Payday Wish List N’5

5th Edition Wish List

Happy Wednesday! Welcome back to the fifth installment of my pay day wish list series. My handy guide to narrowing down my shopping list for the month. There’s quite a few things I have on this wish list as I saw a few things I thought would be goof to buy. I have a few clothes, accessories and beauty wants that I think I would like to pick up so I thought I would show them to you. It’s either pay day for you or close to it I thought it was time to put my wish list up. I’ve had a few of these items on my phone for the whole month and I think it might be time to take the plunge and pick them up. So here is the fifth pay day wish list for your viewing!

I have a feeling this month is going to be really clothing heavy. I didn’t pick up anything clothes wise last month only a couple pairs of pajama sets and the nude heels I wanted in last month’s wish list. I may have stepped into H&M the other day and they are so amazing at the moment. I hate when H&M is like this as I tend to buy so much from there and there clothes are crazy good right now. Some times I go in and hate everything and there are times I need to buy every item on the shelf. This month I think will be the major kind of haul that I am fearing for. As for Forever 21, they have been killing it with bottom options for me.
I’ve been lacking with bottoms to pair with outfits and need some new
options. I’m thinking different pairs of denim jeans and a few new fall
ready skirts maybe. So a few items I have in mind are:

H&M Tops
There are many tops that I want to buy from H&M at the moment and I seriously can’t decided so I added my top 4 choices. The problem is a lot are in either summer colors or summer styles. I was going to transition to fall but the styles are convincing me other wise. I do love the summer stuff and it doesn’t get cold here anyways so I think I’m just going to get ones I like no matter if it is still in season or not. I already have outfits planned in my head with a few and hope when I go back for them they are still there so I can wear them.

Pearl Jeans
First thing I want to buy and is very on trend are Pearl Stud jeans. I love the dainty detail of the pearls and at the same time it is really edgy. I love that sort of detail and I have seen so many pearl embossed clothing that I want to try some and add a few pieces to my wardrobe.

White Jeans
I’m a little late with this but I think I’m in need of a pair. I want some with no holes in the knees and just some good fitting white jeans. There will be a great addition to my wardrobe and will be great with a lot of tops I picked above.

Float swimsuit
I’m obsessed with my blush pink one and love the fit so I think I’m going to buy the green that I saw just came out. I use my pink one whenever I need it and I thought since I am going on another trip I think the green would look good and be like a fall version. I can even use it as a body suit which I have with the pink. I don’t own anything in this color and think the evergreen would look so good and be great to add to my collection.

| top 1 // top 2 // top 3 // top 4 // white jeans // pearl jeans // sliders // slip on shoes // sunglasses 1 // sunglasses 2 // bag // swimsuit // eyeshadow palette // face wash // eye cream // planner |

Chloe Dupe Bag
I am buying this bag. No not this one here but this version here. I am not opposed to buying the dupe version. I might in the future but I want to try the trend first. I saw this bag in store and recognized it on a few other fashion bloggers. It got me thinking and I think it would suite me. I saw it in The SM Store last time I went in and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I have a feeling it would be such a nice fall bag and perfect for the season and go with a lot of my outfits. I have another Chloe dupe bag and love their styles so I really like I found this one and I think next time I go I am taking the plunge and getting the dupe bag version.

Sliders and Slip on Shoes
This month’s shoes obsession is sliders and slip on shoes. One month was white sneakers and I got those and then last month was nude suede chunky heels again I got those and now I have a new shoe that I want to try. This time it was sliders. I think it was a big summer trend but I think I might just jumped on board. I do love flip flops so I think a dressed up version of a flip flop would be so much better. It might be a little late but I do want to try the trend. The next is slip on shoes. Since I love my white sneakers and they are so comfy but I am sometimes too lazy to tie the shoelaces I thought I would go back to when I was a kid and try slip on shoes. I found this rose gold pair a few months ago and thought they are okay but never bought them. After doing errands and wanting a more laid back comfy shoe instead of flip flops I think about those and now want them. So I don’t know what i’m going for this month but I’m getting either one or both. Who knows with my mind?

Mirror Cat Eye Sunglasses
A month or so ago I tried on these cat eye mirror sunglasses and loved them but I already checked out at Forever 21 and wasn’t going to stand in a long line to buy the pair of sunglasses. So I took a selfie with them on and was going through my pictures on my iPhone and saw them and it made me want them again. My black sunglasses broke on the airplane in my suitcase and I don’t have a simple black pair like these so I think it is justifiable plus it is pretty much sunny all year round so I’m always in need of a pair. I want the mirror ones and then a simple cat eye pair to have options.

BYS Peach Palette
As soon as I saw this I added it straight to my wish list. I just got the Berries Palette which was on my wish list a few months back and love it. I then saw on their social media the peach version and I fell in love with it at first sight. I do love my berry tones but I wanted to try the peach tone one. I like trying the dupes before going and spending the money on a palette so if I end up liking it as well then I can get it. I hope I like it as much as the Berries as there are some stunning shades.

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream
I have been hearing so many good things about Origins and this eye cream. I was getting more into skincare and when I discovered they offer Origins here then I did my research and found this is very popular and it sound perfect for me.

Origins Frothy Face Wash
Next is the face wash. I do love trying new daily face washes and I hear again this is good. It is another best seller so whenever I want to try something from a brand I always search for the best seller and this one had so many positive reviews. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the two or what else you can recommend for me to try from Origins.

Ban do Planner
Last thing on my wish list is a planner. I haven’t bought one this year and regret it now. I hear this time of year is best to get one and I was on Facebook I saw an ad for these and I loved the design so I searched for them and found a few locally so I can get it. It is a bit pricey but if I keep at it and use it I think it is justifiable. I’m not sure if I should get a 12 month or 17 month or what size I’m thinking medium or maybe large. They have such great prints and they are so me. I hope to get me one to organize everything in my life again and I’m so glad I came across these. if you have one let me know how you like it.

That is what is on my payday wish list for the month. It is quite a lot and I’m sure I am not getting everything but I do want some new clothes and the skincare bits to tide me over. I’m in need of a new wardrobe so I hope to be doing a haul of some new clothes for you. So that is it. Let me know what you want to buy and if you fancy anything on this list as well. Have a happy rest of the week lovelies!

What has been your shoe obsession at the minute?



  1. Marie Rau
    August 30, 2017 / 6:39 pm

    I cannot wait to get some pearl jeans too! I think they are so fun. Also, i totally may check out that Chloe dupe bag after my next pay day.

  2. Ayana Pitterson
    August 30, 2017 / 6:51 pm

    Pear jeans!!! I have never seen those, but would absolutely try those out. This is a hefty payday list girl…hope you get most if not all of it! Thrifting

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