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3 Palette Loves

Happy Friday! In my last blog post I mentioned I’ve been loving doing my makeup as well as my cousin’s. I got back into it and it made me discover some new favorites in my collection. So a few days ago I wrote about my foundation favorite and my go to setting spray but today I’m writing about three palettes I own that I think you should try yourself. These three are currently my most used and I reach for them on the daily. I can’t rate them enough and I can’t believe I hadn’t did seprate revews before. I’m so impressed with the quality and pigmentation of them all that I had to dedicate a post for them on the blog, so here are my thoughts!

| eyeshadow palette // contour palette // highlighter palette |

L.A. Colors 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette Sweet // 399php

The first is the eyeshadow palette I absolutely can’t get enough of. For months now this has been a favorite of mine and when I want to use eyeshadow and be more fancy with my makeup this has been the one I go for. I started using it back in April and I took it with me on my summer vacation. It was what I used for my birthday makeup and that is one of the first times I really was wowed by it. I used it for my 6th anniversary blog photo shoot here and really went full on glam with this. I used the rose gold shade and the champagne shade and I full on fell in love with the eye look I created with this. The most recent eye look I created was for my cousin and even she was impressed with it. The pigmentation is out of this world and you can see it in the swatches. That is just one swipe and you see the color right away. Of course some are not as pigmented but a lot of palettes are hit and miss. I think I was not impressed with 2 out of the 16 shades which is pretty good. They aren’t chalky and blend in so well. There are so many different combinations you can create with the colors too. Also for the price you can’t beat it. Overall if you can get your hands on this eyeshadow palette I think you would love it too and get some good use out of it like I have. 

Detail Contour and Blush Palette // 499php

Next up is a contour/blush palette.This is the only contour palette I have at the moment but even if I had more I would still reach for this. It was my first palette like this and when I got it I was so excited. The shades are great and easily are so blendable. I mix both the contour shades to get my perfect color and used the bronzer shade with a little of the cool brown to get a nice bronze glow and to darken up my foundation. Both the blushes are super pigmented and as you can see in only one swipe you get that rosy cheek look. I have to be careful not to pick up too much and blend it in if I get too much. The two blush shades are so pretty and just what I like in color. The highlighter isn’t the best in the world but it works. If you accidentally forget a highlighter and only brought this it works but not as glowy as I want. I have a separate in depth review of this here if you want to hear more about it. Overall it is such a good palette for the price and I recommend it to beginners just trying contouring or even a professional. It is a must try contour palette and I love this!

Sleek MakeUP Solstice Highlighting Palette // 875php

Last is a highlighter palette. This palette was a much hyped up palette and I was influenced to buy it because of all the bloggers/youtubers kept mentioning it and saying they loved it. I don’t own a highlight palette so I decided to just go for it and I’m glad I did. I wanted that glow and since I only owned one highlighter and then the one in the palette above I thought it was a justified purchase. I had bought one back in November and took pictures of it and swatched it once and then I lost it so I recently repurchase it last month and now use it whenever I do my makeup. I can see why a lot of people love it and I’m a convert as well. I always wondered how I could get that glow I see all over social media and now I found a palette to do that. All the shades are so pretty and apply so well. The three powders are good and there is hardly any fallout. I never tried the cream kind but I started using it now and love that kind of formula too. I use a fan brush to apply it but haven’t used anything else yet but I might have to use another to see the full effect. This is the most pricey of the three but I did check and this is still considered drugstore. It’s just on the higher spectrum of the price range for this palette. If you haven’t jumped on this yet I highly recommend and get glowing too.

I’m currently working on separate reviews for the LA Colors Eyeshadow Palette and the Sleek Solstice Palette but I already wrote a review for the Detail Contour Palette. I do love sharing my makeup favorites with you and look forward to doing these kinds of posts.

Those were my three palettes from the drugstore I recommend you pick up in your next makeup shop. I use these three so much and it’s always a breeze getting to do my makeup. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these palettes or your go to palette you reach for. I’d love to find any new ones to add to my collection to. I hope you found this helpful and found my recommendations interesting. I’m taking these with me this weekend as I’m my cousin’s makeup artist for her party tomorrow night. I’m doing Jelly, her sister and her mom for the party which I’m excited I get to practice my makeup skills again and doing someone else’s makeup. I think I’m spending the whole weekend at her house and I might be there right now. I am actually writing this week’s blog post a week ahead of time as I know I will be busy so I might be partying it up when you are reading this. So those are my plans for the weekend and I hope you have just as fun of one!

What drugstore palette do you reach for on a daily basis?


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