or redness on the face like I have. It does a good job hiding any unwanted marks and can lighten up my dark circles but doesn’t fully cover them. If I want a bit of coverage and not full on foundation this does a great job and can do it for me and I can just wear this and powder if I choose.

Our Lil’ Secret Concealer

Description (from website): A creamy concealer that covers blemishes and other imperfections with ease. It delivers long-lasting full coverage; soothes and calms inflamed skin with cucumber fruit and chamomile extracts; nourishes with aloe vera and vitamins A, C, and E; applies smoothly and blends silkily. It’s perfect for a spot-free makeup coverage.

Price & Weight: 349php for 13g

Application & Staying Power

The way I apply this concealer is with either a damp sponge or a concealer brush. It is a bit harder to blend in than I want so I have to really get in there while it is still wet or else it will dry and will have a hard time getting it to sink in to the skin and blend in. I tend to just squeeze it and put the product on my wrist instead of just just the slanted applicator of it. You can but I don’t out of preference. As for how long it stays I would say it can last a couple of hours without creasing. I set mine with a powder but if it starts to melt I smooth it back. It only gets that way when it is really hot and I’m very oily that day. It’s a pretty good time to stay on and does do the trick. It’s not my favorite concealer to grab for as the formula is a bit thick and I prefer more liquid ones but if I need a high coverage and something to really cover my undereye circles than this is it.

Color & Pigmentation

The color of this is really spot on for me. It has a nice yellow undertone to cover up my under eye circles. I’m usually a medium in a lot of concealers but this color is really good. The pigmentation is super heavy and can cover up nicely. It has medium to high coverage and with the pigmentation with this it does a good job in covering and gets rid of what you want to be covered on your face.

Dual Finish Face Powder

Description (from website): A face powder that can be applied dry or wet for a fresh, flawless look all day. It’s a long-lasting pressed powder formula with SPF15; covers and conceals blemishes, scars, and uneven skin tone; absorbs oil and minimizes the look of pores, lines, and other imperfections; formulated with photochromatic pigments for a natural look in any lighting; nourishes skin with ginseng and other antioxidants; velvet texture glides on comfortably; comes in a mirrored compact with a sponge. It’s perfect for an everyday coverage.

Price & Weight: 499php for 9g 

Application & Staying Power

For this I apply it with a big powder brush and dust it all over my face. I use it as a setting powder or a light powder foundation if I wanted to. It does come with a sponge in case you forget a brush but I don’t normally ever use them and only use a sponge for applying liquid. The powder is really finely milled but there is a bit fall out to it. The staying power is okay and it does calm down the oil and can make your foundation matte. It does a good with that and lasts the longest against the three as it is a powder.

Color & Pigmentation

It isn’t translucent and has a bit of color to it and the powder does show it. It is a golden powder and matches great with my skin tone and has a nice color pay off. The pigmentation is so great for this powder and one of the things I love about it. If I didn’t want to wear anything but have some coverage than this powder is what I reach for. It can give you a light touch and cover a bit but doesn’t cover all the way. it is a nice in between. I was really liking this and the pigmentation sure is good for it.


I did have to swatch all of them. As you can see they are all similar colors and all look great together. They are all a golden undertone and perfect for my warm skin tone and all have great coverage. The top is the BB cream and then blended out a bit. Next is the concealer and then blended a bit more to show. Last is the powder and it is one swipe of it and then blended in to my skin.

Overall Experience

Overall I love this set and it is a great base for it’s money has amazing quality. I’m happy with them and I do recommend it if you need a new base that are drugstore and pretty cheap. For the price I say get get the BB cream and powder set which I didn’t so I paid more. All of these I got indivually but if they do a whole set then it would get worth it. It costs more to
buy each individually so getting the set for
less is essential. It has amazing pigmentation and really good color match. Have you tried any of the Pink Sugar base offerings

My rating is:
I give the BB Cream a 4 star. The concealer a 3 star and the powder a 4 star. I liked the powder the most and use it the most. The BB cream is pretty good but I don’t really grab for it as I found a base I like and the concealer I don’t like the fact they are hard to blend when it dries and I have to take a makeup remover to it to continue to blend it. The downside to the powder is the packaging as it is pretty big for the small square powder opening it up. It is a bit unpractical and really big the case so not too good to travel. It has a nice big mirror which is handy but I would do with half of it if it meant not having such big plastic case in it. Not too many bad things but I noticed those two things while trying it out.

That is it for my review of the three base products that Pink Sugar offer. I just saw they are coming out with new ones so if I get a chance might try those out. Plus there is a concealer that is in the same formula but liquid and one I am used to so that might make it in my basket one of these days soon. I do love the brand and like trying out what they have to offer. I initially bought these for a testing the brand video which I do still
have to do so I better get on with that too but first had to give out the written review of them. So I think that is it for my beauty review today! I hope you enjoyed and if you tried any of these or something similar let me know. Have a fab start of the week lovelies!

What is your favorite drugstore base makeup to use?


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