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Happy Wednesday! Since it is closer to autumn/winter that means the weather is cooling down and the time I explore more with pajamas and get all my cozy wear. I never thought I would do a blog post on wearing my pajamas but here I am. I practically live in my pajamas. I have proper sleeping not too good looking pajamas and then I have some decent or nicer pajamas I wear on a daily basis. Since I work from home I justify staying in my pajamas. That sounds weird but I do get dressed for the day but sometimes it is casual wear that look just like pajamas. Of course you see me dressed up being a fashion blogger and style myself when I leave the house but when I am just at home working on a blog post or filming a sit down video I’m usually in some lounge wear that resemble pajamas and are very comfortable. So enough of me justifying me wearing pajamas. I wanted to show you a few I took with me on my staycation and recommend a few that look similar to mine in case you wanted a new set to wear for actual sleeping or use them as lounge wear like myself. So here is a mini pajama lookbook.

The first set I am so obsessed with. I had a similar pair as a kid and loved wearing them. I love how popular these are and I love the style of them. They can be worn out I see as some fashion bloggers have done it. This particular pair I don’t think can as they are cotton not silk but they are still comfy. I like wearing a cami underneath and not buttoning it up as I find it is more comfortable and if I end up getting hot during the night I can just take it off. I love this is three quarter length sleeves but maybe if you don’t have as long of arms as me than they are full length. It’s blush pink and striped and has a bit grey that’s why I paired it with a grey cami. During the summer and the very hot days I love sleeping in shorts. The ones that comes in the set are great length and aren’t too short short or not too long either. They are just so comfy to sleep in and that is what I look for. It’s cute and practical and I just fell in love with this pajama set. I linked a couple similar to mine above in case you like it as well.

Next pajama style I love is the very casual tee and cropped pajama pants. It is a big plus when they have cute prints too. I like this style when it is a bit cooler and I want to be a bit covered up but not too thick that I get hot through the night. I love the pants since they are cropped and aren’t too long. This style I bought is a full length pant but I’m so tall it is cropped on me. Also the tee can be worn out if you are running errands or dress it up a bit which I tend to do when I want just a casual look. I love this style and can be an in between to not super hot or not too cold to wear.

Last pajama style I love and didn’t show though is the long sleeve top and super long and baggy pajama pants. Most of mine are Christmas themed and I love bringing those out closer towards the festive season and if I wore that now then I would be too hot and uncomfortable with the weather. They are so fun and can’t wait to get them out again. If you want to see what I am talking about then here is a post of me wearing them.

Those were my favorite pajama styles and my lounge wear picks. If you want to see more pajamas then you will be seeing a few more in other blog posts which you will understand more when they come out. As i said I brought quite a few on my staycation and intended on doing a post on pajamas. I wear them more often then regular clothes sometimes so I thought I would add it in as they are an essential in my wardrobe. I hope you enjoyed my picks and let me know your favorite pajama style to sleep in and or lounge in for around the house. I had so much fun shooting and writing this sort of blog post so I hope you found it fun as well and a little helpful for some great styles of pajamas. I listed a lot of pairs above and everything I wore myself if you are interested in those. So I hope you have a great rest of the week and get to wear your pajamas as soon as possible. Have a lovely Wednesday!

What is your preferred pajama style to wear?


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