What I’m Watching on Netflix This Month

TV Marathon

Happy Monday! Since the weekend just ended and we have to start back up with work again I thought I would distract you with what I have been doing the past month. Ever since I went on my weekend staycation it gave me a reason to seriously binge watch some shows. I do sometimes do it at home but would move on to Youtube as I wasn’t so distracted by it but with a TV show I feel like I have to be focoused on it unless I’m just rewatching something. There wasn’t much on TV I liked and I let my dad take control of the remote four our hotel stay so I had my laptop with a portable wifi so I just spent my evenings watching TV shows and movies till way late. It’s one of my favorite things to do honestly. I did one of these before here and said I would do a part two if I found some new things that I found interesting to share and I have so this time I’m sharing what I watched recently on Netflix TV and movie edition.

Gossip Girl

I’m rewatching this for the third time. I watched it when it was on and then while I was waiting for the new season back then I started from the beginning and now I’m watching it from the first to last season. I just love it and I’m getting so much fashion inspiration from it lately. It makes me want to bring out my headband collection. It will always be my favorite shows and I’m so glad I decided one afternoon to pop it on. I like having it on when I’m editing a video or writing a blog post and I like that I can connect it to my TV and just look up at it in between when I want.

The Originals

This has been a slow binge watch for me. I stopped on season 2 and never got caught up until recently. I’m starting where I left of and I don’t know why I stopped. I get that way with a lot of shows sometimes so that is why I’m now catching up on them. I’m happy I was bored and am now watching a few episodes a day.It was a great show to start with while I was on my staycation.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I just started season 3 and I forget how much I love it until I start watching the new season again. I love this quirky program and I usually binge watch it the whole entire day but this time I’m just enjoying it and watching whenever I can. I find it so cool having a tv show character with my name and since I don’t hear it being used in TV shows often it always gives me a fright in case I’m not pay attention and sends me back into the show. I don’t know I just find it entertaining and it added to the story for me.

Also I here are a few honorable mentions I’m considering to start up again once I’m done with these: Reign, Jane the Virgin and Teen Wolf.

I said in my last watching post that I wasn’t a big movie fan but lately I got into it thanks to my cousin. Mostly every night we have been watching a different movie and my whole household has jumped on the movie train. We are all sharing different movie recommendations and exchanging our thoughts when we get together which has made liking movies a whole lot better. There are some on Netflix that I watched and in theaters too.

The Hangover (All three)

This was the first movie we watched on Netflix.My cousin really wanted to watch it and since I hadn’t seen them either I agreed. So while eating dinner one night we sat in front of the TV and watched it. I ended up loving it and laughing so hard I couldn’t eat so I can tell it was good. Then the next couple of nights we watched the second and third. I don’t know if I have a favorite out of the three but I enjoyed the whole series and if they were to make another I would watch it.

Monte Carlo

This has to be my favorite thing I’ve watched lately. I popped this on before bed at the hotel and it was such a good idea. I’ve watched it once but don’t really remember that I did but this time around I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the characters. Such a feel good movie and it was a good film to relax to and enjoy.

We’re The Millers

Last movie I watched and really enjoyed that even my cousin’s have loved it after my other cousin recommended to watch it. I do love a good comedy and this made me laugh. Anything makes me laugh so no surprise that it did. Movies like these always get me and they are so feel good and funny. If I’m in the need of just something to put on and laugh at these are so good and I would be happy the good whole evening.

That is what I’ve been watching lately on Netflix. I still haven’t really explored and gotten deep in and I know there are probably so many more options and things to watch that I haven’t found yet. I just watch what seem interested and what they recommend to me either from the app or from my cousin’s. If you have any that you have watched and definitely recommend I would love to know. These are my picks and I kind of want to go on a staycation just so I can binge watch more without feeling guilty and putting off work. I hope you enjoyed my choices and let me know if you have seen any of the ones I mentioned. Not going to lie I’m probably going to watch a few episodes of one of the TV shows with my dinner. Have a fab Monday everyone and hope you aren’t distracted by Netflix like myself!

What have you been binge watching on Netflix?



  1. Helen C
    August 28, 2017 / 4:50 pm

    Lovely post Jackie! I’m looking forward to autumn as there will be better TV shows on, I have Amazon Prime through my TV which I suppose is a bit like Netflix. I’m anticipating the new series of X Factor as well as The Great British Bake Off. I do have a large DVD collection though, I just finished watching The Twilight series and now I’m onto Harry Potter! 🙂 xxHelen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    August 29, 2017 / 10:28 pm

    I never get time for Netflix..so this was a reminder to get on there …blogging takes all my time..MOnte Carlo is one I want to see..thanks for sharing!Valerie

  3. Oindrila T
    August 30, 2017 / 3:36 am

    Narcos- it is haunting. I need to find something light to get me out of the disturbingly real series. Have you seen itwww.thediystyle.com

  4. Sarah Jean
    August 30, 2017 / 11:35 am

    I highly recommend watching Vikings,too! At least i'm pretty sure it is on Netflix.

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