What I Packed for my Weekend Staycation at Estancia Tagaytay

Stuff I Packed for my Staycation

Happy Wednesday! I’m back with the second installment of my staycation blog posts. This time I’m showing you how I manage to pack my suitcase for a weekend getaway. The last time I showed you this suitcase I was packing it as a carry on for the airplane for my 10 day trip to Palawan which you can see that version here. Now I jam packed it for a three day stay an hour away from my house. When I was packing this I knew the stuff I wanted to pack wasn’t going to fit so I had to add an additional bag but I think I did pretty good packing two bags for the whole trip. So I wanted to show you how I packed and what I brought with me on my weekend staycation to give you an idea and how to organize everything in a small suitcase.

I took my small suitcase and left my medium one at home. To be honest I was so tempted to just bring the medium one as it is much bigger but I was leaving for 3 days so I convinced myself not to and I’m glad I did or else I would have over done it. Then I brought another bag to add in my beauty products. Last I took my laptop and my everyday tote bag which held all my chargers. Not too bad stuff wise.

I was pretty organized with this trip. I made so many lists for it and planned each and every piece of clothing, accessory, makeup and everything in between. I tried doing this for Palawan and kind of succeeded but it was such a long trip I was not as prepared and very overwhelmed with it. I use the app Wunderlist and name it what the trip is and then add in what I want to pack and then when I put it on my suitcase then I just tap it to cross it off and I feel satisfied I did it plus I won’t forget something. I try to put everything in that list from what to pack, what to buy in case I need something for it, outfits I have planned, blog posts and videos I have planned, what I need for the blog posts and videos to the small details that I need to remember for the trip. If you saw my phone right now and go through the list you would be so confused but it is my organized mess and it helped me so much. I’m making it sound so confusing but trust me it is not and I have my own system. I do recommend the app for list making and it really helps. 

This time I planned out my exact outfits for each and everyday and whatever I was doing. With my Palawan trip I had a few planned out completely but not to this extent. This trip was 3 days so I planned 6 outfits and figured it out from head to toe. Before packing it in my suitcase I took pictures of the outfit and added it in the list. I took the tip of a lot of fashion bloggers have when they pack for a trip and it does help. I knew exactly what to wear and just got it out of the suitcase when I needed it. If you watch my vlog then at the beginning you see me throw everything in and then close it up but I just did that for the aesthetic of the vlog. This is what the inside of my suitcase looked like.

I’ve gotten better at packing and by the third trip I can nail it. I’m unsure if I would be ready for an international trip as I haven’t had one in forever so I will be double as crazy with that I’m sure. As for a local trip I think I’m getting better and better with packing my suitcase and making it as organized as possible. I use these luggage organizers that I bought as a set to organize my clothes. I bought it initially to match my suitcase as they were both hot pink but actually they came in handy. I used them for my Palawan trip as well and they help fit everything in. They have three sizes so I brought the small and medium ones. The small one is on top and held 5 sets of pajamas. Yes 5. The one underneath which was the medium size and you can’t really see held 6 outfits. Yes it held 6 and I’m sure the large size would have held 10 outfits if I took it. As you can see it did not fit the two skirts so I placed them on the outside. I mean they are quite puffy and one is a tulle skirt and the other is chiffon so I didn’t put them in the organizers so they wouldn’t get as wrinkled being rolled inside the organizer. Then I just stuffed in my blush pink sandals. That is everything on the right side packed and organized.

Moving on to the left side in the zipper compartment. Underneath all the initial stuff you see is a secret compartment. Under that held my towels, my curling iron and flip flops. I love the secret zipper pocket and it can hold quite a lot as well. Again, the organizer set had three sizes for the laundry bag but I don’t really use it for that until the end of the trip. This is the medium size and I only packed this and left the small and large size at home. This houses all my undergarments from underwear to my bras. It conceals them and you aren’t exposing them when you first open up your suitcase. When your done then throw them back into the laundry bag and it is away from your other clothes. This is such a great tip and it saves the embarrassment and is really handy. Then I brought my makeup bag in this but I’ll talk more about that down below with the other beauty products. On this side I brought my new suede heels that will go with an outfit. Lastly I brought two handbags but one of them is inside my new pink bag. I don’t think I needed two bags but I wanted them for my outfit and they went inside each other so it was justifiable for me anyway. That concludes everything I had in my small suitcase.

As I said I didn’t have enough room for my beauty products. I would have tried to make it fit if I was going on a plane and only could take one bag but since I was only driving for less than 2 hours I think it was fine I took another bag. I actually just got this bag the day before as it was a gift with purchase with the amount of makeup I bought. It came at a perfect time and turns out to be the perfect size for a trip like this.

Here is everything stuffed inside. I don”t feel it is as organized as my suitcase but it is kind of in order. I like having different bags for different things. I like when everything has its own space and I know where everything is and I don’t have to dig around a huge bag for one thing.

This was where all my beauty products went minus my makeup bag which was in the suitcase as it fit in there. I have two of the makeup bags and they are from Forever 21. They are super spacious and hold so much which I like. One holds my makeup as I said and the second held all my skincare. They got stained a bit as they didn’t survive the airplane ride as my mousse blew up in the air and leaked all over them. They didn’t damage anything but the 2 makeup bags got stained from the suitcase lining but they can wash out I think so I’m not too worried. I have two see through mesh bags which has makeup remover and my shampoo and conditioner as it did not fit in my hair pouch. The small version held my toothbrush and toothpaste. The gutz and glam bag has all my hair stuff and fit in my two hair brushes and the mouse. Last is this yellow pouch that held my jewelry. I brought one big bracelet holder and that held necklaces, earrings and bracelets inside. Last in the yellow pouch had my bows because of course I brought bows that matched the color of my outfits. That is everything in the tote bag and how I pack my beauty products and other bits.

Overall I used everything I packed and I am real proud of my packing skills this time around. The first time I didn’t use much of what I packed and was super overwhelmed but this stay was more organized and everything I needed I brought and used. I think I did a pretty good job in my standard.

I hope you enjoyed this and got some inspiration in case you are heading somewhere soon. This is my version of how a fashion blogger packs for a trip so this might be a bit excessive for the time I stayed but if you are one as well then you understand me and get all this. I hope you got a few tips and use them on a trip too. I love reading these kinds of posts myself and the outfit tip really helped me so I hope the ones I gave are useful for you. Let me know how you organize everything and pack for a trip yourself as I’d love to know for my future travels. I guess that is it and you liked reading this! Have a fab Wednesday lovelies!

What is your technique for packing for a weekend staycation?



  1. Kama H
    August 23, 2017 / 4:37 pm

    You're such a neat packer! My suitcase certainly doesn't look like that when I pack…haha.

  2. The Haunted Housewife
    August 23, 2017 / 4:40 pm

    I really love that suitcase! I'm totally digging all the pink, too!

  3. Cara Owens
    August 23, 2017 / 5:42 pm

    You did an awesome job packing! So organized! Love that pink suitcase too. šŸ™‚

  4. Deborah Francisco
    August 24, 2017 / 1:47 pm

    Super cute bags! Also, I love those pink shoes. They are very simple but pretty looking!

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