My September To Do List

It’s Already September!

Happy September! It is officially the ber months! It means we are in the home stretch for my favorite time of the year. I seriously can’t believe it is September. I mean I couldn’t believe it before but now I just can’t understand where all the months have gone. It’s mind blowing and before you know it I will be writing my New Year goals which I looked back on the other day and I’m doing pretty goof so far. I’m so excited for the next couple months but right now let’s see what I have planned for September!

  Things From Last Month:

Go on a staycation

Film 3 videos for my channel

Vlog a bit more for the month

Experiment with editing videos and photos some more

Edit more Palawan vlogs (at least 2)

Renew my Philippine passport

Shoot 5 outfits for the month again

Plan my cousin’s birthday and celebrate it

Get my nails and brows done

Continue Writing Tonight or Never

I did go on my staycation and you might have noticed by my many blog post on the subject so far which you can read here, here and here to name a few. I might have a few more from the stay as well so stay tuned for that. I think I did shoot three videos for the month and I’m so happy I am doing Youtube again. I’ve also vlogged here and there and it has been making me want to start weekly vlogging especially after editing and almost finishing my Palawan travel vlogs which I said I would edit two more but I actually only have 1 left now so that is good. I have loved experimenting with editing my videos and my latest outfit video I loved how I edited that and doing some transitions and color correcting it has been so fun to learn. As for the pictures I hadn’t gotten around to that but I might have to next month with presets and stuff. I did end up renewing my Philippine passport so now I have my US one for 10 years and my Philippine for 5 years so bring on the traveling. I’m not sure if I shoot 5 in total but I have shoot quite a few so I am still crossing it off. I had a very fun time at my cousin’s 18th birthday and I’m considering doing a blog post on it but don’t know yet. I spent the day before, the day of and then the whole weekend at her house and it was so nice spending time and celebrating her 18th birthday with a lot of the family and there was some good moments I’ll never forget because of it. So for her birthday we did get our nails done but we ran out of time and didn’t get her brows done which I’m going to get them done this month as they need to be done. Last I have been writing every night or every other day but it has been fun and I’m enjoying just writing and finishing that story.

Things To Do This Month:

Get my brows done

Start planning upcoming months content

Shoot all the videos I have planned for the month

Shoot a style video

Take 5 outfit photos

Take blog pictures/shoot flatlays for products

Buy some new autumn pieces of clothes to my wardrobe

A little bit shorter this month but knowing me it will grow in size and I will think of something in the middle of the month that I need to add but for now this is all I can think of. First is to finally get my brows done this month. Last month I was meant to but I couldn’t stop by the mall that had a Benefit which is where I get them done at. Hopefully I can go there and not buy anything in the process. I like starting the month preparing for upcoming content. This month is special as I am starting to prepare for Christmas and see what the dates are and what I want to do for that. Next I spent one of my afternoon’s the other day looking at my content calendar and planned out my videos for September. I do videos far more in advance than blog content as it is harder to do for me and I like structure with that subject. My blog I can rearrange easily and switch out days but with videos I like knowing that every Friday has a specific video and if it has a matching blog post to go with it. I know what I want to do now and have each one figured out so I need to shoot them and then edit. Moving on, one of the video ideas is a style video which is a sneak peak of one video from my list. I have it all planned out but before I go out to shoot it I need to buy a few more things for it. I am so excited for it and can’ wait to start that project for the month. Again, my goal is to take 5 outfits for the whole month of more depending on the circumstances. This is what I’ve been putting off for a few months and I think I need to start and crack it out. Since I have put it off my to photograph pile is getting out of hand. There are some eyeshadow palettes and other beauty products I want to use and try but haven’t taken pictures so once I do I can play with them. Also I want to play around with my flatlay photography so I’ll see how that goes. Last thing is to go shopping. I just put out my pay day wish list so I go on about what I want to buy there so I won’t repeat myself and bore you.

Those are my goals for the month and a recap of what I accomplished last. These have become one of my fave lifestyle chatty post to do so if you enjoy them as well please let me know and I love when you share yours with me. I’m hoping September goes well for me and you. I’m so excited what will the month hold and I don’t think I’m going to be too busy but I never know. The weather is getting cooler and getting darker earlier so I’m half happy and half not as I need the light for pictures but it means I can kind of get away with thicker clothes and not start sweating as soon as I step outside. It depends on a day to day with the weather but other than that I love this time of year and can’t express how excited I am for what is to come. So that is it for my ramble. I hope you liked this month’s goals and have a lovely Monday!

| top: H&M, jeans: Forever 21+, bag: H&M, sandals: SM Parisian Plus {similar}, bow: Forever 21 |

What do you have planned for September and are excited for?



  1. Bash Harry
    September 4, 2017 / 3:33 pm

    Great to do list! I definitely need to start updating my wardrobe for Fall, and shoot some outfit posts. Love your outfit here too! It's so cute like you <3with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

  2. Taylor
    September 4, 2017 / 7:32 pm

    I have so many birthday gifts to buy! Great post!

  3. Debbie Savage
    September 5, 2017 / 11:56 pm

    I love the H&M top! The denim wash is quite fab too! xo

  4. Kristal Xavier
    September 8, 2017 / 5:53 am

    I love the jeans, they are the looking so good and comfortable. It is true time is flying.

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